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Art Data is a collection of user interface solutions.
It contains several plugins to work with tables, images and photo, data presentation, translation, charts and pies, menu and bookmarking. Each of effects is displayed on the page using simple plugin tag. Support several database types to get data from and display in appropriate format.

Simple how-to with demos:

* 34 plugins that come as a single package to work with and show:
- tables - sortable tables with paging, resizing and filtering support, ability to retrieve data from various databases and show in a configurable grids
- charts and graphs - several line, bar, pie, tristate, discrete, bullet, box charts, 3D graphs
- images - image slideshow, image lightbox and popup, image zoom, image reflection, Flickr support, etc.
- translation - tools to translate part of the page of full page
- data presentation - flip, notifications, items arrange
- many others - clock, iframe, bookmark, context menu, Google maps, query database, embed file, etc.

* More information and demo:

Included plugins:
Art Flexigrid - Feature rich data grid
Art SQL Table - Easy way to display database content in the table. Can connect to various types of databases
Art CSV 2 Table - Plugin to generate tables and charts from CSV file
Art Data Table - Easy accessible data in tabular view
Art Table Sorter - Sortable table
Art Table 2 Tree - Tree table
Art Moo Table - Sortable table

Charts and graphs:
Art Visualize - Easy way to visualize data
Art Sparkline - Small highly customizable inline charts
Art 3D Graph - 3D Graph
Art Table 2 Pie - Easy Pies
Art Bar - Nice bar

Images, galleries, popups:
Art Image Slider - Fancy image slider
Art Magnify - Easy image zoom
Art Reflection - Easy image reflection
Art Fullsize - Image popup
Art Colorbox - lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, external pages, Flickr photos in highly customizable popup window
Art Draggable - large draggable images

Data presentation:
Art Quick Flip - Flipping content
Art Moo Data - Data presentation
Art Notification - Customizable notifications

Art Text Translate - Tool to translate any text on the page in popup
Art Translate - Translate any page content
Art Translate Page - Page translation

Art Clock - Customizable Clock
Art IFrame - embed external pages
Art Bookmark - Bookmarking functionality
Art Context menu - Customizable context menu

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Reviews: 2
This is an amazing extension. It brings real smooth and stylich plugins to your site. Next to this, the helpdesk is amazing and within a couple of hours they reply and come up with a thorough answer and solution to any problem experienced.
Reviews: 3
The product is cheap but very functional. The documentation sucks, but what do you expect. It is not clear that the license is limited to one domain or even a single sub domain.

However, they solved two technical issues for me within 8 hours of the initial support request, which amply recompensated by $33 for the whole set of tools.

In actual fact the value for money would be matched by getting any single one of the 33 plugins that you get.

Highly reocommended!
Reviews: 5
very usefull and nearly perfect for my projects!

Thanks for sharing this great work
Reviews: 2
I make websites for engineers and needed a tool to sort and filter from thousands of options. I could write my own custom PHP or use ArtData Table which does it much more elegantly than I would have been able to design myself.

After installing, I found one change that I wanted. I posted a response on the forum and the emailed me new file to upload with customized code.

For $33 I'm now able to support a massive web design project and shaved off 2 weeks of development time.

I highly recommend the module and the support you'll get from Artetics.
Reviews: 1
Customer support was terrific. Immediate answers to my questions. The sorting table works just like the demo.
Reviews: 1
This product is very buggy nearly every effect has issues and shows script errors. I've tried contacting the support several time but their contact page is always "out of service".

It is very difficult to activate the full version. There are no instructions, the website offers no help.

In order to use the product as it shows on their demo page you have to be well versed in PHP and MySQL and for the time you will spend fixing their "AS-IS" product you may as well build your own.

Waste of money and time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

We are always available for support via our email, contact form or on our forum - please just contact us. We try to do our best to reply within 24 hours.

All instructions, usage examples and attribute descriptions are here: - please let us know if something is not clear.

What you mean by script errors are simply PHP notices and can be easily turned off with appropriate error_reporting level.

Hundreds of customers are glad with Art Data product however some of them had issues as well (conflicts with third-party extensions, server misconfigurations) - we helped them within couple of days after they contacted us with their issues.

Just contact us in case of any problems, we are always ready to help and advise.

Reviews: 1
After all of my time of using Joomla!, this is by far one of the best Components I have come across. Simple and effective... and to top off all of this, their support is top notch!

I had an issue with an old jquery conflict with the SuperFish Menu system and they modified the component to work around it. The project also needed a way to utilize the Art CSV 2 Table plug-in in a module, and they made one just for this. Freakin' awesome!

Thanks for this great component
Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect, because saved my project. I had small issue with use of art sql table but Artetics support was great, issue was resolved very fast.
Thank you very much for providing such a great extension for Joomla!
Reviews: 9
This is a must have tool, for everyone who wants to extend their websites. It provides a lot of flexibility, presentation possibilities, etc. etc.

I must say the best and fastest Customer support I have recieved from any commercial joomla extension provider I have payed subscription for. For that money what you pay for it and what you get for it... I wouldnt call it commercial, thats more then a free component.
If this guys would create a booking system or a property managment or listing component (to good to became true) I would buy it right away no matter what price they ask for !!!
Reviews: 1
Support is super!
Same goes for the plugins.
Bought it because of "art sql query" and "art data table". I have not really tried the rest of the plugins, but if it is the same standard as the two above mentioned i'm looking forward to try them out.
Reviews: 1
The Art Data extension is a fantastic addition to any Joomla site and the customer support is even better.

We purchased the Art Data extension for its CSV 2 Table capabilities. Our client was looking for a simple way to upload a CSV file and have the data displayed as a sortable table. We contacted the developer and asked if they could modify the plug-in to automatically create HTML links if the CSV file contained properly formatted email and URL links. To our amazement, the developer incorporated this feature within a matter of days. This one feature alone is worth more than the cost of the extension. It is hard to believe this is just one over more than a dozen things this extension is capable of.

We thank you and cannot speak more highly of your professionalism!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a tool for company intranet site where I ask users to submit different sorts of data (for example, some basic but important work stats) and I never found a good solution to present the records in the form of tables or charts in the front-end.

With Art Data, I actually got more than I was searching for since the extension gives you a palette of tags to use as plugins in articles - from bar charts to translation to sortable tabels to ways of presenting galleries, and the list is long enough. Overall, I made a choice I have not regretted at all.

This is not the most important thing I wanted to share, however. Art Data support team literally posted the fastest reply to a guestion in their forum that I have witnessed. And from the problem I had until the solution they specifically worked out to make everything work with the site I have, I never felt left alone.

Thank you, guys, for this work! I will keep testing different things you have produced for this extension since they are just extremely helpful. And good-looking.
Reviews: 1
I am still a bit new to Joomla and it's world, but I have to say it is a great! world to be in. I was looking for a tool where I could run database queries and show tables and the odd bar chart. Though there are a few out there, this has to be the best all rounder!

Not just the product, though that in itself is fantastically good, the price is amazing for what you get and the support is nothing less than excellent!

This is a top notch plug in and well worth getting!
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