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Simple File Lister Module

The idea behind Simple File Lister is to use it in combination with Simple File Upload ( to list the files in a directory.

Version 1.0 is tested and verified on Joomla 2.5! (2012-01-14)
Use download for version 1.6/1.7!

It can also be used to list any directory with files beside an article.
Imagine you have a F.A.Q. and some PDF files that goes with it, then have your F.A.Q. article and add Simple File Lister as a module on that page and provide the directory for the directory with PDF's and Simple File Lister will automatically provide a list of URL's for each PDF.

Another use is to use it for a user so that they can keep track, and use, the files they have uploaded through Simple File Upload.

I have now worked a bit on the design and changed from using a UL/LI list which seemed to cause problems on several templates to instead use DIV's for the list.

Added the possibility to add icons and thumbnails.
Also added support to list directories.

Update 2011-02-13:
- Joomla 1.6 now also supported as parallel package.
- Swedish added to languages.

Update 2011-02-13:
- Added support for Ajax when stepping through directory list, i.e. the whole page don't need reloading if using Next/Previous buttons.
- Added jQuery conflict support between "Simple File Upload" and "Simple File Lister" (Technical: $app->set('jquery', 'true'))

Update 2011-02-17:
- Added functionality to browse sub-directories.
- Added setting for allowing browse of sub-directories.
- Added breadcrumb when browsing through sub-directories.

Update 2011-03-05:
- Added support for sorting files by name.
- Added setting for "user sort" and "default" sort order.
- Added Module Class Suffix property.

Update 2011-03-24:
- Bug fix, relative paths, like "./../tmp/" was not showing the correct links.

Update 2011-05-21:
- Bug fix, paths gone wrong if using a sub-domain like "" instead of "". Server base path must be set under advanced parameters!

EDIT 2011-05-22: Delete function added!
You can now set Simple File Lister to allow the user to delete files in the list. You can set it to allow delete for any user, even not logged in (NOT RECOMMENDED!) or on registered and logged in users or only those users who are set as "Editors" in your Joomla site.
I also fixed a bug that threw you back to default directory if changing the sort order inside a sub-directory.
Please use the delete function with care!

Joomla 3.0 version released in separate package!

Take Care!


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Reviews: 1
Imho, the module is very easy to understand and it works very well.

To improve it even more, it would be great to have an automatic line break to the file name, if the file name is exceeding the article right end or if it is exceeding a certain pxl-lenghts, which could be chosen in the back end options of the module.
Right know this is keeping me from using it, but anyways you did a great job already!
Reviews: 15
A big 5-star to the developer for this wonderful extension.

A good balance between feature-rich and ease of use. Very convenient when used in conjunction with loadposition to list files in an article.

Good use of CSS to allow for customization.

What else can I say... this is fantastic!
Reviews: 9
The simplest and most effective tool to manage files from the Joomla frontend
Reviews: 1

Great job, this tool is really usefull. Everything is working except the deleting functionality. I checked all settings but no matter what, deleting does not work at the front end.

Reviews: 1
Please help me out, I am facing problem with delete option in simple file Lister. Delete option is not working at all.
Reviews: 5
Been looking for something like this for awhile. Tried using the easy file listing and didn't work to well as this one. Great work.
Reviews: 2
This extension is really awesome!
Reviews: 1
I cannot say enough about how useful this modules is and how great the response for some small tweaking. It's just the best!

I spent hours searching for a component on the web and in Joomla extensions to perform as the author says a "Simple" file download and could not find anything as good as this one. The detail he has but in to this Module is amazing. The $5 donation is more than deserved. I encourage everyone to do the same!
Reviews: 6
This is a great (if it is no other word with higher admiration) extension. Super easy to install, to setup and to use it. It is unbelievable how great and simple this extension is. Thank you guys. Amazing job.
Reviews: 2
Great module: lean, simple to set-up but also powerful and with many applications possible

+extremely reactive and supportive author
Reviews: 1
I recently installed Simple File Lister on our site and found a minor bug with larger files. I reported the issue to Anders and was very surprised with the customer service I received - especially considering it's a free product (I did later make a donation and I encourage you to do so as well if you find Simple File Lister useful). Anyway, the bug was fixed in less than 24 hours and I've very happy with the extension. Thank you for a great product!
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks so much for the kind review!

I wanted to take the opportunity to announce this "fix". Simple File Lister "inspects" each file to see if it is an image (to add the thumbnail). In this "inspection" it was using the GD Library (Graphical tools) in PHP. GD Library is quite heavy on performance so large files will process very slowly or even crash the server. :o

Per DynaFast's request I added a setting to not use GD Library if a file is over a certain size. The setting is called "GD library size limit".
If you set the GD limit any image bigger than that size will NOT get a thumb-nail but the "paperclip" icon instead.


Reviews: 7
Using this extension with the author's Simple File Uploader on a site for clients to upload artwork and large files, too big for e-mailing.

I've installed this and set access to "special" to give the site owner an easy way on the front-end to view and delete (enabled in parameters) files if necessary.

I encountered a problem with JavaScript/jQuery, but the author quickly responded to my comment/e-mail and offered solutions. There was even a parameter built in to fix the script issue.
Reviews: 9
Nice work.
I have some trouble to change to subdirectories, they are listed but a am not able to change to them.
But as I only want to use if for one specific directory, its no problem for me.

It is only possible to decide "only pictures" or "all files", a file filter would be nice.
Owner's reply

Hi, sorry to hear you ran into problems... :(

If you can't browse into sub-directories you most likely have a jQuery conflict. There are settings in SFL back-end where you can turn off loading of jQuery from SFL and use it from your template or any other extension.


Reviews: 1
This is a great module! The code is decently arranged if modifications need to be made. The author responds quickly to questions or problems too!
Reviews: 1
Had a problem and this guy (Anders) fixed it within 24h! Thumbs up! The extension is great! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
This guy (Anders) and his plugin are both amazing , the support given was 10 out of 10 the plugin is 10 out of 10 easy to use does the job perfectly wouldn't need anything else.

would recommend every time!!!
Reviews: 2
doing what it should do!!!! Excellent module and more imported Excellent support!!!!!!!

thank you Anders for the help i needed never have something like that in any module i have.

cant wait for new ver

Reviews: 4
I added Simple File Lister for my own files to have easy access for them but I realized this was very helpful to show PDF manuals that we have for users.
The manuals have previously only been available through FTP but now we could link them through Simple File Lister.

It is good looking and works perfectly.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 7
It really it what it says it is...SIMPLE File Lister. Could not have been easier. Anders answered my questions quickly. You won't be disappointed if you just want a simple listing of files. This, along with Simple File Upload is going to make my life so much easier.
Reviews: 2
Perfect to combine with "Simple File Lister" as says the author. A very good functionality, in my case without problems and with a truly professional appearance.
Owner's reply

Thanks m8!

I guess you mean that it's a good match using together with "Simple File Upload"... ;)


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