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ProFiles is the next generation web file manager.
From the creators of Proforms and Mad4Joomla.

ProFiles maps the look and feel of a desktop file explorer to the web. The usage of this web file explorer is almost the same as you know it from your favorite operating system.

Even system-related characteristics such as short keys for element selection are taken into account per operating system. If you run ProFiles in a Windows™ environment you can use the Windows™ short keys which in turn differ on an OSX™ environment.

The Joomla™ version of ProFiles additionally supports Joomla’s ™ rights management.
ProFiles is used at the backend of Joomla™.
ProFiles allows you to create multiple `root folders`. Based on user groups you can apply different rights to the user groups for each root folder. Thereby you can exactly determine which user group may view, read or write to a certain root folder.

One of the most convenient functions of this web file manager is the support of drag and drop uploads for modern browser. Just mark your files on your desktop and drag them to the folder listing of ProFiles. Each file will be uploaded with a progress bar.

All USP’s at a glance:
★ Supports all standard file actions which are given by PHP (Your server must allow this)
★ Easy drag’n drop upload for modern browsers.
★ Select / deselect files /folders with the operating system’s shortcuts.
★ Edit / read text based files directly in ProFiles (Source Code, XML, TXT …)
★ Listen to mp3’s, midi files or see FLV videos.
★ View images in preview mode and / or open them with ProFiles.
★ ZIP / UNZIP files and folders.
★ Upload ZIP files and directly unzip the content to the folder. (Only for normal uploads)
★ Search and sort folder or file listings.
★ Apply multiple root folders.
★ Apply rights to the root folders per user group.
★ Has a built-in diagnosis mode which tells you if ProFile’s functions are supported by your server.
★ Unique user experience by an excellent UI.

Supported browsers:
IE 9+, FF19+, Chrome 24+, Safari 5+ and Opera 12+
Please note that these browser versions are tested on support of the HTML 5 functions.
Older browsers may also be (partially) supported.

Supported languages:
English and German.
Translations are welcome.


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Reviews: 1
I always thought extplorer is king.
The king is dead long live the king.

This software is brand new and I couldn't find any flaw.
It really feels like a window explorer.
Sure the drag and drop upload is fantastic but more than this I prefer the rights management.
This is the first file manager extension supporting ACL.

Many thanx for this piece of gold.
Reviews: 1
Super easy, quick, stable, almost better than Windows Explorer.
Got nothing bad to say about this extension :)
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