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** Version 2.1.5 is a securlty update. We urge you to update your installations as soon as possible **
eXtplorer is a web-based File Management Component for all your needs. It has a desktop-application-like interface with drag&drop, grid and a directory tree and makes heavy use of the Sencha ExtJS Javascript Library.
You can use it to access and modify the files and directories on your server via FTP or direct file access.

eXtplorer runs natively under Joomla! 1.0 - 3.2 and can also be used as a standalone app.

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Reviews: 1
There seems to be a problem with this component installed with Joomla 1.013

When I clicked on eXtplorer under the Components Menu, a question would pop out and say "Detected = Joomla 1.013 Hotfix required. Do you have the Hotfix for Joomla 1.013? YES NO"

If you click on NO, it will re-direct back to Administrator Home, and if you clicked YES without installing the hotfix(which is nowhere to be found around the internet), then the hotfix question would keep popping up.

Can the developer please release the hotfix for download?
Reviews: 5
Excellent time-saving component. Beautifully simple, yet very powerful. Wish I'd seen this plugin before!
Also, very handy if you want a couple of people to have this level of file access without giving them ssh.
Reviews: 2
Ran perfectly on first install, no problems. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
At first I thought this looked very similar to the file manager provided by my hosting service. But on closer inspection, eXtplorer goes way beyond.

Apparently some things may be slower than the old JoomlaXplorer, but if that is so (I don't notice it), it is more than made up for by the speed of the file management features. Of particular note is the way the whole pathway is at the top in drop down boxes. Need a different sub-directory? Use the end box. Back two levels? No problem. Four levels deep, and want to switch to another directory off the root? Just use the first drop down box. I like it better than the tree, and you don't have to scroll up and down a long tree.

Right-click file features are also great, as well has syntax highlighting. The only area I can see that needs improvement is the file editor: it is a fixed size which is not big enough. You can make the window bigger, but not the editing area. That's not quite enough for me to bump it from Excellent to Good, but I would take off half a star for that. I guess that means I give it an A-.

Thanks for a great program.
Reviews: 15
between this and chronoforms, all is well on the Joomla! front (er, *back*... end) =)

be sure and download the most recent version (RC1 at the moment, I think)--the versions are not in order at the sourceforge page.
Reviews: 3
Excellent component. Very easy to install and to use. It works great on my Joomla 1.0.12 site. I installed it on the Joomla 1.0.13, and got back an error, saying: IE can't open site http://.../administrator/index2.php?option=com_explorer

Why couldn't I run it in Joomla 1.0.13?

Anyway, it works fine, and serves all my sites, although I have to access my J 1.0.12 site to use it.
Reviews: 1
Having struggled with files and folder that I was unable to delete using my favor it FTP program I installed eXtplorer as a standalone application and suddenly I could see folders that was not visual in CuteFTP.

No problem deleting and now I'm ready to do a fresh joomla install.

Thanks Soeren / Great tool !

Henrik / Denmark
Reviews: 1
Ok - so after you're finished with the basic install of Joomla! and you decide that it is time to start to modify your install... this is THE single most important tool for Joomla! available. eXtplorer should be the first plugin you install after your basic Joomla! install. It is hard to believe that this tool isn't embedded within the Joomla! code itself. Manage files, templates, php, txt, html all from a single editor that has some pretty cool effects.

My only complaint (minor) with the new version is the "back to Joomla!" bar when you go to edit mode. It would be nice if you didn't actually leave the Joomla! administrator page and it just ran in a wrapper. Keep it simple.
Reviews: 7
The best just got better! Simple, intuitive, and very fluid. Great effects & usability. For a beta, it's awesome, up and running in 30 seconds. Soeren, you are an absolute champ, the community thanks you, now get back to Virtuemart =)

Thanks again mate!
Reviews: 97
Very great component !

I can't love it more. Yes, I had also made Chinese translation for it.

Now I think you can add a link of Back to Joomla for this new version.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Looks and feel great. I wanted to use it for my end users, but I couldn't get it to work. These guys must have put a ton of time into this.... A+ stuff!
Reviews: 3
Been using joomlaXplorer first, now moved to this Beta
and i have to say Congratulations ! very good work.
Reviews: 1
What a big improvement from joomlaxplorer.
Some display bug in the interface for special chars like "é" or "ê" as in older version of joomlaxplorer.
But just a question. How to leave it by other way than the backward button of the browser ?
Reviews: 1
joomlaXplorer 2 renamed to eXtplorer!
Sören Eberhardt-Biermann

In the future the joomlaXplorer project will be continuing as "eXtplorer". eXtplorer is the joomlaXplorer version 2, plus re-activated stand-alone capabilities.
While the joomlaXplorer 1.x branch is maintained under the old name, eXtplorer will be developed as a File Manager without having Joomla! as a requirement, but as an option.
This means you can install eXtplorer into Joomla as a...

Yes, it is slightly slower than the joomlaXplorer 1.6. But on the other hand you get a better file managment
Reviews: 1
This is sooooo useful! Very simple to install. Extremely intuitive interface. Well designed. quick. easy. No hassles. Being able to switch from FTP mode to file mode is cool. The download and upload process is straight forward and again, very intuitive. The interface is very clean. It offers its hand without being overbearing. I wish I had the skill to create something this well done. Kudo's !!!!
Reviews: 1
very cool,but slow than version 1.6.
Reviews: 12
JoomlaXplorer has always been one of the must have extensions and it has just got allot better. Well done Soeren.
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