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** Version 2.1.5 is a securlty update. We urge you to update your installations as soon as possible **
eXtplorer is a web-based File Management Component for all your needs. It has a desktop-application-like interface with drag&drop, grid and a directory tree and makes heavy use of the Sencha ExtJS Javascript Library.
You can use it to access and modify the files and directories on your server via FTP or direct file access.

eXtplorer runs natively under Joomla! 1.0 - 3.2 and can also be used as a standalone app.

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Reviews: 1
Great extension. A must for a site manager.
Reviews: 4
This is a very good component with very clean functionality and features. Highly recommended for a hassle free file and ftp management through the Joomla admin console.
Reviews: 1
Very handy for chmod those nasty 99 permission files and folders and also deleting them if need be.
Thanks 10/10
Reviews: 2
Very useful and fast
Reviews: 1
One of my biggest hassles is being able to easily work on my sites from my office, home office or laptop. It's been a pain to always download redundant copies of files, edit then FTP. This extension provides a decent online editor so I can have a good "distributed" authoring environment. What an AMAZING contribution.
Reviews: 7
This makes life so much easier, changing any files from within Joomla itself rather than having to set up FTP access/software. So good, it's part of my base install for all Joomla projects.
Reviews: 1
This is a very useful component since we no need to ask the service provider for opening the FTP port.....we were looking for this component and we are thankful to the developers of this component.
Reviews: 1
After battling for hours to change permission using ftp and my servers cpanel and getting nowhere, I loaded this and within seconds I had changed permissions and changed template images. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to change template graphics without any effort whatsoever.
Reviews: 1
I am familiar with the Ext framework. I did a project using it once and I was Awe-stricken. I was most delighted when I saw how these guys used it to create a masterful component. Man. I am so glad. I am done with coding in html-editor -> upload via ftp process for the most part. Keep up the good work. Get an image editor packed in there and I will even consider buying it. Jah Kno'.
Reviews: 1
pros: very handy in uploading simultaneous file formats
cons: quite risky when you're hosting several sites, exposes root directories
Reviews: 4
This component has been invaluable. I recommend it to everyone. I would also suggest that users not write negative reviews because of issues that may not be related to the component itself. Great tool!
Reviews: 3
I've had trouble installing eXtplorer in the past (ie- before 2.0.0), but ever since their new update, this seems to install perfectly. 5/5
Reviews: 1
Naturally I wanted to install this wonderfull component as soon as possible when I began a new project using j1.5.7 this week. Used it non-stop in earlier versions of joomla. Sad to say I got the dreaded message: The ExtJS Library could not be found etc, and the file "fetchscript.php" in the
extplorer directory is not chmodded to 777
(so chmod to 644 or 666)
I've tried all the suggestions that others have put up below but without success.
Reviews: 3
Okay prior to getting this extension, managing directories and files was a pain as Webserver created files had seperate ownership from my login account. With this i get to not only move files quickly but change permissions recursively in less time.

Great work!
Reviews: 4
I would say that it is excellent tool, and it was till today when after my attempt to erase one module and the result was that all my modules where erased.

So always beckup your site and use Extplorer with extreme caution!
Reviews: 11
I have been agonizing with the lack of performance with the Hosting Control Center provided with an account at Go Daddy ... like molasses in January! :) And this is on a high-speed connection.

This awesome component is the salvation! Should be a Joomla! Core component in the next release! :) Cannot recommend it highly enough! :) Great work!
Reviews: 2
I have installed this extension and what can I say? I'm blown away! This is a superb piece of software and every Admin should be using it! I had no problems installing it and it worked first time. What a joy to be able to stay in Joomla admin to work with files. Max Kudos to the developers!
Reviews: 6
This is a great component. No more need to have both the admin panel and the server cpanel open in different tabs.

Everything is there at hand reach. Wonderful.

For those who have problems, you need to also make sure the administrator/components directory is chmod 755.

for some reason, mine had changed to 644 and I was getting the same fetchscript.php error message you are mentioning.
Reviews: 4
Its really a great component. It installed fine but I got this error message saying that fetchscript.js should be chmod to 644 or 666. When I looked at the file (it will be under administrator/component/xplorer folder), it was in 0666 mode. Once I changed it to 0644, it worked like a charm.

Great job guys.
Reviews: 2
I have been using this component for months without any hassle. I would recommend it to all administrators, who need to manage the “chmod” settings of files/folders created by the system.
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