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Simple Upload Module

Simple Upload

Overvrite existing files without confirmation.
Detect the max size from upload_max_filesize in php.ini

If enter users in parameter, only this access the form upload.
Now in simpleupload admin exists a link to readme.txt file.

Use only to registered users. Only with login (registered or special access level).

Howto use

Create the directory upload

Enable the display of the positions in to select a position
Extensions - Template Manager - Options
Enable preview of positions

After publish disable display position (security)

Open the site:

In username enter the user to access simple upload (optional)

Edit the module Simple Upload and select the position
afterhead1 (in Allrounder template)


Scroll up and Assignment Module
Assign the pages will appear where

Report Extension



Reviews: 6
Perfect Simple file uploader. There is no need for more.
Reviews: 4
This is a good module but it does not accept any video file format i have tried many but none worked!
Only documents, images, zip.etc
Owner's reply

SimpleUpload for default accept extensions.
Your problem is php, in php.ini exists the limitation to lenght of upload.

upload_max_filesize = here lenght in M

Other directive also.

Reviews: 6
I love it gives me a simple way for my users to submit files to me easily.

On a side not does anyone know how to change the upload button to an image, would be awesome.
Reviews: 1
This module is just great, nice and simple.
I got the http 500 error as well after uploading.
To get rid of it add:
$app = & JFactory::getApplication();
to the function fileUpload
and replace $msg = $mainframe->enqueueMessage... with $app->enqueueMessage

Thanks for this nice module
Reviews: 3
Very clean, single file upload. It throws an HTTP 500 error on my site, I suspect because I'm using SEF and apache .htaccess, but don't know for certain. It still completes the upload though.
Reviews: 5
Simple and elegant module that allows a user to upload a file to a specific directory. Can limit who is allowed to upload by user name (separate by commas seems to work). I used this to allow an admin to upload newsletters to her site so she didn't have to understand FTP.
Reviews: 2
This module is great, my only problem is: I like every day the same file upload, but there is no possibility to overwrite the existing one.
Owner's reply

Hi Ibrahim_67!

I add this and others features.
See new version of Simple Upload.

- Overwrite files
- Add "All types" option in select

See readme.txt to details.
Thank you!

Reviews: 3
Install and the set up were really easy, but, as a suggestion, it would be nice to have a progress bar so you know that you are doing something.
Also, i tried to change the parameters (file size) from the module manager and didn't do anything, i finally edited the php file and worked fine.
Just a few upgrades more and it will be perfect!
Owner's reply

Hi turron!
Thank you for your feedback.

I try serious options of progress bar and dont like none.

Now the error messages has improved and upload directory is absolute, not more in Joomla directory.