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Simple File Upload Popular Module

This is a very easy to use, yet powerful, upload file(s) module for Joomla. It can be as simple as just adding the directory to upload to, or you can chose to use any of the below listed functions.

Version 1.3.5 is tested and verified on Joomla 3.3!

Includes Black-list for know vulnerable files, e.g. .php, .sh, .exe, etc.
There is an option called "Block PHP GIF comments" in the settings which is default set to "Yes" which will read any GIF comment and block the upload if the comment contains any PHP code!
These are the two most common ways of abuse a file upload solution.

It includes the following key features:
- Multiple modules on the same page with different settings
- "Add Note" to uploaded files
- Image re-size
- Automated thumbnail creation for images
- Image compress for JPEG and PNG
- Now supports both "User Named Directory" and "User Defined Directory"! (see below)
- List files in upload directory in pop-up (FancyBox)
- Multiple files upload
- Notification e-mail
- And more...

More features:
- Integrated Ajax in Joomla framework
- "Blacklist" of extensions (threat-protection)
- Multi select file browser for FireFox 3.6+ versions
- Info popup-box now contains the link (URL)
- URL attached in e-mail notice
- Redirect option after uploading
- User Named Directory: You can set a root path for User Named Directories, e.g. "/home/users/" and then select which users should have the option to use the directory.
- User Defined Directory: You can select from the list of users and add custom directory paths for the user.
- Multiple choice of upload paths added. If a users has "User Named Directory" and/or "User Defined Directory" the user will get a pop-up box asking for the directory to upload to.
- List files option from upload directory in "pop-up"
- Form Fields can now be collected into the same file. A few JED Image Galleries are using a parameter file for labels/description of images.
- Multiple languages.

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Reviews: 1
it is really good extension. if you encounter browse button, click 'other parameters' Standard Browse button: yes.
Reviews: 9
The simplest and most effective tool to upload files from the Joomla frontend
Reviews: 2
I have been using this tool on my Joomla 2.5 site and it has worked perfectly. Looking forward to using the new version for Joomla 3 when I upgrade my site. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Reviews: 2
this module working nice. Developer Anders is quick with response. He still improve adjustability and funcionality. :-) nice work
Reviews: 18
So many bells and whistles on this module it is hard to believe it is free. Had it up and running in under 5 minutes. If you allow file uploads then this is the module for you
Reviews: 2
Very clean, simple and gets the job done! Mime Type Security and extension block. Thanks,
Reviews: 3
This extension is a very powerful tools with 99,99% of options you can need when you upload some files to your server, and I heard that there are some new, very interesting, options coming in new releases.

In few minutes was able to make it work, and in a less then an hour integrated it in independent submission form - something that if you are a professional developer is a MUST.

Just have one thing on mind, there are few jQuery library loading options, and for sure one of them will feet your needs, don't hesitate!

Beside that, there is something that I really appreciate from extensions developers, the support. And I can tell you that Anders is a very resolutive and friendly developer, I recommend you to contact him, at least, to tell him "Thanks!", he will appreciate it. :)

Thumbs up!
Reviews: 4
... and quick and very professional support ! I had a problem of conflict with a menu extension ... and Ander solved it in a matter of minutes !
Very good.
Reviews: 6
Lightning Fast Support & and a Great Product.

Anders' support was fast, accurate and effective. He found a conflict with a poorly behaving extension and solved the problem. This upload extension works perfectly. Would like to see directory uploads available.
Reviews: 9
Looks like a great extension. I couldn't get it to work. Tried working with the various "debug" jQuery options to no avail.

I wish more extension authors would use MooTools, but beggars cant be choosers.

It was free so I won't complain. I also did not pursue help. May give this another whirl later.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear you couldn't get it working... :(

9 out of 10 requests for help I get is related to jQuery (which you seem to suspect). I have included options to turn off jQuery loading and "no-conflict" handling in the options.
As many developers include jQuery inline there is also an option to include the dependencies for SFU as inline.

Mootools is great but unfortunately it lacks some functionality I need and the thick-box is quite limited...

I try to help out as best I can and I am sorry to see you didn't even bother contacting me before giving up...

Well, I hope you find something that works for you and if you want to give SFU a shot I am here to help...


Reviews: 12
This is a great Plugin - It does what it says on the tin. It is simple to configure and setup and makes it very easy to add to a module location.
I tried other "simple" file upload extensions, but this is by far the best I have used.
Reviews: 10
This is the perfect tool for my end users to upload their screenshots to me. Very easy to install and easy to use with web-familiar features. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Simply put.. it has a whole lot USEFUL options.

It does the job.

only Con I find:
There is no progress bar/indicator during the upload.
Reviews: 2
it got so many options, great module. lot of way to use it. going in my fav! the only "problem" is the configuration time. but once it's done it works like a charm!
Reviews: 6
Best simple file uploader out there. and guess what, it is free
Reviews: 1
thx so much Anders. it very good for me here
Reviews: 1
Just want i was looking for.... thank you for the support, even its free the support is excellent ...
thx once again
Reviews: 6
This module is working like charme.
Easy to configure.

The only think I had to do is to change the post_max_size to get uploaded mp3 files bigger then 8MB.
There was no error information there. So if the script stops and you don't get a message just check this PHP parameter in your Joomla installation.

Thank you Andres for this great job :)
Reviews: 7
This is a great extension. We needed something that would allow our users to upload images, and needed each user to have their own folder. This allows them to create a folder on the fly, and is very clean and easy to use.
Reviews: 7
This module deserves all the credit it can get!

Packed with features, 100% functional and easy customizable through CSS, it is a winner in the category!

I would really recommend every user of the module, to donate the developper, to inspire him to keep up the good work!
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