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jsmallfib Plugin

JSmallfib, a native 1.5 and 1.6 to 3.0 Joomla! plugin extension, allows a normal Joomla! article to include a simple but effective file browser/manager.

Depending on access levels, users can read or upload files, create folders and more. The main repository can be set either within the Joomla! directory, or, for greater security, outside the web root.

This plugin is ideal if you require simple out-of-the-box file browsing/uploading/downloading functionality (to store and share documentation, for example, or to manage all your web files from the frontend), all within a normal article.

Actions such as file uploads/downloads, and file/folder renaming, removing can optionally be logged. Permissions for accessing files and folders are set with the 'command' within a normal article text.

It is possible to set different access levels for unregistered visitors or specific registered user groups, but also for specific registered users individually.

All this is done with the command in the article text. The same article can be made to generate different repositories depending on users or groups. Supports file archiving.

JSmallfib ships with Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish translations.

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Reviews: 2
A great plugin, that's what I was looking a long time. Thant's a lot!
Reviews: 2
Easy to install/setup and powerfull to manage and upload files from the frontend.
Thanks a lot for the great work.
Reviews: 9
The extension is very good, but needs an option to set the height of the jsmallframe div , and include a navigation bar to slide up-down. (With a overflow-y:auto you can do that). I made this editing the css code so, the extension in my site its perfect.

Thanks to developers.

(Yes, I don't speak english very well)
Reviews: 1
Jsmallfib is nice to use, i can create folder and upload files to that specified folder.
But When i enable language filter to use langauge switcher in frontend, I cannot access folder that i created from frontend with jsmallfib.

Besides I use the correct command {jsmallfib [test] 0:2} to view all folders and files for visitors from frontend.
But after enabling language filter, visitor can view folders and files, But cannot download any files.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plug in, after a few hours of searching finally settled to this one.

Very easy to install and configure. Kudos to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Very good and simply frontend file manager, does exactly what Description says. Worth recomendation!

Adding animated progress bar and multiple file upload would make it even better (awaiting for upgrade;)). MANY THANKS!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install (after I got right version for 1.6), setup was easy. It took me longer to get my menu created and setup than it did to install and setup this plug in, and assign it to the menu. It's basic yet powerful, exactly what I wanted to be able to manage and upload files from frontend. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Excelent Plugin! Great support! Thanks :)
Reviews: 10
If "simple" means easy to install and to configure, unlike some other solutions...
If "simple" means very intuitive for the front-end user...
Then, yes this is a "simple" solution.
But it is beyond simple.
It's elegant and it's excellent.
Reviews: 4
i found the first very best experience working with joomla extensions...
Reviews: 1
I only registered on this site in order to write a review and support this plugin. It's a very powerful plugin and works excellent. I use it on Joomla 1.6 and even though it is not the final version (yet) it works flawless.

What really impresses me is how it works together with the Joomla permission system. The plugin makes use of it in a very flexible and powerful way which is easy to configure.

Thanks a lot for the great work.
Reviews: 1
Plugin is easy to use! Great support! Thanks.
Reviews: 6
Excellent plugin! It does what it says. Installation on Joomla 1.6 was flawless. I still didn't need to give special permissions to users, but so far so good and highly recommended!
Many thanks to the developper for such a great work, i was really needing a plugin like this.
Reviews: 8
Please do something with unicode support in titles of document. When my user add document with my "љњер" (utf or unicode?) I not obtain right title in a list of docs.
Rest of the app is awesome. Nice control for the admin. and interactive service for the users into joomla, on some, jsmallfib-way I think.
Reviews: 1
It totally does what it promises and works just well as described. Unfortunately, on my search for a specific app, it showed up not to be exactly what I'm looking for. To be that one, it misses following functions:
1) Only uploading without listing into an automatically generated folder (i.e. for non-registered users)
2) Uploading several local files or even folders at once. Allowing guests to upload their photo albums might become a nightmare.
I'll leave it installed as I really like it and see usage indeed, even though to be another solution. Thanks for it!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback! The new version 1.2 now allows users (unless the administrator disables this option from the backend, or specifically for a particular repository) to unzip compressed files remotely on the repository, thus providing a simple way to upload multiple files, including folders!

Reviews: 1
Great plugin, easy to install and use.

@Owner: I see that we are not supposed to raise support issues here but I have been trying to contact you via your website but get the error "Unable to connect to SMTP server" when I try and submit the email. I have an issue I would be most grateful if you have time to consider. Is there another way to contact you?
Owner's reply

Thank you for reporting the SMTP problem! I have just updated the 'support' section on the Wiki (please click on the Documentation link above) where I have added the email details to contact for support.

Reviews: 1
This is ta very useful plugin, really recomend it.

One small question only, how can i have an article that allows visitors to upload files?
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback - the 'minimum' command to embed in an article to allow visitors to upload files is:

{jsmallfib 0:2}

(0 stands for guests and 2 is the upload permission level). However, please refer to the documentation link above for more info.

Reviews: 1
WOW! This plugin works exactly as specified. No fuss setup, easy to understand instructions. Worked a treat first time. Love it!!
Reviews: 1
I needed something simple and quick and nice looking and got exactly what I needed. Saved me a lot of time. Just as the description says - perfect for simple file management for joomla users.
Reviews: 4
It pains me to do this. I have been trying for weeks to come up with a minimal blogging solution for my members which took advantage of Joomla core but had some access control for images, image folders and editing. Thought I was close with this plugin. Worked for a bit however with further testing I got this error.
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2304 bytes) in /home3/domain/public_html/plugins/content/jsmallfib.php on line 3107
I can usually work through issues like this but there is no forum, minimal documentation and no obvious way to contact the developer.
It's free so you take your chances, programming was obviously well thought out and this is a needed access control for Joomla.
With literally no support, this plugin is a bad idea for a production site.
Owner's reply

People normally get support from the 'Contact' link on the website. Please do that, I'm sure we'll get your problem fixed. However you are very right about the lack of documentation, so now there's a completely new WIKI - see link above on Documentation - which includes full installation instructions and a tutorial with all available functionality.

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