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SWFobject module Module

With this module you can use the syntax of the SWFObject script to insert a Flash object inside a module in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x. leaving the HTML code clean and validated.

SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file.
This module includes version 2.2 of SWFobject.
It's compatible with all browsers, so you no longer have to go crazy distinguishing code for each one.

If you want help with the translation into your language just send me the en-GB.mod_swfobject.ini file translated, indicating the language. I'll add it to the next update.
Donations are welcome!

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Reviews: 1
Thanks waL! this is exactly what I was looking for... I tried with other tools but this ones is THE one. Very simple, easy to use and install. Also very kind for your part the support you personaly have given.

Note: Take care with flash in joomla if you load images from an external xml, php or others: the path must be absolute in the file or convert it to absolute inside flash! if not it doesn't works.
Reviews: 1
Good app, only downside is lack of support. For example for life of me i cant figure out how to change background colour
Reviews: 6
This module works like a charm! Although I hope there's a way to resize or remove the gray box which is wider than my flash width size. Please let me know if you're able to fix this. THanks
Owner's reply

CSS also...

Reviews: 1
Congratulations for the great work, but can you explain about how to center the swf object in the template position? I have tried google and documentation but not found any about this. Gratefull!
Owner's reply

hi aleanjos,
that's a question of styling, try to change the CSS properties.


Reviews: 6
It is a great module, works really well in joomla 1.6, thanks for the support! good job.
Reviews: 1
Very good and useful application.Do you know how I can put the objects in the center(align)?
Reviews: 1
Excellent module. Works as a charm. Especially after upgrading to 1.1.
Reviews: 1
The module works extremely well and is very easy to use (Joomla 1.6). The only limitation is that you cannot have an alternative image populate the image space if Flash is not enabled on the user end, just text.
Owner's reply

hi, martinrandal,
in the alternative content you can put all the html you need, even images.

thanks for your review and good luck!

Reviews: 2
After some puzzling I got this module to work with a Flash file that uses an XML file to load text and Images. Unfortunately it is not documented in the modules limited docs, but you have to pass the XMLURL variable in the file's name variable:

Also keep in mind that the path in your xml file to the image locations need to be resolvable by joomla!

After this I got it working for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Unfortunately FireFox does not seem to be able to find the xml and is stuck in the 'loading cycle'. If this issue can be resolved I'd give the module a 5 star Rating!
Owner's reply

Hi, rowbird,

I would like to test your flash + xml + text + images...
because in order to show how to pass the xml file path as a parameter, making the module work properly

thanks for your review and for the 5 stars!

Reviews: 2
i would rate 5 star for this module but hey.. it wont work if you have two modules on the same page .. only one works or nether of them.. that's pretty bad.. too bad.. this module had such a great potential :/
Owner's reply

hi masky007,
sorry for the inconvenience,
I've fixed that,

try the new version 1.0

thanks for the feedback!

Reviews: 7
I have tried several flash modules. This one is working right away. Installed, filling in the path, size of the image... works... great job. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 5
After trying several other flash management extensions I found that this is the only one that works perfectly on firefox 3. Furthermore this was the only one extension that worked for my page.
Reviews: 1
I wasn't able to test the module but I was so excited to find it only to realize that I cannot use it due to lack of documentation. Someone asked the exact same problem I'm having "where to get the id to fill in the parameters", and that was since march with no answer...I must add that i'm a beginner but I don't mind reading and learning where it's available. Please updtae wiki and answer to comments on documentation page... thank you for your hard work though....
Reviews: 11
I have tried this module with a header with flash and xml from, but it sadly doesnt work due to the fact that there isnt anay xml exporting into swf or any way to manipulate that in this module. maybe in the near future?
Owner's reply

hi, pauca!
of course there is way to communicate flash with xml, you just have to define your variables and make the appropriate calls...

Reviews: 1
It has many parameters, very is and convenient module. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
I've been wanting a Joomla SWFObject module just like this for a long time. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
I just wanted to put a SWF on my home page (an animated slideshow type of thing with some links), and wanted to reiterate some of the other reviews that this was the only SWF module that worked for me.
Reviews: 5
After trying 3 other flash module extensions and not being able to get any of them to work I installed your extension and it worked right out of the box. A little CSS to position it in the header where I wanted the swf to play and I'm done :)
The test.swf you included was very good thinking too, as it allowed me to know as soon as I installed the extension that the module worked.
Great job!
Reviews: 8
Good and simple module!
One note: It connects to Is that to get the button for installing flash-player?
I think options for alternative content would be great! I would prefer not to display the upgrade text and button, only the code I specify as alternative content!
Owner's reply

I feel very good your appreciation! in the next update will give the possibility to show the link to the adobe flash player if you choose. but for now you have the option of introducing alternative content in html.

thanks for your feed!

Reviews: 2
Great module, really simple to use!
By the way, just one module with swfobject per page is allowed?
Owner's reply

hi poastro!
thanks for your review, but it's allowed the number of modules you need per page.

I think you are using the same id at diferent modules, thats the reason of your question. remember each id must be unique per page...

good luck!

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