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Custom Flash ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • Inserts prominent backlink to the developer urging you to purchase pro version.
The extension to place any Flash Movie or animation e.t.c to your website with ease.
Components/Custom Flash

Use is as Plugin within an article or as Module or as Menu Item.

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Reviews: 1
All you get is a link to buy the pro version, nothing else shows.
From what I can see it does put the advert in, so it looks like it will work.
Should be moved to a paid option not a free one
Owner's reply

Maybe you just put a wrong path to your .swf file?

We have support forum and free Live-Chat.

Reviews: 9
This was so easy to use and set up. It nice when developers of module like this make is easy. Excellent job in creating it and I will be looking at purchasing the pro version. Thanks!
Reviews: 5

I use this to publish MAPS with Flash effects. Flash encapsulation also help protect copyright. Custom Flash was what I needed. Completely satisfied with t!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use. But i don't give 5 stars because :
it's impossible to sort the flash animation
it's impossible to copy animation for keep the parameters and just change the access path.

For a next version i hope a button in text editor who list and sort the flash animation (ok that's would be difficult)
Reviews: 2
fast support when i had difficulty formating due to template and it works well in 1.7

Reviews: 7
It worked as far as showing the flash content is concerned, but the aspect ratio of the content is destroyed.
I have tried many ways to fix it but the flash disapears when I change the fit type
Owner's reply

You have width, height, and scale parameters. If set scale to - no scale, it won't break proportions. Or if you know original width and height set it.

Reviews: 33
I downloaded this to use the "do not auto-play" feature, as that's what I'm looking for, but it doesn't work. The flash just shows up as a box that can't be clicked to start playing or anything else.

Other than that it works just fine I suppose.

Always sucks though when it's not obvious it's a demo version with a copyright link on it until after it's installed too.
Reviews: 6
Too good to be true. Easy Install and instructions...but I can't view the flash in joomla 1.6.
Reviews: 3
Very simple to use, good looking and works well in Firefox and in Internet Explorer. Makes a folder called Custom Flash where the ID can be found easily.

I downloaded and used this with ease :) Thank you.
Reviews: 3
-Install the component
-Go to components --> Custom Flash
-click NEW and inset your swf movie (like
-Add a new MENU and select CUSTOM flash as menu type
-Then choose wich movie (on the right side)
-click save or save&close
-open your site and click the new menu button you've made

e voila
Reviews: 3
Though there isn't a documentation, it's really easy to use - just point out to the file - like
and voilla!!!

It's that easy...
Works flawlessly
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the module, and installed it. It said it was a successful installation. But there's no documentation, and no indication of how to use the module. I'll review this review if documentation goes up. For now, I have to keep looking for a new module.