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JA Ext Manager Component

JA Extensions Manager - Upgrades and Rollbacks made easy!

JA Extensions Manager Component provides a unique way to upgrade, rollback, compare files between the versions. It comes with local repository, where you can upload your new and old version and then compare between them and find the files in conflict and you can save them before upgrade to new version.
This extension will help in minimizing customization loss, which is usually encountered due to overwrite by newer files.
Currently it supports, modules, plugins, templates and components. However, the components should have in their XML file, upgrade/ rollback info for the Database changes, otherwise it will only replace files.

NEW: JA Extensions Manager support file comparison view for code and easy copy and move of old customized code to newer files right from the back-end!

You can check out how the DIFF VIEW work at a similar online version

NEW: JA Extensions Manager support remote install from remote repository, easy to setup right from the back-end, for each extension you can setup a service and use it for upgrade!

Please check the WIKI and YouTube Video for its capabilities:
Video 1 : Local Repository usage : (full screen)
Video 2 : Comparison / upgrade via online Repository : (view in full screen)

Watch this new video about using this component >>

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Reviews: 1
Building the necessary xml files is only relevant for managing a lot of websites.
Currently , without collaborative repository, the add-value for webmasters where is the add-value?

The better solution will be to have this service linked to the public svn.

Probably an idea which need to be managed at a core level ...

One open alternative will be to offer to developpers the possibility to add directly in their module/plugin/module update link in the common xml, to offer a "by default" link to their prefered repository.

All my best for this projet!
Reviews: 2
I hope more developers start to use this so that we can use it with all our extensions.
Reviews: 6

Thanks very much for this great component. A great way to mange updates and see the versions, differences and update without the need to un-install things first. Especially for modules, which need to be set up again most of the times after updating or when installing a new component you have to repair the menu items.

I hope you will keep on developing it.

Kind regards,
Owner's reply

Thanks Marcel. Glad it worked for you. Documentation for other developers to adapt this to offer their extension updates via their online repository is coming out soon. On the fly upgrades, backup, remote file comparison and rollbacks are now possible. We have started working to get it compliant with J! 1.6. We strive for remarks and bug reports, so as to improve upon.