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Multi Install Component

This component allows you to install multiple extensions at once. All you need to do is create a zip file with the extensions you wish to install and upload it from the Multi Install component view.

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Reviews: 3
This extension is not working for me. Says everything has installed correctly but the extensions that were installed simply do not work. All my "installed" extensions say "XML Data Not Available" when I click to configure them in the module manager.

When I re-install them one by one normally they all work though. So it's definitely an issue with this component.

All in all, doesn't work. Checked forums for support, nothing on the issue, nor in the documentation.
Reviews: 2
the many plugins and modules from jomsocial..never was sooo fast to install!!! im sooo happy! thanks!
Reviews: 3
Worked flawlessly. I'm new to Joomla and uploading dozens of modules was insanely tedious. Thank you for this component; I hope you're blessed well for it! I have two sister sites - one on 2.5 and another on 3.0; hope you will please make it compatible with 3.0 soon! :)
Reviews: 4
Saves me having to install about 14 modules individually at a go. A must have
Reviews: 5
Came across this extension and have a new site to launch so I figured why not give it a shot - 8 extension(s) successfully installed was a pretty nice message to see! A definite time saver!
Reviews: 2
installed all Joomleague modules in 5 seconds - a dream
Reviews: 1
I put fair because I want it to work so bad.

But we have irregular unzip issues with it and 500 internal errors (maybe since joomla update?)

Really want this to work :(
Owner's reply

Hi Directive,

As I stated in the Multi Install forum (, the error you are seeing could be to do with folder permissions.

I pointed you in the direction of some helpful material on this subject matter, yet you have not responded with any indication as to whether you read it or not.

I also offered to take a look at your site but you didn't email your details.


Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed this product and failed to get it working.

The developers forum has few users but that is not an issue, the issue is that questions do not appear to be answered. Due to the lack of support and lack of function I have removed this component from my test site.

Additionally, developers website claims an improved versions which is not available for download.

Very disappointing, a component which is designed to save time acutally wasted three hours.
Owner's reply

The mail function had stopped working on my site, therefore, I was not notified of your forum comments. I have since updated the component and fixed the issue you were experiencing.


Reviews: 8
I dread jomsocial updates sometimes because I know I have to sit there with minor module and plugin updates which adds so much time to the initial component update.

With this component, I didn't even have to unzip the modules and plugins from the jomsocial updated all 15 modules and all 27 plugins in less than 30 seconds!

Now my head is spinning with ideas on updating 24 other joomla sites with standard module/plugin updates. I can create one upload "package" and update all my clients' sites.

This is a great utility. I'm surprised its not in the base Joomla system.

If you could remote install via http:// like in the traditional installer, that would be great add-on!

Thank you!
Owner's reply


Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad that you decided to share how you use Multi Install and I am sure that Jomsocial users will find your comment helpful.

I have taken on board your suggestion and have since added the option to install from a URL to version 1.0.2.

Kind Regards,


Reviews: 2
THIS IS AMAZING!!! LIKE DREAM COMES TRUE FOR WEB DEVELOPER!!!! You have no idea how much time this sucker saves me when every time I create a web project for clients and having a hand full of useful extensions need to be installed!!!