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NoNumber Extension Manager Component

With the NoNumber Extension Manager you can quickly and easily install and update NoNumber extensions.

You can:
    ★ See what NoNumber extensions you have installed
    ★ See version numbers and see if yours is up-to-date
    ★ Install extensions
    ★ Update extensions
    ★ See the changelogs
    ★ Uninstall NoNumber extensions

The NoNumber Extension Manager is a component. So you can find it under the components in your administrator menu.

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
Do NOT use below reviews to post support requests or issues.

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Reviews: 1
Nonomber extensions is absolutely one of the best components i ever have installet. The range of extensions covers most peoples needs.
Simple install and update, easy to understand and extreme effective. Support for both free and pro-versions are in top... - fast and competent.
Open source when it's best.
Reviews: 5
I've used all of the NoNumber extensions and am impressed with each and every one of them. I consider this suite to be some of the best written, bug free, easy to setup and well supported extensions I've come across. Everything is so convenient to use and upgrade.

This manager brings it all together. It's not required for the use of the other extensions but why not? It makes things even better.
Reviews: 1
Great Component, Congratulations and thank you.
There a way to use this rescuros for other extensions that is not NoNumber!
It would be nice.
Reviews: 13
Of course, this extension is just a base for maintaining other NoNumber extensions, which are by themselves also a must have.

It works. It's free. Its updated frequently.
I'm using it on my all new Joomla sites, because it provides quick and hassle free access to other NoNumber extensions.

At 1st I was using only few of their other extensions.
After I tried it in my Joomla sandbox, I downloaded and installed all available components, and after getting familiar with them, now I'm using em regularly.

Because all of that: components, plugins, forum and support is provided freely by author, I've decided to purchase his master license without, much hesitation.

Peter keep on a goo.., no, EXCELLENT work ;)
Many other Joomla component developers could learn from your dedication.
Reviews: 8
This is an extension manager as it should be!
It shows the installed version, the current version, the changes in the current version. With one click you can download and install the current version (or even re-install it).
Now, of course this only works for extensions by NoNumber. I recommend this, as soon as you have more than one of his extensions.
Reviews: 2
This extension is a real time-saver if you use a lot of NoNumber extensions. Easy interface and simple to use.
Reviews: 12
I can't believe how good this component is... It the epitome of convenience for Joomla! web persons. It allows for the update of several modules, plugins and components produced by the developer at the click of a mouse button.
It shows clearly when things need updating and allows you to 'install' directly from the component.
The extensions are really good and work flawlessly. Support is great too!

Reviews: 6
All of the extensions developed by NoNumbers are second to none. Should be awarded the best extensions of the century.
Reviews: 3
NoNumber! produces some of the best and most useful extensions for Joomla! NoNumber's site is easy to navigate, the programming is all very polished and works as expected, and this manager makes it very easy to keep up with frequent product updates. It's very rare that I like every extension made by a developer. This is one of those cases.
Reviews: 4
I rate this all 5 stars for excellent because as all of nonumber extensions this nonumber extensions manager gives the user a top notch user experience. Everything in this nonumber extension is developed to give the user a super easy push a button experience, and what you expect happens extremely smoothly with a very nice gui. all nonumber extensions, and especially this one is a must have for any serious Joomla administrator. I always start with this extension when starting a new Joomla and just push install all extensions, and viola all the extensions get transfered from to your joomla site and installed in one single action. I does not get better than that :-)
Reviews: 2
This extension is a fine component for Joomla in order to have a good overview of all Nonumber Extensions as they are updated regularly. Moreover, new extensions can be see quickly
Reviews: 5
One of the best extensions I've aver just. It works like a charme. I'll never go without it.

Thanks NoNumber
Reviews: 8
What could be easier, this extension manager is the icing on the cake, a great addition to the already great NoNumber extensions.

Thanks again for the great products, keep up the great work :)
Reviews: 6
Peter Always Rocks.... It was a Lot a time saver....
Reviews: 10
Extension Manager keeps track of updates for NoNumber extensions. Although it does not keep track of other developers' extensions, it would be amazing if all developers did something like this.

Here's how it works...

From a nice, clean administrative screen, Extension Manager lists all NoNumber extensions and their version numbers.

That alone is pretty useful. But it does a lot more.

It indicates clearly whether each extension is installed. If the extension is installed, it tells you if there's an update available. Click to update extensions one at a time, or click "update all" to install the latest version of all extensions at once.

It goes beyond updates. It's also an installer for NoNumber extensions. If the extension is not installed, click a button and it's installed for you. Another button lets you install all NoNumber extensions in one click.

Finally, you can use this to re-install NoNumber extensions that are already installed.

All of this can be done without leaving your Joomla administration area.

Even if you aren't using any NoNumber extensions, install Extension Manager just to see how great it is. And while you're there, go ahead and install a couple of NoNumber extensions!
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