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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JMS Multisites extend joomla with Multi Sites and user sharing. This allows multiple domain names or sites to have their own joomla configuration file using the same joomla installation. Possibility to share the users, and extensions like VirtueMart, Community Builder, JomSocial, ...
With this new feature you can share the joomla files and folders to create totally independent web sites.
This simply the maintenance of Joomla as you have only one instance to update for all the websites.
With JMS you can create website based on website template to create new slave site.
A "maintenance" functionality is also provided to help supervising the extension installed in each website with their datamodel and help you fix the potential datamodel errors.
As each website has its own joomla configuration.
You can decide to use:
- One database for all the websites. In this case, you must specify different database table prefix for each websites.
- Two databases (One master database and One slave database). This architecture is advised when you want to install JMS on an existing website and you are limited in the number of databases you can create (or disk space).
- As many databases than there are websites. This is the most flexible architecture where each websites works with its own database. This is generally the architecture adopted by joomla when you create multiple websites.
The content of each website is totally independent. This means that the content (articles, news, forum, users, ...) are NOT shared.

The setup of each configuration site consists in using the standard joomla installation mechanism.
In the administration of a 'Slave' site, you can re-install/uninstall extension previously installed on the 'Master' site.
The 'Master' site is the one where you have installed the Joomla MultiSite component and where you manage the 'Slave' sites.
Additional controls are performed during the installation/uninstallation of an extension in a 'slave' site.
Before executing the standard joomla installation, it is verified that the extension you request to install has exactly the same name and same version number to avoid inconsistency between all sites.
This additional control is performed to ensure that you will overwrite the current installation with identical files that you originally installed.
On 'slave' site, uninstalling an extension consists in a joomla standard cleanup of the database. The files present on disk for this extension is not deleted to avoid disturb the other sites.

You can also replicate a website into the same database or in different DB to avoid re-installing the extension in each slave site.
On Unix platform, it is also possible to deploy a slave site into a specific folder.

You can also share user and share the content of a limited number of extensions.

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Reviews: 7
What a great extension!

Though I have to admit it isn't the easiest component to setup there is help via the forum and Edwin is very quick to reply. And as for the compaint about the support videos, well I don't know where you'd get a more comprehensive set!

With regard to the billable support that has been mentioned and complained about I have to say it was absolutely brilliant! It may seem pricey but you get much more than usual. Edwin set me up a link to his own desktop where he explained exactly how it worked and how to set it up. HE talked me through the whole process as he did it. Much better than paying less and not having a clue how it was done! Well worth the money!

Well done Edwin!!
Reviews: 5
Excellent component and after you learn how to manipulate it is working great, their service is excellent I had a problem and they arranged for me it quickly
Thank you,
Raviv Sagiv
Reviews: 1
Our client asked us to manage upwards of 600 websites based on five template themes based on one set of tested and compiled extensions we created for them.. How do we do that without spending hundreds of hours updating and cross checking and .... How do we keep track of who gets what template, how do we create a copy of the site quickly so we can get them trained and move content in... We came across this extension and it solved all of our needs.

We just purchased the multisite and additional plugins to automate and create our multi site system. Now we can create new sites in minutes based on our predefined templates. We can share data and users at many levels and allow our clients to control only the parts they need to update and maintain their individual sites while we can do quick extension and security updates to the master site. This one extension has enabled us to become an enterprise level website provider in less than 8 hours. There are some complexities one must understand and there are a few rules that must be adhered to but Edwin is really helpful and if you do purchase support time, it is so worth it. We wish we could hire him full time!
Reviews: 2
This extension seemed like exactly what i needed, so I decided to buy the download. With hours of reading the poor documentation, I finally managed to make the extension do something close to what I wanted. Since the documentation is so bad, and sometimes written in really poor english, you really have to struggle to get it work. This extension look like something built by a developer FOR a developer, and not really meant for the public.

Another thing that's not helping, is that this extension i really user-unfriendly, with descriptions really hard to understand even with the documentation in hand. For example, when creating sites from the frontend, I really don't understand why the user have to enter both alias and prefix? The prefix should be autocreated, and not put on the user registring.

The worst thing about this extension is that in order to "sell installations" you have to buy quouta from the developer. Really disturbing and hard to find information about on their website.

I really hope that this extension gets forked in order to get a good idea work for the public. Since the developer doesn't care about more than the user's money.

I'm strongly considering this myself right now in my frustration over this bad extension.
Reviews: 1

I decided to buy this extension after reading many great reviews and understanding that this is the extension that will help me build multi sites fast and easy.

After purchasing, I downloaded the extension and tried to install.

The installation did not work but after couple of e-mails (few hours) I got it installed. Part of the response I got was saying that there is no support on e-mail for the extension and that I can buy support time at an hourly rate (higher than the cost of the product).

Trying to configure it took a lot of time - the user manual is not well written, the videos are long and not indexed well (you may need to listen to a 40 minutes video just in order to see a section that goes for 3 minutes) and the user interface is not self explanatory. In addition, there is plenty of options to buy extra features (yes, for additional money).

When I complained and asked if there is money back refund, I was referred to the refund policy which says there is no refund.

Bottom line, there is no refund, there is no support. After wasting more than 3 days on trying to figure out how to make it work properly, I uninstalled the extension, replicated my website and database without the extension in within 3 hours finished having my other site.

It might be a great product but it did not work for me!

Owner's reply

This is not correct that we do not provide support.
We provide free support via the public forum where the customers can retreive all our previous answers.
We do not provide free support by email to allow everybody benefit of the questions and answers.

If a customer wants that we install, setup things for him on his environment or that we teach him personnaly or develop specific things, this is part of our billable support.

Reviews: 3
Basically, this componant can bring you super close to creating a hosted store service like Shopify, using the front end engine to offer "install a site with your domain name" in a few clicks.

The advantage of such platform can be that it's Joomla based and enables to install further apps (w/ your moderation or without), and that's mean a much more stable and open platform to offer to developers, as far as offer them to disengage their site from the hosted service and keep on running their own website, by allowing them to import the DB and Source files to another hosting company, or simply get full access to their db and files on your cloud.

Just my thoughts and wanting to contribute something, best of luck

They have great support and customer service team, superb really
Reviews: 10
I started using JMS Multi-Sites about a year and a half ago, and have truly learned to love it. Yes, it was a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but the docs, forum, and excellent client service took care of any issues I ran into. Since starting to use JMS, I have contracted Edwin (developer of JMS) to do some custom work & he always conducts himself at the highest level of service and respect. And, he always goes above and beyond to make sure that the work he does is of the highest caliber. ... thanks Edwin for the awesome service & incredible extensions!
Reviews: 1
I find this product to be very useful. It is a fantastic product. Try it out first without changing all the settings. If you start to change the settings before you get the hang of it, you will be lost. Its a very complex system. Now when I fully understand how it works I love it!
Reviews: 4
This mutli site solution works brilliantly. There is a learning curve and the issue of core file changes but the extension manages this for you and will return your core files for you. The list of compatible extensions is huge and the support is top class too.

You do need to know how to point domains to folders and its a bonus if you have knowledge of managing your databases properly. Its complicated but not complex. Power comes at a price and the learning curve is well worth it.Where else can you launch 40 sites in a day!
Reviews: 3
First, let me say that this "extension" does what it claims. With a little more research on my part I might have realized that this is ahack of the core -_ something I avoid for many good reasons. it also does not do what I was wanting it to do. I wanted to syncronize some of the content tables between different separate joomla installations.

After a short review of the website, I had thought that by making the sites I wanted to share data on a master and slave, that I could then sync data.

That is not the case. You can indeed create multiple joomla installations, but given the core hacks and the extensions limitations - a slave can only have the exact same extensions as the master - it is not usable for my needs.

But if you don't mind core hacks and can live with slave sites that can only have extensions replicated from the master, then this will do the trick. The installation is well documented and went without any problems.

I rated it as "average" because it does what it says it will do, I should have spent more time researching. I would have rated it higher if the advertising had been more upfront about it being core hacks.
Reviews: 1
I am a novice Joomla user with just enough knowledge to get me into trouble and not enough to get me out of it, but when I bought some support time from Edwin, I was amazed at how quickly he responded and was able to go through the site with me, find out exactly how I wanted it to be set up and was able to make the templates for me so now in just 3 clicks, I can duplicate my site over and over again onto as many domains as I like. This is my first review so this should show you how much I am impressed with the program and the support. Thanks Edwin!
Reviews: 1
I needed a solution for multiple sites running for one organization, with some unique backend login and sharing needs. I found the basic installation and setup of the extension to be quite straightforward and troublefree, by following the tutorials on the JMS2Win site, and I'm not a Joomla pro. But, because of my sites' unique login and sharing requirements, I needed some extra assistance from the developer. Edwin was wonderful to work with, coming up with a superb solution to exactly meet my needs. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 19
The extension is good and bad.

The Good: It seems to be a powerful extension. It preforms as described. I received a quick response on the forum to a specific issue.

The Bad: It's very expensive, almost $80 USD. This is not for beginners or even intermediate users, it has a steep learning curve. I would say I am a 6 out of 10 in terms of joomla skill level, and I found it somewhat difficult to get fully operational. After 10-12 hours of working with the extension and watching tutorial videos, it does perform as described.
Reviews: 1
First time to use Multisites and just to say, it did exactly want I wanted. I used the extension to create a web portal for a group of companies. The documentation and video tutorials are excellent and I fund my way around these quite easily. I also used direct support from JMS2WIN and was very impressed by the expertise and willingness to help. Great extension, great service. Thank you and well done.
Reviews: 1
I was feeling afraid of managing several joomla installations with the usual hassle and burden of sites administration. Well, this extension is a relief as it does the job for me and does it well. Reading the manual carefully and watching Edwin's tutorials helped me a lot to understand the logic behind the scene, but once it was done, I was on my way. Furthermore, support is awesome and blazing fast. Thank you guy for the gorgeous work!
Reviews: 1
This is a product that I hope works for the project I am using it on. I wanted to run our other 40 or so sites on this but I am afraid that if I make the move to this buggy beta test module it will crash everything I have live, as it did several times today, and ultimately I will lose my job. Luckily I backed up all the data that this product blew out and used it on a sub domain that needed sites below it, not on one of our main sites that needs to stay up to make us money.

First, in the process of adding the subsites, in following the tutorial ( it randomly blew out my main user for the master site and I had to recover that in the midst of me adding this module.

I had to add this module back into Joomla 3 times in the process of adding 6 sub-sites, I haven't added the information I need for the pages for each sub-site, I am hoping that it doesn't blow out again, will update when that is complete.

It is not difficult to set up and use, at least on the basic way I used it today. I had one existing master site and added 6 sub-sites at least the shell, and need to add back in components and pages that I have backed up to make them work accordingly.

The best way to describe this component is hinky...or buggy. I emailed Edwin and he suggested I pay for support, or check the forums. I am pretty sure I brought a few bugs to his attention from his code and he suggested I pay him more.

If you need this it does seem to work to some extent but its buggy, at least in 1.5. We will see what happens when each sub site is complete and if we can link everything up. It seems, this is the only solution to this issue, so hopefully Edwin will take some constructive criticism and fix the disappearing act that his module does randomly and work out the kinks.
Reviews: 3
This is the first component i write a review on, which should describe just how much I love this component. It's really powerful and got all the features I need (and anyone else too for that matter).

This product is very complex and affects large parts of the Joomla Core. Therefor i recommend you to read the documentation before you get to work.

Again, great component!
Reviews: 2
This extension is so powerful once you get it up and running on your site, it makes creating similar sites easy as hitting a button from the front end or back end! Sharing data like users or SobiPro data from a master site is a simple way to create new sites that have different purposes and share the same base information.
Reviews: 2
I rave about this extension because I have received such prompt, courteous and effective support to the various issues I encountered. My customers are happy and my stress levels are comfortably low!
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased the JMS2WIN multisites component to build a Church websites of over 40 sub sites. It is still an ongoing task but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Multisites however what struck me the most was when the download time limit had expired and I sent a support request at 06:00hrs on a weekday morning and Edwin answered me within 10 minutes.

Very professional sir not only do you have a great product but also the personality and commitment to excellence as well...keep it up!!!
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