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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JMS Multisites extend joomla with Multi Sites and user sharing. This allows multiple domain names or sites to have their own joomla configuration file using the same joomla installation. Possibility to share the users, and extensions like VirtueMart, Community Builder, JomSocial, ...
With this new feature you can share the joomla files and folders to create totally independent web sites.
This simply the maintenance of Joomla as you have only one instance to update for all the websites.
With JMS you can create website based on website template to create new slave site.
A "maintenance" functionality is also provided to help supervising the extension installed in each website with their datamodel and help you fix the potential datamodel errors.
As each website has its own joomla configuration.
You can decide to use:
- One database for all the websites. In this case, you must specify different database table prefix for each websites.
- Two databases (One master database and One slave database). This architecture is advised when you want to install JMS on an existing website and you are limited in the number of databases you can create (or disk space).
- As many databases than there are websites. This is the most flexible architecture where each websites works with its own database. This is generally the architecture adopted by joomla when you create multiple websites.
The content of each website is totally independent. This means that the content (articles, news, forum, users, ...) are NOT shared.

The setup of each configuration site consists in using the standard joomla installation mechanism.
In the administration of a 'Slave' site, you can re-install/uninstall extension previously installed on the 'Master' site.
The 'Master' site is the one where you have installed the Joomla MultiSite component and where you manage the 'Slave' sites.
Additional controls are performed during the installation/uninstallation of an extension in a 'slave' site.
Before executing the standard joomla installation, it is verified that the extension you request to install has exactly the same name and same version number to avoid inconsistency between all sites.
This additional control is performed to ensure that you will overwrite the current installation with identical files that you originally installed.
On 'slave' site, uninstalling an extension consists in a joomla standard cleanup of the database. The files present on disk for this extension is not deleted to avoid disturb the other sites.

You can also replicate a website into the same database or in different DB to avoid re-installing the extension in each slave site.
On Unix platform, it is also possible to deploy a slave site into a specific folder.

You can also share user and share the content of a limited number of extensions.

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Reviews: 3
I had lots of problems installing this component. ALL OF THEM MY FAULT. Edwin showed incredible patience with many detailed emails to assist me. It turned out that my ISP's implemntation was mostly to blame but Edwin never gave up on me. By far the best support ever provided by and Joomla developer.

Thanks Edwin!
Reviews: 1
I used JMS for awhile, completely to my satisfaction. It's easy to install and the tutorials are just as they should be (to the point!) - just great. Then yesterday I had a problem: JMS was gone. Now I'm the type of person that starts looking first myself - making things worse of course... It turned out that the hosting company had server problems without them knowing.
Anyway, in the meantime I had put a message on the JMS Forum. Within 10 minutes I had an answer. We mailed a couple of times and JMS gave me the right directions. Very quickly, very much to the point. Chapeau!
Reviews: 1
This is a great tool, we are using it on our site, We Have 80 subdomains working without problem.
Reviews: 1
Very simple and reliable solution for complex procedure.

If I could give a single wish: it would be automatic installation sync between master and slaves sites. I mean something like: when running install or uninstall script on master site, it would automatically ran on slave sites too, avoiding the manual and boring "reinstallation on slave sites".
Reviews: 1
Great developer, great extensions, great support. I am not disappointed with this one :), not like some others commercial developers.

Well Done
Reviews: 1
What a pity it hacks the core of Joomla.
I would love to use a multi-site solution, but with the security releases of Joomla coming out regularly, my clients would find it unacceptable if I couldn't upgrade them immediately.
Then I would worry that some extensions would conflict and that I'd be left behinde when 1.6 comes out.
Testing all my client sites at once when I roll out a new extension would be a nightmare for me too.
Sorry, too much risk for me here.
Owner's reply

It seems that you have not read the documentation and experiment this product. See user manual chapter 8 that present the different update facilities.
It is designed to patch existing files and not replace them by patched files in aim to benefit of the joomla or extension security update.

Reviews: 1
purchased the extensions JMS, article sharing and menu-bridge and I must admit that they are absolutely awesome. They were just what I needed when creating 11 websites and having shared content on each.

installation was a breeze and apart from some minor things that were mainly due to me not reading the manual before jumping in everything works plug-n-play and intuitively.

Even when the extension did not do something i wanted it to Edwin created a upgrade to the program where the new feature was incorpareted, in just a few days, So support is excellent as well.

Upgrading to joomla 1.5.10 was also a breeze, I just had to do this once.

all in all greatly reccomended.
Reviews: 1
This extension saves me lots of time (Joomla Security Update 1.5.10 was installed only once for all my websites!). And when I had a problem in connection with another component (it was not clear, where the problem sat), Edwin solved it for me and found the bug in the other component (during Easter weekend!!)
This extension is worth every cent of its price!
Thank you very much
Reviews: 1
I have now been running Multisites for 2 months and this extension is extremely well-functioning and easy to use.

Even though I was a Joomla beginner, when I bought the extension, there was only very few troubles installing - and mostly due to my lack of understanding of Joomla.

Since then I have been working quite intense with several sites - all running on a Joomla Multisite installation - and there has been now trouble at all!!

Currently I run 8 slave-sites - each with dedicated database - on my main site. And I run on an apache-environment with virtual hosts and a Plesk administration panel. And everything just runs smooth and painless.

I had a single issue - but the support was exquisite - and the issue was solved immediately.
Besides that the documentation and forums works quite well.

I have still not tried the template feature - due to lack of time - but I am certainly looking forward to that.

Keep up the good work!!
Reviews: 1
I have been using Joomla for a number of years now and this has to be the best extension that I have come across. This is a no nonsense approach to my multiple site deployments. I have been looking to solve for quite a while. Deployment of Slave sites is done in minutes (after setting up a site template, which is super simple).

I had a few questions that needed answering in regards to customisation of themes and I have to say that the response to my pm queries were the fastest I have ever had and extremely helpful.

I'm very skeptical when it comes to patching core joomla files, but I'm really impressed with the developers method of backing up core files, installing patches and integrating the updates to this extension within the same extension.

Things that I'd love to see in future releases would be deployment of separate databases from site templates (I know there has already been talk about this).

Very happy customer.
Reviews: 1
Great component with great support!

Reviews: 1
Absolutely ridiculous registration process, with annoying errors all over the place. Spent WAYYYYYYYY more time trying to get this installed and working than it would have simply taken to update Joomla manually on 10 separate sites.

And all these good reviews are bull. This is not coming from someone who doesn't know how to do this stuff. I'm an expert and its ridiculous to make people jump through hoops to use a $34 script. They act like they're protecting Fort Knox.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this component after reading something on the Joomla forum. At first I taught it could be used to allow users to share login across my site and sub domains. Unfortunately this was not the case. I should have read the FAQ's better;-)

I found out the better a better use for this component. It makes joomla installations on other domains and sub domains on the same server lighting fast. It is easy to use but I recommend reading the FAQ's and Tutorials before trying and before installing. Finally I have to comment the developer for his patience and top notch Customer Service. There maybe some just as good but I haven't come across any better.
Reviews: 7
This component is the best, very easy to install and very easy to configure.

If you have to create a lot of website based on a master, it's the solution.

To use without moderation.
Reviews: 1
This is a great product for handling multiple sites, you only need to upgrade once and all your sites are up to date - such a time saver.

Plus we received instant support from Edwin, even with us in completely different time zones and as it turned out the problem wasn't even with JMS.
Reviews: 1
JMS is a very robust and useful extension for Joomla. It is a must for any serious developer who wants to design, host on the same provider, and maybe even resell many websites. JMS gives you great flexibility in the ways you can setup the master-slaves websites relationship. You really have to study the manual (very good and detailed) and the tutorials (including videos, high quality) first to get the full advantage of the extension. I want to specially mention outstanding support of the developer. His response is very quick, he's polite and professional, and he really tries to answer all the questions (no matter how dumb they are :). He spends time with you until the matter is resolved.
It is obvious that the developer is taking good care of his product and his customers. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 1

This component is definitively the ultimate component for however is a bit struggled by multiple Joomla! installs on his hosting account.

Please do read the manuals and watch the videos in order to well understand the principles and make it work properly.

Instead of loosing time updating all my websites, I now just focus to properly apply patches to one Joomla! install and all my sites are upgraded.
Reviews: 1
Excellent product. With some clicks you quickly deployed hundred of Internet sites.

I met some problems to install it on local PC (for tests) because of virtual DNS with apache configuration (wamp server) but with very good support help, solutions were quickly found

Many thanks to the author for the netmeeting Remote Desktop on my PC
Reviews: 1
"Ditto" to all of the positive reviews below. JMS, together with the Article Sharing component, is a combination that is going to save a lot of time installing and maintaining 50+ related sites.

There is documentation on the product web site, which describes the different ways to use JMS, as well as tutorials on how to install and configure JMS.

But the best part is that I have never ever experienced better service and support than what I have been given by Edwin! Hats off to JMS and Edwin!
Reviews: 1
This is an effective tool, but the best part is that Edwin, the developer, offers fantastic assistance and support. My environment caused some unique challenges for this extension, but Edwin helped me make it work!!

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