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Virtual Domains ComponentPlugin

VD provides Multi-domain capability for Joomla without changing the Joomla core files and tables. Simply register any number of additional available domains in the components backend and define their properties.

You can run different web sites from a single Joomla installation with specific templates, home page content and navigation.

Virtual Domains simple starting points:
# You can select a template from VD's Backend for a specific domain.
# You can filter menu items, define domain specific languages and meta data.
# VD will create an accesslevel for each domain/subdomain. This will enable you to control all that content that can deal with access levels.

That's all. Small effort, big effect.


#Custom Parameters could not be stored

New Features:
+Assigning content to each domain via access levels
+Hide/show menu items per domain
+Dissallow access to certain components per domain
+Override site meta data
+Access for domain speific items for non-admins on backend
+Includes replacement for Joomla Language Switcher

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Reviews: 3
The Virtual Domains Extension is a very powerful multi-domain management extension. One is able to manage endless numbers of domains from a single Joomla Administrator backend in a very easy way. When the extension is installed and domains entered in the admin panel, Access Levels are created for Menu's, Articles, Modules, templates, you name it. So the access levels are for instance the default Joomla access levels i.e. Guest/Registered/Public/etc but when you have created 'Sitename A' and 'Sitename B' They become also visible in the Articles/modules/menu's/templates and more so it is very easy to assign an article or module or menu to either defined sites or to both through "Guest/Public and more. You can assign different templates/styles to different sites with their own logo and content and menu links.
We have used this now on several sites and it is extremely easy to use. The documentation is not that clear and actual needs improvement but as soon as you are stuck and you send a message to Michael Liebler you will be very friendly and professional assisted with clear explanations. If you have multiple sites with a lot of identical content to manage (multi-shops in several countries for instance or similar multilingual sites with different domain extensions (think .eu/.de/.nl/.com )this tool is a blessing and awesome!
Reviews: 2
This is a work of art!!! If you're using CPanel the easy way to get it up and running is in CPanel to just put the addon domains in the same document root as the base domain, create a single article having the same name as the addon domain and then add a menu item to one of your published menus with the same name as the addon domain and then add the domain name to the VD component admin. To Michael, my only suggestion might be to have VD be able to set different featured articles to each domain added to VD. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your warm words. Have you thought about using the accesslevels to achieve your goal? I think you have noticed that an accesslevel has been created for each domain after creation in VD. So you can simply assign the domain specific access level to an article to show it on that domain but not elsewhere. If you think that it doesn't work for you lets discuss it on the forum (click the support button above).

Reviews: 4
This extensions seems great, but can't get it work, and no answer from the developper.
Reviews: 3
I added this to my installation about 45 days ago. I wanted to get it running over time before reviewing. It's been great. Installation and configuration was a breeze. I tweaked htaccess to help resolve some cross-domain instances - but that has to do with my setup. Nothing that's a problem with the extension.

I haven't seen any problems with SEO. Actually, it's improved SEO since client sites are resolving as Google, Bing, and Yahoo expect.

I tested out the extensions ability to send email as the parked domain - it worked really well. So well, though, that Akeeba Subscriptions was sending subscriber notifications from the parked domains - unrelated to the domain the user subscribed to. Had to leave those settings blank in Virtual Domains and just live with system emails generated by the installation's domain name.

I haven't experienced any system slowdown with it. Caching seems to work fine. Though, I did discontinue using jbetolo as it got a little confused how to cache info across the virtual domains. It worked, but a savvy visitor would see cached css and js from unrelated domain names. It looks like I could play with the settings more as the newer version of Virtual Domains provides more features that might work around it.

The extension also works really well with Akeeba Admin Tools in play. It was a concern how the two would get along and I have had no problems at all.

Brilliant work, Developers. Thank you.
Reviews: 8
One of my clients asked this complicated joomla setup and this extension saved a lot of hassle & money. It works as it is described. Highly recommended if you are looking to host several joomla sites.
Reviews: 3
I get this extension for making a multiple subdomained site. This was the best extension, for the Joomla 3.2.1.
For some problems, and sugestions the developer was nice and helpful. All of my problems was solved in the shortest time.

Great job, great developer.
Thank you!

-This component gives the next level for the Joomla!
Reviews: 1
A new sub domain pointing to a specific page, ready in 30 seconds!
Very good work, guys.
Reviews: 1
I wanted to have a temporary landing page for my site and another landing page on a different domain for development. Being a complete newbie on Linux backend stuff, I had some initial problems setting up Virtual Domains but the developer worked helped me for 3 days and it's now working. Thanks for all the help and the great extension!
Reviews: 2
I am using Virtual Domains to realise a multisite:

|-subsite with own mainmenu
|-subsite with own mainmenu
|-subsite with own mainmenu

Every subsite has a mainmenu without any menu item from the mainpage. -> many subsites, ONE Joomla (3.x), ONE DATABASE.

Good component, should support language redirect to domain. (See "Language Domains Plugin".) Could be another plus! ;)
Reviews: 9
I spent many months trying to run two independent URL's from one core Joomla install. This does an excellent job for me and support was quick too when I hit a glitch moving to Joomla 3.2... support was there and fixed things within 24 hours. So now I've got Virtual Domains working great on my Joomla 3.2 install. Nice. Don't overlook its potential to cover a missing feature which should probably really be in the Joomla core!
Owner's reply

Thank you islandguy. You helped me to solve some problems that I would never have discovered.

So for other people: After migration to Joomla 3.2 your installed VD may fail. You have to update to revision 167 ( Get it from

Reviews: 3
While this component was easy to install and others have provided good reviews I cannot find the component to work out of the box and with little or no explanations to errors.

Setup up two domains and had countless hours of following the help documentation but I was no able to locate the error redrection error.
Owner's reply

In most cases the redirection problem is caused by a .htaccess redirection or a so called "Alias-Domain", which points to a different folder.

Sometimes the backend notice lies.

You will will be absolutely sure that your setup is fine, when you run in your browser http://theone.tld/index.php&option=com_virtualdomains
and http://thesecond.tld/index.php&option=com_virtualdomains.

you should see a single line:




If that fails, the best advice is to contact th ISP.

In general, it is not a problem of VD.

Reviews: 1
Great product. exactly the Component I was looking for!
Reviews: 2
Works out of the box. Put the domains in and select the Template - done!

Thanks to the developer for this awesome and simple to use multi-domain solution.

PS: If you experience problems with login / logout (error 500 invalid controller) set one domain as default. Worked for me :-)
Reviews: 1
Just to say that, after installations on 2.5 , you will enable the plugin and then you will discover, clicking inside component menu at Virtual Domain, that the 'address is not available'. I think this extension is just a joke, like many reviews you can read here.
Owner's reply

Yes, I am really a person who loves the fun. Therefore, I like it to work hundreds of hours for free.

By the way: Have a look at your network cable. I suspect that it is not connected and that caused all your problems.

Reviews: 11
First off, I LOVE this extension! Unfortunately, it does not seem to be playing well with Joomla 3.1. The plugin has no parameters and the component is simply 404. I hate to rollback to Joomla 2.5 for the sake of a single extension, but this extension is so important that I'm going to have to.

I sincerely hope this can get worked out in the near future. I know it's non-commercial, so it's not likely, but I'm still going to keep checking back and hoping.

Owner's reply

There is no more need to define parameters in the plugin. Evreything can be configured in the component. VD is working well with Joomla 3.x too.

There has just been a temporary issue with the download site for short time. It is accessible again.

Reviews: 1
Finally, there is a way to implement multiple domains in Joomla! This is a straight up extension in the best spirit of open source. Is it perfect? No. Is the documentation great? No. Does it function perfectly with caching? No. Is there spam on their support forum? Yes

Does it work? YES! and a huge thank you to the developers.

With a small investment in time and some application of critical thinking skills one can have a reliably functioning multi-domain Joomla website.

I am amazed at those that would snipe and complain about this component. Grow up and write a better implementation or pitch in and help the developers. How about spending your time and energy to do something useful. I will not hold my breath.

Thank you again!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your criticism and for the suggestions.
I agree with all of that. Note that the need of multi site design had been discussed by a Joomla working group (
Multi domain support is a frequently desired feature. I would do my part to work for that goal. But I have not really enough time to provide serious and permanent support.

Reviews: 1
Does exactly what i wanted. Runs my 6 sub-domains off 1 codebase & database, each with distinct templates & landing pages. Very easy to setup.

1 suggestion:
- A 'Save Copy' / 'Save & New' button would save time when setting up multiple Virtual Domains. eg., Multiple VDs with development, staging & production hosts.
Reviews: 9
Its not obvious, but after installing this package, you have to enable the associated plugin. Once that is done, the component is intuitive and simple.

I have used this component on a number of sites already to great success.

Today I noticed a new way to use it that makes it even better. The component creates access levels when you set it up... because it can detect joomla template overrides.

When using the module manager you can then choose access levels for displaying given modules.

What a fantastic tools.

Thanks, I can't believe its still free
Reviews: 3
I have been playing around with Joomla for some time, but I finally choose to make a production site. While I ma doing this others are interested in having websites also. The problem with this? I do not want to maintain sites with little or no content on them, when they really only need a category or two.

Solution... this extension... being seo minded I am concerned about duplicate content but with the proper layouts, and menu selections I can isolate the content so that it is not accessible b other sites.

I am going to be installing other software now and if we get a corruption then we will look into this.

What needs improved?
conical urls need to be improved. The issue is the main site uses the .htaccess to resolve this but it does not work with other domains.

You can also login to admin panel with username and password on all doamins. Joomla sees it as an additional admin online..

I am going to install virtuemart, hope that is compatible.

I am very satisfied with the component thus far.

This is a brand new install of 2.5.4 Joomla and some free templates. I am sure some other issues will arise, but we shall see.

Well Done!
Reviews: 4
My noted disappointments as of 3/16/2012, version 1.1-McCoy-r143...

- Wiki links:
-New Features (works)
-Requirements (works)
-Installation (works)
-Backend Manual (works but not a manual, it's an overview and all links to instructions are dead as well as the embedded screenshots)
-Quick'nDirty Example (dead)
-Restrictions (dead)
-Latest Version/Nightly Builds (dead)
-Update (dead)

- Forum:
-Loaded with spam with no apparent effort to reduce or purge
-Active in requests, not so much in response/resolution

- Component/Plugin:
-Installation - I can only assume the installation worked as expected as it did not present any errors.
-Setup - I can't get this far since there is no documentation on how to actually set this up to make it work and when I try to guess at what I need to do it fails with a non-informative message. Since support is only available via the forums (see note above) this is as far as I can get.
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