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Virtual Domains ComponentPlugin

VD provides Multi-domain capability for Joomla without changing the Joomla core files and tables. Simply register any number of additional available domains in the components backend and define their properties.

You can run different web sites from a single Joomla installation with specific templates, home page content and navigation.

Virtual Domains simple starting points:
# You can select a template from VD's Backend for a specific domain.
# You can filter menu items, define domain specific languages and meta data.
# VD will create an accesslevel for each domain/subdomain. This will enable you to control all that content that can deal with access levels.

That's all. Small effort, big effect.


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New Features:
+Assigning content to each domain via access levels
+Hide/show menu items per domain
+Dissallow access to certain components per domain
+Override site meta data
+Access for domain speific items for non-admins on backend
+Includes replacement for Joomla Language Switcher

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Reviews: 1
This extension is great, but I have a problem with the indexing of articles on search engines.

The articles of my virtual domains are contained in a separate category, specific to that domain.

Eg. = Category1 = Category2

MyFirstArticle on domain1:

The same article, however, indexed on Google (and others) on all virtual domains, so that it becomes accessible not only on the domain to which it belongs but also on other domains:

MyFirstArticle on domain1:
MyFirstArticle on domain2:

Thus, the content may be completely unsuitable for a particular website.

I wish the article was indexed only in its category and then only in a virtual domain.

Thank you for your attention and I hope that there is a solution to this problem.
Owner's reply

May be this is fixed in the current version, if you hide content by using the domains access level. I'am not shure. Would be nice to have feedback.

Reviews: 19
This is a terrible extension. While it appears that some people have had some success, read through the comments. You need to have some working knowledge of apache to properly route the dns.

The 1.6 download doesn't work at the developer site. After contacting the developer he sent me a new link to a beta version. It doesn't work either.

The documentation is terrible, and there are no clear guidelines for setting up this extension. I can't waste anymore time troubleshooting it and debugging it. I am going to search for a new option instead.
Reviews: 1
When you want to have multiple sites, but only one backend, this is the plugin for you.

It worked with almost all other plugins I have tried, except for System - Language Filter and System - Cache.

You can set up metas for each site, but not site name. It would be great to be able to set up site name for each virtual site.
Reviews: 18
I have seen more than half a dozen posts in the forum about having issues with sh404SEF. The answers given were to "not use .htaccess" or "disable url caching", which to anybody using a SEF URL extension that knows what they are doing is a bad idea.

It is a great premise, and it does work without sh404, (granted some hidden tricks you must know if using cPanel - and a release version found inline in a post, not on the download pages).

Part of the premise of Open Source is plug and play, but if it doesn't play nice, it turns open source to open sores.
Owner's reply

In our feature list is not declared, that VD will work with all other extensions. We have developed VD for our own needs. We do not ask for money. We share our code with others. We are happy if others are willing to develop further our work. This is the principle of free software (which means more than just open source).

Reviews: 7
Perfect! Your Beta Version just made my day, thanks much for this awesome extension. After 0.4-chekov failed, I was lucky enough to give this one a try (benefit by your active support board) - and it works perfect as described above, out of the box!

Thanks again for covering this major task by intergrating the menu filter system.
Reviews: 1
Same problem here as amirdorna wrote before.

Would be nice VD knows which article to display on which sub-domain.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this component, it do just what I was trying to configure on my server.
Had some problems with config for first time, but now it is working good.
All best! :D
Reviews: 6
Is it only with me or any1 else's got thae same prob~ , that all my subdomains work only if a "www." is added before them,and if tried without "www." then browser shows page not found!!!

PS> i have tried .htaccess rewrite from no www, to www. prefix.

but it didn't come handy.

Leaving this, every other aspect of the VD is GOOD I must say. :) Good work keep it up. Its people like U who keep the Joomla Legacy(pun intended) Going.
Reviews: 1
I use the 1.0beta (rev111) for a multilingual (over 20 languages) multi-domain (around 20 domains).
It is an exceedingly helpful tool for this purpose.
Every domain has its own access level, so separation of content/modules etc. is easy.
The support in the forum is excellent and fast.
Reviews: 2
Fantastic! This is a really cool extension!! That's what I need. Very easy to configure. SUPER!
Thanks a lot for this extension.
Reviews: 1
It is a very good comp. but I want to know , is it possible in this comp. :
in one sub domain I post an article , and in the main site , shows only the first part of article and after user clicked on " Read more " from main site , user be transferred to the sub domain where the Article is submitted ?
Owner's reply

No. The current version can not distinguish whether an article was posted from domain A or domain B. For the next version (1.0) it is planned to make it possible to separate content. We have noticed your feature request. But we cannot promise implementation.

Reviews: 2
I am surprised how easily and quickly multiple domains could be realized with this component. Would be great, if this feature could become part of joomla in future.
Reviews: 2
I love your concept and idea and i respect the time that you spent to make us this free plugin . BUT PLEASE don't waste all your efforts by not releasing a descent step by step clear manual to how install the plugin and forward domains..I have been on it for the last 4 days and it is not still configured and i read all user comments that they love your concept but they dont know how to make it work ...PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Owner's reply

>The stable version 0.4 of VD for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 will be released until 2011-03-20. Codename is Chekov...

Among other features, the new version will include a comprehensive manual. You may visit our wiki for a preview: But note, that there is already a lot of help and also a step for step tutorial on our support forum.

Reviews: 1
This plugin awesomely offers a solution to one of the biggest lacks in joomla, the multidomaine/multisite possibility.

The plug-in is very easy to set-up, but you have to have some knowledges. Here is how it works in my projects.

The tricky part is to set-up an Apache and dns redirection from the domain1, domain2, etc to the maindomain. The result should be that when you type you see the content of (but keeping the url in the adress bar)

Once this is done, you just have to configure your different domains with templates, menus, etc in your joomla configuration.

I have really to thank the author of this plug in. I accepted a contract where I had to set-up a multi-site/multi-domain back-end (Only one back-end for several Websites). I did not know that joomla had such a big lack in this domain (and the client wanted to keep joomla, since he's working on it). This plug-in literally saved me and my work, and this for free.

THANK YOU for this masterpiece!
Reviews: 4
It does wahat it says!
Im really pleased with the results,
great extension, regardless it is still beta it simply works, It lacks some documentation, and (for me important) sh404sef support.

Congrats to Michael for such a great plugin

Reviews: 4
Poor documentation and support IMO. But with a lot of tenacity I did get this plug-in working. And it does exactly what I needed, to have multiple domains point to the same joomla site, each with slightly different content. It helps to be a little Apache savvy, I got stuck on how to set up the virtual domain (frame-forwarding, mod_rewrite, using DocumentRoot, etc.) I finally only got it to work using the ServerAlias directive. I'll post more details in the author's forums.
Reviews: 1
Keywords and description in multisites are not changing! It's very bad...
Reviews: 2
Good stuff! An impressively simple solution to a complex Joomla shortcoming - the inability to run multiple site domains on 1 set of files and database.

The back-end interface is a bit rough, but with a few more instruction screens and intuitive navigation between component/plugin settings this will be great. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I first came across this component over a year ago and it worked magnificently. I recently used it on a new website and again it worked brilliantly, just as expected. Unfortunately, I tried to implement it on a third website, same host, different server set-up and it failed. No clue why.

Project appears to be dead as last update is nearly a year old. Use it if you can!
Owner's reply

Hi Celadore. Thanks for your vote. This project is still alive. This Beta seems to be stable, and the release will follow soon, providing compatibility to Joomla 1.6.

Reviews: 1
This extension is just awsome, Exactly what I was looking for.

It do esactly waht it say and is really simple install, condigure and get it working.
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