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JotCache is advanced solution for page caching in Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x framework. JotCache consists from JotCache Plugin, JotCache Component and JotCache recache plugins.

New combination of system plugin and management component covers tailored processing in JotCache for all types of extensions : static nad dynamic modules as well as components with static content and dynamic forms. Extended marking of cached content allows fast checking of cache operation in frontend and backend (new feature for easy selecting of cached pages which needs cache reset).

JotCache Plugin is extended replacement of standart System-Cache plugin with following enhancements :

Features of ver.4.0

* Cache management with faster opening on larger web sites – the cached files are presented with cached page titles and links, added more informations about cached page (browser type, language, non-routed query string), implemented items ordering, changed information about date/time of caching (incl. indication of expired or no more existing cache files)
* Exclusion of selected pages and module template positions from page caching
* Bots/crawlers and cookies exclusion
* Selective use of browser cache for choosen page URI's
* Powerfull autoclean (garbage collection) activity
* Possibility to set different page caches based on visitor browser type and device(phone,tablet).
* Cached page content can be compressed before saving into the cache. JotCache plugin has option to compress (gzlib) cached pages before storing to the cache, therefore the web access to cached content is accelerated. Compressing function covers static (page) as well as dynamic module content.
* Possibility to clear the cache only for selected pages.
* Batch recaching of frontend pages based on :
- information stored in database from previous page caching activity
- site crawling started with site homepage to other linked pages up to given depth level
Batch recaching can be also processed as cron job with selected setting possibilities
* Manual recache of marked files by users with JotCache recache rights. In this working mode authorized user can start the recache of viewed page on frontend pages and see immediatelly the results.

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Reviews: 19
First off I tried this a couple of years ago and was disappointed. Probably not the extensions fault but my own. Now that my knowledge of Joomla and how it works has grown I simply love this extension. I was having problems with the core cache as everything is put into a single file. When someone would visit the site using a mobile device the whole site would display in mobile format for visitors following using a desktop PC. With jot cache I was able to split the cache files for: phone, tablet, chrome, firefox, IE 6, 7, 8, 9, and safari. Just perfect. The ability to exclude complete template positions and/or components (perfect for RSS Readers) is a big plus. As for the speed improvement over the core cache, WoW!! I have not done any benchmarks yet but my site is loading CONSIDERABLY faster. As for support, I haven't used the forums yet but did take a look before writing this review and it seems that most topics a replied to by the developer within 24 hours and are also resolved very fast. Not bad for a free component. :) Moreover, an extension that has been downloaded around 17,000 times (estimate including older versions) and has less than 30 topics in the support forum kind of speaks for itself. This one is staying on my site and will certainly find a place on my future sites. Hats off to the developer and keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for stimulating review. This and other positive feedbacks from satisfied users of JotCache extension are great motivation for further development of this project.

Reviews: 3
This excelent extension has solved some trouble with joomla 1.5 default cache plugin! Thank you so much! :)
Reviews: 6
Perfect extension. It's easy to use and makes your site loads faster without the standart annoying limitations that the default joomla cache system comes with.
I recommend it to any joomla administrator.
Reviews: 1
I was a bit confused on the configuration of this module to begin with. After i contacted the developer Vlado he was extremely helpful and responsive to my questions and resolving my issues in configuration. Great component and works extremely well. GREAT++
Reviews: 1
I have nothing but good things to say about Jotcache. It is an awesome extension and I include it on every Joomla website that I build.

Website performance is critical to online success, and Joomla is sometimes hard to tame. When I found that Joomla's default cache option interfered with Chronoforms and caused other problems, I was worried to see that there were only a few third party extensions available.

Thankfully, one of those third party extensions was Jotcache, and it works like a charm. When I originally installed it, I noticed that my Roktabs extension wasn't rendering properly in Internet Explorer. The solution? Individual caches for each browser! Brilliant.

It drastically improves site performance and has the options you need in order to exact more control over the caching of your Joomla site.

Yesterday I ran into another problem on a fresh install: Jotcache didn't seem to be working despite having the same settings used on a previous setup. I emailed Vlado and he responded within a few hours. I gave him access to my site and within a day he had responded with the solution: another third party extension was interfering.

What more can you ask for? I almost feel bad accepting the extension for free.

Thanks for everything, Vlado! Joomla thrives because of contributions like yours. Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 8
Thanks a lot for this marvel!
I was looking for some way to exclude mobile devices from caching and this comp solved my problem.
It takes joomla caching on step forward :)
Reviews: 8
Recently my site broke down after upgrading a plugin to a newer version on my website (Social Login). Disabling Jotcache learned that there was a conflict between the two plugins. Social login's solution was to not use JotCache (???) but after pointing the developer of Jotcache to this issue he solved the issue and released a new version!
This kind of support is what makes this an excelent component: not only does it do what is advertised but when there is a problem it gets fixed fast! (the developer could have easilly choosen to point to the other plugin for a solution).

Thanks Vlado for this wonderfull addition to my website and user experience.
Reviews: 2
After uninstalling jotcache, my jquery image rotator on website no longer works or displays, even after several attempts of uninstalling the image module and reinstalling it still wont work. I would highly recommend backing up your site before using this extension
Owner's reply

After extension uninstall it is necessary to clear the cache to restore uncached site operation.

Reviews: 8
I didn't see any improvement for my site after installing/enabling/configurig this plugin... and even more... I uninstalled it and after this some of my pages got broken and I don't knot what to do now. I wrote to the developer 4-5 days ago but no answer at all so I don't know how do others write here that the developer responds and helps them instantly ... because this don't see to be true..
Owner's reply

Alexandru Vlas wrote me on 15th March. I responded on 20th March after 4 days vacation abroad but I get no response yet. Sorry for missunderstanding. I have no evidence during last two years of JotCache going public that something is left broken after its uninstall - your case is still open.

Reviews: 4
This is the only way to go if you are looking for performance... Since I discovered it I started using JotCache on all my sites.

I only ran into one problem - compatibility with frameworks such as Gantry or YJSG - there is no way to exclude module positions as they do not follow the standard markup.

The only other thing that would be great is the ability to exclude individual modules.

I wish I could contribute with coding but am not skilled at it. However, I would be more than happy to help financially in making this compatibility and addition happen.

Thanks again for the great component.
Reviews: 5
I'm working on a Website that can benefit from caching. Unfortunately, there are two articles protected by passwords using the ContentPassword plugin. That plugin doesn't work with the stock Joomla caching. The passwords are never recognized.

JotCache allows you to exclude individual articles from caching so I installed it. After some configuration of JotCache, I enabled the plugin. It works well and solves my problem.
Reviews: 24
Well documented and very useful extension.

I needed something like this when Cache Wrapper, which overlaps a little in functionality, wasn't able to do the job of protecting a particular module from unwanted caching.

This achieved the solution. Nevermind it requires editing the template, it worked and was easy to implement.

This - along with CacheWrapper and CacheCleaner - is one of the three caching extensions I have to rate highly.

Excellent work.
Reviews: 6
Excellent component, very easy to install and works straight away! Reduce my page loading time by more than half! Well done!
Reviews: 4
I installed this extensions. It works very good. I needed to help with the setting and the support is perfect he adviced me well. Site are very fast now. I use heavy Rockettheme template.
Reviews: 5
First, i think i should mention that in many years i'm into Joomla!, i've only written 4 extension reviews, mainly because i'm not a kind of guy that's too easy to please :)

This extension is simply awesome, and it goes into my "must install" extensions list.

I maintain a fairly large website with several thousand articles and around 8000 visitors a day and today i had to move everything to a new dedicated server which proved to be kind of lazy on processing power. It took almost 30 seconds for the page to load and i was trying to speed things up for the whole evening. To make things worse, i couldn't use Joomla's builtin caching due to some errors in one component that serves the section of the frontpage. I must admit that prior to the installation i was sure that this component won't do the trick either. Moreover, i thought that even if it would spare me from that error in the component i just mentioned, the results in speed would be minimal.


My pages are F.L.Y.I.N.G!

I can't thank you guys enough! :)
Reviews: 1
The plugin and the component are the best to manage the cache page for all Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 site but now need it to be compatible with Joomla 1.7! I hope it comes out soon :-(
Reviews: 4
We have been using this plugin for the past several months after some performance issues at our site. To give some background, the site in question is fairly large with several hundred pages and averages between 5-6K visitors per day.
Combining this plugin with a CDN (using a separate 'CDN for Joomla!' plugin) has proven to be quite effective in reducing our server load.

We've also had some issues with the default joomla caching before we tried this, for eg. the extended menu module was incorrectly cached. With the additional 'Global Exclude' option in jotcache, we were able resolve some issues with specific components/pages as well.

Good to see the plugin is being updated! This is definitely a very needed plugin if you have more than 10 people visiting your site :)

Hope to have some advanced options like how w3tc for wordpress has! At the least, I'd hope for alternate methods to save the cached pages, like apc or eaccelerator.

All in all, a great plugin & thanks for keeping it free!
Reviews: 12
I have used several cache plugins, but Jotcache by far provides the most advanced caching. It is a great, powerful plugin that is very necessary for larger Joomla powered websites!
Reviews: 1
Ho Sir,

This is great plugin and component. Its working fine in my site.
But when page is in cache then its header title is not showing properly.
Its shows @@@title instead of title

Please can you help me?
Owner's reply

This is not problem - it is indicator for you as administrator that cache is working on your page (see Help about Set Mark feature). To switch OFF simply go to Extensions/Plugin Manager -> JotCache plugin and set Mark Caching parameter to No. Then Tools/Clean Cache select All and click on Delete.
Response to above e-mail : Thank you very much for quick reply.
Its working fine now.

Reviews: 9
Excellent product, works great! I only wish for a 1.7 version now. And to ozzzz: You do not enable global (joomla config) nor do you enable the core joomla cache plugin when this is working. It has it's own system, but it uses the module cache timers (the ones you set for each individual module like when you're using Joomla's core cache)
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