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CacheControl Plugin

CacheControl is an easy to use plugin where you can define on what pages and components caching should be turned off. This can help if you are using extensions that have trouble with the Joomla! cache.

The definitions are straight forward and simple. You just setup the url parameters for each rule and if they match, caching will be turned off for anything that is called with these parameters.

Quick Guide:

Example rules for com_content (each line is a separate rule that will fire upon match):


The first rule will prevent caching for the whole com_content extension, while the 2nd rule will prevent caching for a specific article. The 3rd rule will prevent caching for all article details (because of the ?).

Keep in mind that the above rules need to be written in parameter form, even if there is SEF enabled. This means you will need to know the parameters an extension accepts!

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Reviews: 5
Excellent tool for fine tuning the (Joomla) cache when having trouble; good stuff.

A bit of documentation on the Website would even help more, as the forum is a general forum and there is no specific CacheControl section.
Owner's reply


thank you. We are currently creating a new site and this plugin will get its own place there of course. Feel free to post in the general forums for now.


Reviews: 5
Brilliant and very useful extension.

Very easy to install and use too - as Chris Maes says below, just enable it and add :
and it fixes a long-term Chronoforms problem I was having.
Hope to use it to fix some other problems I was having with the cache.

Thanks a lot Crosstec guys.
Reviews: 33
For some reason my site was recently having issues with its forms (BreezingForms) and the problem was localized to when the internal Joomla cache was on or off. Luckily for me, I found CacheControl and was able to setup a rule to prevent Joomla from caching any BreezingForms-related content. Worked like a charm! Thank you.
Reviews: 18
Worked beautifully. Cache was messing up a form tool we had, but needed cache to speed up the rest of the site. Used this tool to omit caching for the forms tool and all is good now.
Reviews: 8
we using k2 and the joomla cache kill my site so i install this plugin and everything is working 100%.

thanks for this wonderful free plugin its worth gold!!!
Reviews: 23
One day out the blue, the forms in our site stopped submitting, this is apparently due to the many faults of the joomla cache, this plugin sorts things out in a second. Very very useful.
Reviews: 28
Very useful plugin. By far the best cache control in JED.
Reviews: 3
Thank you, thank you for this great plugin. I don't know how I didn't find it before. We have to have cache enabled on our site because it's so large, but cache messes up form submissions. We usually have some kind of contest going that requires us to use forms, and this little beauty has solved all our cache issues! Thanks again to the guys at Crosstec!
Reviews: 19
It worked great on the website. I was looking for an easy to use cache program as have come across another type and it was way too difficult to handle and took a long time to understand it and how it works whereas this cache program is fantastic - it works great with an email form that I have set up as a module in an article. I am impressed - thank you so much for making it user friendly and quick to use.
Reviews: 21
Was having trouble with newsfeeds breaking the page because of Joomla cache. This plugin fixes that. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
I wanted to disable caching only for one particular page.
This plugin solved my problem!
Reviews: 1
I had this problem with layout while editing the core weblinks using a component, and I need to refresh the page literally every minute to see the changes. I don't want to turn the global cache, so this plugin really helps.
Actually I was going to give less rating for the lack of documentation, but I figure out how to use it in the first try.
Thank you.
Reviews: 12
i had some problems with pages had form (in fact when global cache was enable,forms were not submitted )

so i installed this great plugin and my problem solved.

thanks a lot...
Reviews: 6
I use the popular K2 article component, the only issue the more articles i make the bigger the cache gets, (quite annoying), i only have 10 articles with over 150 caches. So i was able to stop it by adding some simple *wildcards* with this plugin.

Awesome >D
Reviews: 3
This module does what it describes to do. I had some problems with chronoforms + and default joomla 1.7 caching so I was looking to disable the cache for only the page with the form.

By entering "event=submit" in the configuration textbox I was able to achieve the wanted results. A bit more documentation (in the plugin or on the website) would've been helpful, but overall a good plugin.