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Cache Cleaner ModulePlugin

Cache Cleaner - clean cache fast with 1 click.

With Cache Cleaner you can clean your cache fast and easily via a link in your Joomla! Administrator!

If you are editing an article - for instance - and want to see the changes in the frontend, you first have to clean the cache.

Normally this means having to go to the Joomla! Cache Manager, select all cache types and delete them. This is very annoying and requires a lot of clicks and waiting time.

Cache Cleaner gives you a quick link in the top right of your Joomla! Administrator (status bar), which will clean all cache by simply clicking on it. It doesn't need to reload the page either, because it uses ajax to do this in the background.

Cache Cleaner can also clean the temp (tmp) folder
with just one click.
See the Cache Cleaner system plugin settings for some cool extra features...

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Reviews: 8
Brilliant, just awesome.

Ajax cleaning in backend, even from within an article is GREAT, and there's the brilliant frontend cleaning option, which can be done by anyone who has the secret URL.

Excellently thought out, thank you!
Reviews: 19
Well, this is going to be added to my list of Must Have extensions! I have already installed it on two sites & am about to install it on all the others. It works great! You are able to clear your cache with 1 click without leaving the article edit screen. AWESOME!!!!! I like it so much I donated too :D
Reviews: 1
This module/plugin set fixes the aggravating problem of cleaning cache every time you make a change. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
I think I downloaded the very first version of this plugin a year or so ago and it was useful then. Now with the ajax cleaning of the cache it is a huge timesaver, great idea for a plugin and an even better implementation
Owner's reply

I must disappoint you. This is the first version of this plugin. It wasn't made yet a year ago. So you are probably thinking of another extension (not by me).
But glad you like it anyway :)

Reviews: 3
... three words which the extensions decribes best! This is easy to install, easy to use, it works with just one click. Very good add-on! Thank you!
Reviews: 11
Another extension that should
be on every admins standard site install list!


Reviews: 6
this really prevents you from the irritation of having to "manually" go through the hassle of clearing the cache.

I had this J1.0 and i was looking for a similar plugin.

Its great for when you make lots of edits to different plugins, modules ect in that you do not need to leave the page you are editing just to clear the cache.

I also like the points that the prior reviews stated
Reviews: 19
This is a very useful plugin. I usually have an extra tab open in FireFox on the clear cache page when editing Templates, articles, css files and the likes but you still need to refresh the page, select the items and refresh to get anywhere. This plugin does it with he click of a button from the backend without having to refresh anything. When editing in the frontend, just add a string to the end of the URL you are on and presto, a nice clean refresh. This plugin is really a great help. Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 6
I used to use the 'core design' cache cleaner on all my sites, but it had 2 big drawbacks...
1) you had to load a large support module to make it work
2) when you click clean, it then gives you a popup saying its done, and you have to click ok - that extra click drove me crazy cause you have to wait for it to show up... arrg!

This module however is much better designed - it just does it when you click on it, has a nice message bar at top of screen that fades in says working and fades out - Love it - just updated my sites to use it... It's a must have module/plugin. (the clean from the front end is a nice touch, doubt I will use it, but brilliant thought!)
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