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NEW: Now works with MaxCDN -

Drastically speed up your page load using Amazon S3/Cloudfront, Rackspace Cloud Files or MaxCDN!

jomCDN allows you to maximize bandwidth and load speed so clients around the world have instant access to your site. Let them enjoy your site instead of waiting for it to download

A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers located worldwide that contain copies of data. Each client accesses the copy of the data that is nearest to them instead of pulling it directly from your central server. This speeds up load time and eliminates bottlenecking! jomCDN automatically compiles the assets (images, javascript files, css files, video, music, documents etc.), synchs them to Amazon servers and automatically relinks all your page content to the Amazon servers.

- Improved site performance
jomCDN instantly improves your overall site performance (see Grade A in YSlow or significant Google Page Speed improvements).

- Improved conversion rates
Research shows that a slow loading website will lose visitors. If visitors equal sales for your website, you can't afford to lose a single one! When pages load faster, visitors stay longer and click on more pages. In 2009 Akamai revealed in a study that the new threshold for ecommerce sites is 2 seconds. That means if a visitor does not see the page in 2 seconds, they're likely to leave! Additionally, Google will penalize your page rank if your website loads slowly. Don't risk it! Get jomCDN today.

- Automatic image optimization!
jomCDN comes with integration with Yahoo's service, which optimizes images to make the smallest image size without losing any image quality! Best of all you don't have to do a thing, it is automated!.

- Improve your SEO
Enjoy SEO improvements in Google's site ranking

- Powerful page caching
Once a page is loaded, clients will have "instant" second page views (browser will cache after the first page view).

- Increase server performance
Improved web server performance (can better sustain high traffic periods).

- Reduce bandwidth by 80% with HTTP Compression
Receive up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of CSS and JavaScript files.

- Technical Jargon
* Objects have Etags.
* CSS and JavaScript files are minified and gzipped.
* Expires and Cache-Control headers are set for all objects.
* Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, css, js, ico, htc, pdf, doc, docx, log, rtf, txt, wks, xls, xlsx, csv, dat, key, pps, ppt, pptx, xml, aif, aac, iff, mid, m3u, midi, mpa, mp3, ra, wav, wma, 3g2, 3gp, asf, asx, avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpg, rm, swf, wmv, 7z, deb, gz, pkg, rar, sit, sitx, zip, zipx
* Support for custom file types!
* CloudFront service is not required, you can use S3 on its own.
* S3/CloudFront and Cloud Files are cookie free domains,

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Reviews: 6
I bought this extension to speed up my webpage using e.g. Jomsocial. I tried different products and I am very happy now about my decision to buy JOMCDN!
Installation and configuration is quite easy. At the beginning I had some trouble with font styles but the support team of the product reacts in a very professional way! Excellent support! Thank you very much!
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says on the tin, very effective and very functional extension. The speed of my website jumped from 61 to 84 on Google PageSpeed, from 76 and 69 respectively to 96 and 76 on GTmetrix.

Support is slow but extremely effective. The developer went into the back end of my AWS console and website to resolve the issue I had with setting it up.

Very pleased with this extension and the support given. 5/5 from me!
Reviews: 5
JomCDN delivers as promised, and the support staff at 'corePHP' supports this Content Delivery Network plug-in well. For site optimization, I highly recommend JomCDN to handle the pushing (or now "pull") of images, CSS files, JavaScript, audio and video files, all of which we use on our high traffic site. Very handy video tutorial walked me through about 90% of the process, to make sure I got it right, then, support was there for me to ensure some intricate bits of our site were handled properly by JomCDN. FIVE STARS!
Reviews: 4
I purchased the product and had a few issues because of my errors and contacted support and they helped me through the process and fixed my issues. If I could give a 10 or 20 I would. These guys have awesome support and I thank you for everything you've done for me.
My website is super fast since the changes and I love it!
Reviews: 1
This extension has improved th speed of my site very noticeably. It has also bumped up Googlr Page Speed score by 20 points.

Support was also great.

Thanks Guys
Reviews: 1
If you want to increase a point load speed of your Joomla this is your extension.

A few days of navigating your pages really flying!

The support is very helpful and professional. You're not alone ...

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Joomla, is a fantastic system but we can all add too many module and extensions which can slow our sites down.

This one though is a must. On google page speed checker I saw an increase straight away. It's not the easiest to set up but the instructions are clear and methodical. It's just not as simple as install and go. It's worth it though.

Support is pretty decent. I hope it has a long future.
Reviews: 7
I had a few problems which Andy at corePHP patiently helped sort out. My website's Google Pagespeed rating went from 67 to 86, which is remarkable.
Reviews: 7
Saved me some serious work, one of the clients was about ready to have us completely resigned the brand new responsive layout cause it did not work on he's retarded iPad.

Turns out its Apples inability to handle large websites, being able to simply move everything over to the CDN not only speeds things up for our users but reduced the size of the website to fix the one and existing problem that affects iPads.

Living nearly 7000 miles from the nearest amazon server we can see the performance boost so I can only imagine what our US and EU members are feeling.

If you have international users this extension is beyond a must. Worth every cent.
Reviews: 4
I support several Joomla sites for work, personal and community group purposes. I'm a non-programmer casual user, but I've learned a lot over the years dealing with conflicting, poorly-designed, over-hyped, and poorly-supported extensions. Lately, I've been forced to dig into site optimization. It can be a complex topic with lots of pitfalls for the casual Joomla user but unfortunately something all Joomla users eventually have to do if their sites are to appear professional and maintain good Google search placement. As we all know, Joomla sites can get pretty slow and bloated once we add in all the fun extensions, graphics, videos, etc.

After struggling for months with server directives, JS/CSS compressors, image optimizers, upgraded host accounts, and caching I was still left with sites that were slow, at least relative to the expectations of my impatient users. And, thru it all, I've had to deal with lots of broken links, reinstallation of corrupted sites, and those notorious Joomla invalid token errors (I even got one here on Joomla trying to write this review!)

At wits end, I took a chance on JomCDN and it immediately cut my homepage load time from around 4.5 seconds to around 2.5 seconds. Two seconds makes a tremendous difference in terms of whether a person will stay on your site or move on to the next Google hit! With additional tweaking, I've gotten the site down to the one second range, almost as fast as Google or Yahoo's home page! Who says Joomla can't be used for professional-quality sites!!!

JomCDN setup is relatively easy and there are some good videos to help. Just be sure to follow the directions explicitly. For example, JomCDN needs to be the last system extension to load. You have to turn-on Joomla's cache (and not make my mistake of turning it off later). You need to setup a cron. And, of course, you need to setup Amazon S3 and CloudFront (I think it supports other CDNs but why bother, Amazon S3+Cloudfront is extremely good and it's very inexpensive. If you are on a shared host, consider moving your whole site to the cloud!) Finally, it takes awhile for all the files and graphics to get smushed and uploaded to the CDN.

Also, I can say the support staff are excellent. I made a stupid mistake of forgetting to turn the Joomla cache back on after chase down one of those annoying Invalid Token errors. Matt, the support specialist, took the time to log into my site and graciously solve the problem without pointing out it was my silly mistake. Now, that is good customer support. Especially on such an inexpensive extension.

Other than that silly mistaken, I've had no problems whatsoever with JomCDN. It just magically works, no broken links, no invalid token errors, no problems. Be sure to check your load time using YSlow or Pingdom before you start so you have a good baseline. Then, setup AWS, install JomCDN, navigate thru your site and give the cron script a little time to catch up, and then check your load speed again. I bet you will be astonished by the improvement! Yes, it's a commercial product with an annual fee, but it's small relative to the benefit you get. It might even save you from having to upgrade to a faster server/host. For a professional site, or even a site that needs to look like one, this is a must-have!
Reviews: 6
The plugin is not compatible with UK Rackspace Cloud Files, only US accounts.
Owner's reply

There is one line of code that may need to be changed for it to work:,3083.msg7766.html#msg7766

If you'd like for us to fix this issue for you, please contact our support department. Your jomCDN license included one year of support so we'd be happy to look at your issue.

Kindest regards,
Andy Poorman

Reviews: 3
I had issues setting this Up I used the community forum and wasn't too impressed by the response. As I had paid for the plugin I submited a support ticket, The support person was stunning and I was up and running within 24 hours of my request going in. Not bad for a $29 plugin. Highly recommend with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront.

Very Happy

1. Pitfall I faced was "Error access denied" in my cron Job. MY Hosting restricted this function on shared hosting accounts.
Reviews: 12
When you purchase, you are asked to give a URL. I gave the URL I was testing the software on thinking I would simply change it later, as this has never been an issue with any other software company I have dealt with.

But because the software didn't work and I asked for support, they would not let me transfer the support licence to the correct domain less than 2 weeks after my purchase.

They claim they can't switch the domain because it would cause abuse on their ticket system with unsupported domains, which is a load of crap because they still only have one URL to support if they changed it, and would no longer be obligated to provide support to the old URL.

I just got the final site from my programmer and now can't even use the software I purchased for it. They want me to purchase another licence despite it being blatantly obvious that I am not running it on the other domain and not wanting any further support for it. Not to mention that the support they did provide didn't even fix the problem.

The only help provided was pretty much 'turn on caching', 'clear caches' and 'flush caches'. They never visited my site or provided in depth support on anything. They spent more time defending their policy than it would have taken to change the URL and get the problem fixed.
Owner's reply

It is understandable that we would not make any effort to fix the issue on a domain that did not have an active license. For information regarding what we do and do not support, please refer to our TOS ( ).

We provide support a development site for each license but the two sites for which support was requested were completely different and did not appear remotely related in design, naming, URLs, or content. Our policy is to not change the "Supported site URL" after it has been supported because a user could then change the site every time they wanted support on a new domain and we might end up supporting several websites per license. Our products' prices are calculated knowing that we will be supporting one installation per license.

You said in your ticket that you were having the same issue on both of the sites you requested support on. Since one of them has an active subscription, we could fix the issue on that site and you could fix it on the other site if you wish to not purchase another license.

I believe most of the issue comes from the statement "I gave the URL I was testing the software on thinking I would simply change it later" which is something we do not do. This is why we encourage any prospective user to familiarize themselves with our aforementioned TOS and ask any pre-sales questions they may have.

If you need anything else, have any questions, or would like us to look into your initial technical issue, let us know.

Kindest regards,
Andy Poorman

Reviews: 9
Excellent and swift response to a small bug - that's the type of support we need. Great work!
Reviews: 4
When you've been building joomla sites for a few years you find out what third party developers write reliably good code. And which do not. CorePHP is one of the best. I've use JomCDN for a very big commercial sports site, and when we switched from 1.5 to 1.7 the support staff were VERY helpful in sorting some small issues. JomCDN really is a no brainer for high traffic sites. The cost of Amazon S3 and Cloudfront is shockingly low. And working with Andy and Colin and other support staff makes this a painless experience. Bravo!
Reviews: 1
It changed my load time down appreciably. Now it is quick enough. Awesome work, guys!
Reviews: 2
I just wanted to give this review on corephp in general and specifically jomCDN. I have several of the corephp modules (Wordpress, jPhoto, jomCDN, and CommunityACL) and I must say all are great modules.

I recently had an issue with jomCDN where one of my clients had a module that the thumbnail images didn't load properly from the CDN. I wanted to tweak the jomCDN module to not load those images. Anyway there was a thread explaining how to do it, and I made the code change.

In anycase, I made a mistake and couldn't figure out why the images were still being cached. So I issued a ticket and Andy helped me make the code change and get everything working like I wanted.

these guys are good and if you are have paying customers like me, you need a support system behind you when things go wrong, or you are dead in the water. You can be reassured that corephp won't let you down when you need them.

Thanks Andy!!!
Reviews: 71
I've used JomCDN on a few sites now (configured with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront.) Installation sounds complicated at first, but if you follow the instructions step-by-step you'll be fine. I had a small problem on one site, and the support was excellent; corePHP adjusted a setting and then everything worked perfectly. Most importantly, it does what it says - it has dramatically improved the load time of each site I've installed it on!
Reviews: 9
I tried all of the JS and CSS compressors and one was worse than the next - lots of incompatibilities with other extensions. JomCDN is different. It worked for me 100% out of the box. You just set up Amazon S3/Cloudfront publish the plugin, and set the cron. Boom - you're now in the big leagues. HUGE improvements in speed as well as taking the bandwidth load off of my server and onto Amazon's shoulders. GET IT
Reviews: 7
It works, and that's what counts. It improved my Page Speed score from 71 to 79%. Probably what's as important is that it's also focused my attention on the importance of a fast-opening website so I am paying much more attention to this.

Using AWS, it's good to know that the load on my own server has been reduced and load times for users around the world will be much better. What does AWS cost? A couple of bucks a month.

The only drawback is an apparent increase in latency ("waiting for..." site) right at the beginning. Now if I could reduce that, the site would really fly! (I haven't even raised this with corePHP yet so they're bound to have something to say about it.)

corePHP's service is very, very good. They may not be as fast in response times as the best out there, but I've learnt that with a little patience, they always solve one's problems. Rafael, in particular, is a star!

So I can recommend this plugin with confidence - both on its own merits and the knowledge that corePHP is there to back it up.

(I've tried many extensions that promise mind-boggling speed improvements. Bar jomCDN, none of the others have worked on a complex site.)
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