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Google Ajax Library Plugin

A great way to save bandwidth is to take advantage of Google’s AJAX Libraries API to serve your favorite open-source JavaScript libraries.

For a Joomla user, Joomla import mootools.js automatically. Mootools.js is more than 70KB, If we host the mootools.js in Google, then how much bandwidth it will save?

For example, it will replace


It depends the version you have set. The mootools version must host on Google's Ajax libraries.

The Joomla Plugin Google Ajax Library will automatically replace your local ajax libraries with Google's AJAX libraries.

Support Ajax libraries:

1. Mootools
2. Prototype
3. JQuery
4. YUI
5. SWFObject

Benefits of the using Joomla Plugin: GoogleAjaxLib

* Save bandwidth.
* Speed up your site's response.
* Service more online users.

V1.1 Use system plugin to give a big short replace.
V1.2 AddSWFObject
V1.3 Add a version for Joomla1.6.x
V1.4 Add a version for Joomla1.7.x
1. Add an option to use Google AJAX Libraries for Joomla Administrator
2.Update the version of the libraries.
3.Remove JUI

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Reviews: 1
Great plugin
This is a great plugin and it would be better if you allow to change also de mootools-more.js file.

I know that this file it is not hosted on google libraries, but maybe you can put a free field to introduce the url where the user hosted that file.

in this way you will decrease the traffic generated by your web that sometimes is a problem with the hosting companies.

Great job again!
Reviews: 24
Works as expects, right out of the box. Installed, checked versions of mootools and jquery, setted and published up, taked a look into the pagecode and realized cute thin chain to google:)

The possibility to host scripts and fonts remotely must be a part of J!-core!
Reviews: 2
Great product and very simple, but did cause me a problem when moving from 1.7 to 2.5, as the version of MooTools was set to 1.3.0 and so no slideshows worked. Changed the version of MooTools to 1.4.3 and everything working again.

Is it possible for the plugin to detect the version of MooTools required by the core Joomla and set the version directly, rather than having to manually set it. If the plugin could do this then I would give it 5 stars. Still a good plugin though! Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot... the website got really fast :)
Reviews: 5
I have to say this. This is the best plugin for performance
With this plugin I upgrade de performance of my site in 30%. Very cool.
..and, I use j2.5

I tryed a lot of others extensions, but without any change. And this has done the thing right
Reviews: 4
I am not giving 5stars since i didnt notice any "real" improvement in website performance.

I noticed this plugin uses mootools 1.4.1, but the one in joomla2.5.1 is version 1.4.3.

Pingdom results:
before: 265.7kB
after: 261.7kB

I hope, one day, there will be solution for mootools-more.js, because that script is huge.

Kind regards
Owner's reply

Google Ajax libraries doesn't provider Mootools 1.4.3 yet, it only provider 1.4.1 currently.
One of the big wins with a Google Ajax lib is improved caching. More and more sites are using Google Ajax lib, so a lot of users local browser usually have cached Mootools already, there is no need to download the libraries even if the user visit your site on the first time.

Reviews: 4
This plugin sped my site up an impressive amount with very little work. When I updated to 2.5 though, all my mootool based effects died. Looking in the settings for the module I noticed that it was loading MooTools ver 1.3.0. I changed that to the latest version 1.4.1 and everything worked!
Reviews: 3
Unfortunately, doesn't Work with RocketTheme (Gantry based) templates.

All buttons in Admin Template don't work :-(

Have confirmed problem on multiple servers running different RocketTheme templates.

PS: Same problem happens with alternate Joomla! v1.5 plugin [System - JavaScript API Integrator] from

Note: Haven't tested this plugin on any non RocketTheme or Joomla! default templates!
Reviews: 3
Tried the plugin on 2 J1.5 sites and drop down menu in backend no longer working. I don't see why this plugin has to interfere with the administrator. Pretty strange IMO
Owner's reply

In the version 1.5, I have added an option not to use AJAX Libraries from Google for Joomla Administrator.

Reviews: 1
This plugin has saved me ton of work. It could us a https option for sites with SSL
Reviews: 1
Perfect, thanks!

Reduces pages load time for a smoother user experience, and a better pagespeed score. I tried to hardcode the Google library into my site, with very limited success: this mod does a better job by far.
Reviews: 5
This plugin works as intended, the calls for an update while handy are not really needed though as the mootools 1.2.4 that you are calling from google is not compatible with Joomla - NOT the plugins fault.

I have found that things work better with 1.2.5 but modal box stops working (amongst other thing probably)

What I really cannot fathom is how the Joomla team could decide to utilise a 118kb javascript library for their product when the OLD version at 74kb was complained about for being too big.

You should not be making the entire system rely on a single library if you are going to insist that it has to be mootools +more and not just core.

Along with all the news about J1.6 not really being sympathetic to migrations and the like I am left wondering what has happened to the easy to use, friendly CMS that was once Joomla!
Owner's reply

The plugin for J1.6 is coming.
However, Google doesn't host mootools more library.

Reviews: 1
the plugin failed to work if the system cache plugin is enabled, or other cache plugins as jotcache is enabled, just wonder if there is a way out as this is absolutely a great plugin if works.
Owner's reply

Please make sure the order of Google Ajax Library is before cache.

Reviews: 4
very good and powerful extension but please update to the latest version, you havent update for almost a year.. everybody is using version 1.2.4 now, please update now, thank you so much!
Reviews: 4
Very useful plugin. Works OK with Mootools 1.11 but don't works for me after updating Mootools to 1.2.4. Would be great an option for uncompressed version.
Reviews: 1
I tried this out and it made quite a difference to the performance of the site. Except for one thing...
It kills the BB Code on Kunena Forums.
Reviews: 8
Fantastic plugin. Noticed a considerable speed difference after installing this. I have one very happy client. Expect a small donation to come your way, if the client was paying me more it would be considerably larger!

Didn't notice any problem with any extensions on the backend or so far as I am aware the front end. If there was a problem with K2 in the past as another reviewer mentioned it has gone now.

Thanks for the excellent work. Makes me proud to be part of the Joomla community.
Reviews: 7
While I don't see a noticeable difference in page load time, I was pleased to come across this plugin because I like the idea of distributing some of my js libraries across super-fast free services such as Google. Technically, this should accelerate page load, and I love how easy it is.

Just install and activate the plugin, edit the settings, and it will automatically replace the code to load your common js libraries with ones hosted by Google. Brilliant.
Reviews: 1
This plugin does exactly what it says.

I do have a question about configuration though on a site with Virtuemart. Do you guys have a support forum or anything? I didn't see it on your site.
Reviews: 12
Works just great!! And Ive notice that my Joomla! website runs faster than ever..specially to edit articles!! Thanks!!!
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