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Google Ajax Library Plugin

A great way to save bandwidth is to take advantage of Google’s AJAX Libraries API to serve your favorite open-source JavaScript libraries.

For a Joomla user, Joomla import mootools.js automatically. Mootools.js is more than 70KB, If we host the mootools.js in Google, then how much bandwidth it will save?

For example, it will replace


It depends the version you have set. The mootools version must host on Google's Ajax libraries.

The Joomla Plugin Google Ajax Library will automatically replace your local ajax libraries with Google's AJAX libraries.

Support Ajax libraries:

1. Mootools
2. Prototype
3. JQuery
4. YUI
5. SWFObject

Benefits of the using Joomla Plugin: GoogleAjaxLib

* Save bandwidth.
* Speed up your site's response.
* Service more online users.

V1.1 Use system plugin to give a big short replace.
V1.2 AddSWFObject
V1.3 Add a version for Joomla1.6.x
V1.4 Add a version for Joomla1.7.x
1. Add an option to use Google AJAX Libraries for Joomla Administrator
2.Update the version of the libraries.
3.Remove JUI

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Reviews: 46
This is an awesome plugin, I've used this earlier and had a great experience.

Thanks for making our life easy.

Reviews: 19
Just be aware how you set up this little addon and you will gain some extra bandwidth savings for your site.

Hope to see a J 1.6 versio in future too!

Thanks for doing this for the whole Joomla community!
Owner's reply

GoogleAjaxLib for J1.6 is coming

Reviews: 5
very usefull plugin, and tip: option for not loading in admin view
Reviews: 13
Great plugin, works as advertised.

There's a minor issue for me where I can't find a compatible mootools version that doesn't pooch the administrator area.

Editors don't load and any javascript enabled items fail entirely - including menus. I currently need to have it off while I'm editing in the backend.
Reviews: 4
Wow! I'm really impressed of this plugin. Installation worked out without any problems and after activation it speeds up your website like hell! This plugin is definitely going to be part of every future website I'll create.
Reviews: 1
I'm giving it a 5, but I just discovered an apparent bug when using K2.

There's an option to toggle the sidebar on or off when adding new items in K2.

That toggle function doesn't work if you use Mootools from Google. I tried with Mootools 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.

That said I don't believe that's a bug specific to this addon. Just be aware if you use this and K2 you might not be able to toggle said sidebar.
Reviews: 3
I am looking for this kinds of extensions."Google Ajax Library" works relay awesome.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for this almost weeks. The plugin works like a charm. Thanks. Good job.
Reviews: 3
Although its activated in plugins. And set to yes in the two first, it dosnt work for me, ive set the versions to the newest versions, of jquery and mootools. 1.2.4 and 1.4.2..I might bee doing something wrong..i just upgraded til 1.5.16 joomla, but thats almost only security updates.

I love the idea , so if someone knows the trick, please let me know. Would be really nice to use the Google version.
Reviews: 2
Thanx for a great piece of work !!!
Reviews: 6
Just sheer great speeded up my site in no time, thanks for the hard work and if you have anything else cool like this don't be shy to share with us ;)

Also nice to see it works with joomla javascript compressors also for extra speed.
Reviews: 1
It's nice plugin to manage updates for JS Framework. But it seem the plugin is not executed other than article component.

The event onAfterDisplayContent is never called for my component, so it still use included Joomla mootools (ver 1.11), maybe it's on Joomla (I'll try find which event suitable for the plugin)
Reviews: 2
There is an error when using Mootools, because "caption.js" is loaded before mootools.js.

You can change this by doing the following in GoogleAjaxLib.php on line 47:


$headerstuff['scripts'] = array(''.$mootoolsVersion.'/mootools-yui-compressed.js' => "text/javascript") + $headerstuff['scripts'];

Owner's reply

Thanks, delgardo
I have fixed the bug.

Reviews: 2
Slick idea. Loads these bulky JS libs much faster. With all three of Joe's speedup plugins (CssJsCompress, StaticContent) running my page load times are much faster. Blink and there is the page. I have found no hassles or bugs.
Reviews: 8
Just tested this plugin, I like it. Very nice idea.

I might add: your plugin would be better if we can add multiple versions of Jquery or prototypes and mootools. For instance VM uses an older verision of prototypes and other hot extensions use latest jQuery, like Core Design Tools.

Thanks, and congrats.
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