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jQuery Easy Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This plugin is meant to help clean and resolve front and back end issues when using instances of jQuery alongside the Mootools libraries.


- calls jQuery and jQuery UI libraries from the Google CDN (with or without protocol) - but you can do it locally too,
- places jQuery libraries after MooTools calls for perfect compatibility,
- adds the noConflict() code alongside the jQuery library call,
- strips out extra jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, including the noConflict() calls added by other modules or plugins,
- lets you choose jQuery UI basic styling or custom theme.


- disable MooTools libraries tentatively in the frontend,
- enable or disable the plugin in specific portions of the site, from template to single page,
- use reporting to get feedback on what the plugin engine has done,
- add or remove scripts and stylesheets,
- strip blank lines left by the modifications made to the page,
- prevent some libraries to be stripped out,
- modify the way the engine works by default (do not add or remove noConflict() code...),
- ...

Try the new jQuery Easy Profiles for Joomla! 3+ (beta) that allows multiple configurations to work seamlessly for different parts of a site. More information on the website's owner.

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Reviews: 3
Awesome plugin !
That' it ! I am looking for just like this plugin ! Thanks a lot.
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thank you!

Reviews: 1
Don't waist your time to fix jQuerry conflict problems. Just use this super doctor... I love this plugin...
Owner's reply

Thank you! and thanks for the review, I appreciate it.

Reviews: 5
This is must have extension for Joomla! It saves lots of time.

In my work I ofter have problems with jQuery, but this plugin fix them all :)

Thank you guys!

Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 16
This extension needs to be renamed Jquery Magic! Because this thing performs miracles...


No developer is fantastic at everything, so to build a fantastic Joomla! site you must combine the best extensions you can get, best slideshow, best menu, best this and that. Result, best jQuery conflict :(

Solution jQuery Easy :)

In layman's language
You want to combine the engine of a Ferrari, the body of a Benz, the power of a Range Rover into one car. Jquery easy is you chop shop.

Pure Magic.

Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the review, I do appreciate it!

Reviews: 1
I am a developer with years of experience in web site development and Joomla.
It had just become the norm that I add a plugin to a site I was building and then spend time sorting out all the JavaScript conflicts. I came across this plugin while researching something else, and I now use it on every site I build.
I can honestly say that this plugin has by far increased my productivity than any other. I just don't have to spend the time debugging script conflicts, I can get on with what I should be doing, developing sites.
The documentation on the site is good, and I would recommend people read it, as you will need to use the advanced options if you have a decent amount of plugins on a site.
I cannot comment on support as I've not had to use it.
With new jQuery libraries and plugin coming out all the time, I encourage the developers to continue to keep this plugin up-to-date as it is truly a huge productivity tool.
Owner's reply

Wow. Thank you very much for giving this plugin such an 'in-depth' review. This feedback is important and really well appreciated. It shows it has been able to reach its target! Thank you!

Reviews: 2
Great job guys, i wanted to use a module which required jquery, but another module didn't like jQuery. After installing this plugin both module worked propperly.
Thanks a lot
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thank you for the review!

Reviews: 4
This plugin has saved my life, especially when you have some Javascript conflicts, JQuery easy is the way to go, and the best part is that it's a FREE plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Well appreciated.

Reviews: 11
I wish I had found this extension some months earlier. My customers usually do not know the difference between the jQuery versions. They mix jQuery and mootools and some other Javascripts. This is so frustrating!! I must solve the problem because I build there Website, but I don't say install any kind of eXtensions. As I found this Plugin it save me a lot of time. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Well, thank you very much for the review!

Reviews: 1
If only this plugin wasn't necessary... unfortunately Joomla has no native way to fix jQuery version conflict problems or prevent them from happening.

I had a jQuery conflict with the Simple Spotlight module and something else (possibly Gantry/Afterburner 2). This plugin solved it!
Owner's reply

I agree. But the blame should be on developers who do not properly handle jQuery. Starting with Joomla! 3, things should get better as extensions will embrace the new jQuery library calls now part of the framework... Let's hope for the best :-)

Reviews: 18
This is just wonderful. It saved me hours of work. It does magic!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 1
JQuery Easy is the best and easiest JQuery conflict solver I know for Joomla!.

I use it on many client websites if they experience conflicts and 100% of the time the plugin gets rid of the conflicts! This saves an enormous amount of time on troubleshooting.

Thank you very much for this great plugin!

Roy / JooMarketer
Owner's reply

You are welcome Roy, thank you very much for your feedback and this review!

Reviews: 1
You've mentioned on your site, saying "don't expect a miracle solution that fixes all your issues with magic" but it really does, thanks a lot for this plugin. You guys should be donated and supported. :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! It is always great to see that a substential number of jQuery issues can be resolved without manual interaction with the code. I appreciate the review!

Reviews: 1
I had problems getting a slideshow working on a site and the extension support pointed me in right direction suggesting it was a jQuery issue. I found and installed this extension and had the problem resolved within minutes. Great work - highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Thank you and thank you for the review!

Reviews: 6
Absolute champion in solving jquery mess. Invaluable help for all of us who need to deal with crappy extensions who's developers have no common sense and think that their extension is one and only that will load jquery.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, really appreciated!

Reviews: 10
After contacting MTree because my maps we're not showing he advised me to try this plugin as I had 3 different jQueries running, worked a treat not my maps are showing.
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thanks for the review!

Reviews: 8
Let's make it short and crispy: Do not look any further, if you got problems with differnet jQuery-versions. This fantastic plugin over here will solve them.

Just install it and voilà - problems gone. Almost unbelievable that this is offered for free - thank you very much for this!

In most cases you do not have to change a single setting - but if so, there's a great and easy to understand documentation to guide you.

Perfect - keep up the good work!

BR from Germany!

Owner's reply

Thank you for this enthousiastic review and for showing your appreciation for the work I have put into it.
The extension is free and will remain free for all.
This is really a contribution I make to the Joomla! community. I wanted to help in solving issues brought by sites that are more and more complex and use a multitude of different technologies.
Thank you for your support.

Reviews: 10
Going by the excellent ratings and applause received from everyone who have posted a comment on this extension, I was convinced it could help me but I needed to use the forum only to discover that only paid subscribers could post in the forum. I guess the developer recently resorted to that. So the position now is that it is not completely free for those who do not have advanced knowledge of jQuery as MOST of its settings on Joomla backend are even tagged as "Expert Users Only".
Owner's reply

With the amount of cases I am asked to look at on a regular basis and the increasing amount of spam floading the forum, I could no longer afford to keep support free for everyone.
The forum is FREE TO CONSULT and a lot of cases have been solved and reported in it. Most chances are you will find answers or hints on how to fix issues you may have.
Yes, this extension has helped thousands of users (experimented or not). Articles and documents are also available on the extension's website to help in understanding how to fix issues (and explain those EXPERT parameters). For advanced support, the small contribution is really not an unfair price to pay.

Reviews: 31
This extension is a must for any Joomla! site. It has saved me many an hour trawling forums for answers to conflicts. Just enable and away you go. Yes, it's that simple!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I appreciate your review!

Reviews: 21
Takes a bit of fiddling when using with other plugins (such as JCH_Optimize) but does the trick. Essential when using SlideshowCK. Thanks Olivier.
Owner's reply

You are very welcome! Thank you so much for the review and for showing your appreciation.

Reviews: 3
I had conflict between a module and a plugin using motools but when i installed jquery everything fixed.The only problem is that in internet explorer 8 is not supported anymore.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! Really appreciated.
I do not understand your comment on IE8 however as the plugin itself is browser independent and is not responsible for the scripts that run on site pages.

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