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jQuery Easy Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
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This plugin is meant to help clean and resolve front and back end issues when using instances of jQuery alongside the Mootools libraries.


- calls jQuery and jQuery UI libraries from the Google CDN (with or without protocol) - but you can do it locally too,
- places jQuery libraries after MooTools calls for perfect compatibility,
- adds the noConflict() code alongside the jQuery library call,
- strips out extra jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, including the noConflict() calls added by other modules or plugins,
- lets you choose jQuery UI basic styling or custom theme.


- disable MooTools libraries tentatively in the frontend,
- enable or disable the plugin in specific portions of the site, from template to single page,
- use reporting to get feedback on what the plugin engine has done,
- add or remove scripts and stylesheets,
- strip blank lines left by the modifications made to the page,
- prevent some libraries to be stripped out,
- modify the way the engine works by default (do not add or remove noConflict() code...),
- ...

Try the new jQuery Easy Profiles for Joomla! 3+ (beta) that allows multiple configurations to work seamlessly for different parts of a site. More information on the website's owner.

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Reviews: 8
Proud to be the 40th of 40/40 5-star reviews. This plug is just excellent. If there ever was a magic wand for joomla, this is it!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I really appreciate everyone's support for this plugin.

Reviews: 4
Installed an update on an app and suddenly found front end functions not working. After much forum searching determined it was a jquery issue. But the solutions provided included a lot of mods to code and that's never an easy solution.

Then one forum post mentioned this plug-in and how it solved his problem. No way it could be that easy...

Backed up the site, installed the plugin, clicked to enable it and the site worked perfectly again.

Yep, it was that easy and this is a perfect solution if jquery conflicts are your problem.

Sincere gratitude to the developer.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review, it is gratifying to see that this plugin really helps solve jQuery potential problems in Joomla! environments. This is always a big encouragement and makes me want to push the plugin's limits, especially for those much more complicated issues some users come up with.

Reviews: 20
Had a problem with jquery so scoured the net and found a link to this plugin. Downloaded, installed and tried it, perfect. If you have a jquery problem install this, or even install it even if you haven't for future proofing. Thanks to the developer for an excellent plugin. A full 5 stars for this little gem.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review. The plugin's popularity and the issues encountered over the past months by its users help in pushing its limits further every time. More improvements are on the way to make this plugin as good as possible...

Reviews: 2
Dude this extension is awesome! It really works! Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 5
After serveral hours trying to get multiple modules working together, I gave up.

So I tried this plugin and it was solved immediately. Awesome!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, I am glad it resolved your issues.

Reviews: 4
I was pulling my hair out trying to get 2 extensions to work together. I spent many hours of research and finally figured out it was a jQuery conflict. This plug-in solved my problem - thank you!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you !

Reviews: 1
It just works folks! One useful tweak for performance would be to specify the 1.7.1 version of jquery.min.js from google as it has a far future expiration date (1 year) instead of 1.7s 1 hour. This helps cache more efficiently (reference This little tweek would improve Page Speed and YSlow scores.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for this review and the added insight. I will look into it and see how we can make websites using this plugin even faster. Thank you for contributing in making jQuery Easy even better!

Reviews: 9
This is one of my most essential plugins especially with the constant mix of jquery and mootools being used on Joomla sites today. It works like a champ and almost always fixes any conflicts I have. Plus it helps with my page speed by preventing every extension from loading its own copy of jquery. Much love!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I appreciate the review. Great to see that this plugin can be of help to you!

Reviews: 9
Wow. This addresses EVERYTHING you're looking for and them some. Previously I've tried many attempts to control jQuery and Mootools, almost settled on SC jQuery until it killed the Mootools menus in the admin area making it useless. It could have been great. Maybe it is by now, but I'm done looking.

I'd been having a problem where a component [which as I love it remains nameless] was loading jQuery from Google's CDN over http, breaking the SSL site I was using it for. NOTE TO DEVS: GIVE US THE OPTION TO CONTROL YOUR JQUERY IMPLEMENTATIONS! Basic stuff, no?

jQuery Easy to the rescue! The second I loaded it to my site, it fixed a Mootools conflict by loading it the correct way round, and BANG, my site was loading fully over SSL again. And no need to touch the admin area's settings too.

Oh and it even honoured the force SSL setting I'd added to Global Config by ALREADY CHECKING HTTPS!

Wow. Simplify Your Web indeed. Great, great work guys. I salute you.

(PS Compared to installation and setup of jQuery Easy, this review took about 100x longer!)
Owner's reply

Thank you for this very constructive review. The plugin is in constant evolution and more options are on the way for advanced users as requests pour in.
Could you contact me through the website and clarify your request about controlling the jQuery implementations? (do you mean you want to be able to get jQuery from other channels than Google's CDN?)

Reviews: 1
I was just about to scrap my design Ideas due to Jquery conflicts. They can be so time consuming to fix. This amazing plugin corrected the conflict after an easy install and setup. Great tool!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 8
I need this kinda behavior on most of my sites... And when I was on half way with my own plugin, I stumbled upon this :)

Very good m8, nice regex work :)
Owner's reply

Thank you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions on improving this plugin.

Reviews: 4
Solved a problem I've had for months due to JQuery conflicts caused by those plugins loading their own versions:
Community Builder
JA Comment

It helped solve the issue in less than 2mn! I wish I came across this excellent plugin earlier.

Thank you to the developer!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 5
One-week-headache, solved in 10 minutes !
Great work, Thank you !
Owner's reply

Thanks, I am glad it helped!

Reviews: 1
I was having a conflict with joomla 2.5, yoo theme cloud and virtue mart. Not exactly sure what was causing the problem, but I am guessing a jquery and java script conflict. Anyhow, installed this extension and widgets are now working again. They just all of a sudden quit working. I hope this helps others!
Owner's reply

Thanks you for reporting these issues and for the review!

Reviews: 1
After spending hours pulling my hair out with a fix this, break that issue, I came across this little gem!
Not only is it free, but the author gave amazing support, also for free!
Definitely will be part of the "default" install line-up in future.
Serious Kudos for making this available!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, I greatly appreciate it.

Reviews: 1
But is not magic, is all master code from the author. I've trying to fix my K2/Template problem all for the last days and this has just solved my problems in a few seconds. Just a recommedation for the author. The option "Jquery" should be enabled for default. I just thought for a moment that the plugin was not working until I realized that I had not configured it. This definitely is one of those extensions Joomla should consider to make it default in its core. :) Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Your remark is taken into consideration, although the decision of not having the jQuery library loaded by default was made to force the user to tailor the plugin to the needs of the website it is applied to, in a knowledgeable manner.

Reviews: 1
Man .. u rock ... this is definitely a must have for my every new project as well as for evry1. gr8 plugin .. easy to use ..
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 10
igive you not 10 even 20 but 30 points for this plugin
Owner's reply

Thank you :-)

Reviews: 1
This plug-in does exactly what I needed. I was having trouble having the RokStories module and the Hot-Image-Slider on the same (Home) page. The Hot-Image-Slider caused the RokStories module to stop working.

After reading the documentation for RokStories, I found that jQuery was probably causing the problem. I tried putting code into the Joomla! template to fix the problem, to no avail.

After a couple of hours of trying to fix the problem I backed up and the thought came to check to see if someone had created an extension to fix the problem. They had! Thanks, Olivier!!

I hope to get more understanding of JavaScript over time so I can fix things for people too.

Five Stars!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great review. Your detail explanations can certainly help others find out where their problems may come from.

Reviews: 5
This is a great extension. What took me 3 days and lots of head scratching frustration was cleared up in 30 seconds. It does what it says and works! Thank you!
Owner's reply

I am glad it helped :-) Thanks for the review.

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