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jQuery Easy Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This plugin is meant to help clean and resolve front and back end issues when using instances of jQuery alongside the Mootools libraries.


- calls jQuery and jQuery UI libraries from the Google CDN (with or without protocol) - but you can do it locally too,
- places jQuery libraries after MooTools calls for perfect compatibility,
- adds the noConflict() code alongside the jQuery library call,
- strips out extra jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, including the noConflict() calls added by other modules or plugins,
- lets you choose jQuery UI basic styling or custom theme.


- disable MooTools libraries tentatively in the frontend,
- enable or disable the plugin in specific portions of the site, from template to single page,
- use reporting to get feedback on what the plugin engine has done,
- add or remove scripts and stylesheets,
- strip blank lines left by the modifications made to the page,
- prevent some libraries to be stripped out,
- modify the way the engine works by default (do not add or remove noConflict() code...),
- ...

Try the new jQuery Easy Profiles for Joomla! 3+ (beta) that allows multiple configurations to work seamlessly for different parts of a site. More information on the website's owner.

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Reviews: 2
Perfect !
Solved conflicts between widgetkit and artisteer templates instantly.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 2
Simply PERFECT! It solved my problems with mootools and jquery! Many thanks to autor, You are the KING! :)
Owner's reply

You are welcome :-)

Reviews: 13
Same than other comments, works like a charm and solved my conflict between template/component.

Thanks a lot for this nice plugin !
Owner's reply

Great that it works for you! Thank you for the review.

Reviews: 1
Great extension.
Work witout any problems.
Olivier is very fast with reply. Great support!

Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. I take great joy in helping people fix their problems. It is constructive and often leads to a better, more solid extension down the road.

Reviews: 11
It solves me a hard week-end of jquery conflict research.... just great! thanks!
Owner's reply

You are welcome :-)

Reviews: 2
Easy installation and worked like a charm. My problem is solved. And website loads faster.
Owner's reply

The plugin does cleanup the code and you can see significant changes when using a lot of components which rely heavily on jQuery. Thanks for the review.

Reviews: 7
Very simple and effective plugin for using jQuery and JQuery UI in a Joomla site without mootools conflicts. Nice thing about this plugin is the ability to easliy choose from among all the jQuery UI themes from the plugin parameters. Other than that decision its pretty much "enable and forget".
Use along with the module "Custom Javascript" for a complete jQuery solution.
Be sure to use the jQuery "no-conflict" syntax when writing your scripts.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the constructive review. I would also recommend the 'custom javascript' module for simple development.

Reviews: 1
This is perfect, just installed and activated in the plugin admin and solved my issues between jqueries from a professional template widgetkit and the community builder. Thank you so much!
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 2
I try so many things, nothing helps.
Then i install this plugin and YES it really works.

Thanx for this perfect extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you. I tried to keep this extension as simple as possible.

Reviews: 1
Used with 1.7 and it solved all my conflicts. Just had to enable the plugin and all my problems disappeared.

Owner's reply

Happy it helped!

Reviews: 1
Simply GREAT! Solved all my problems with mootools and jquery!
Thx a lot!
Owner's reply

Glad this helped solve your issues :-)

Reviews: 1
This is by far the best jQuery noconflict integrator ever. I tried jQuery++ Integrator by, i even tryed coding all my jQuery scripts with noConflict() variable and still had problems as some of them were 3rd party. This resolved all the conflicts. All the plugins, modules and scripts that work on jQuery dont conflict anymore.

Great product and its free!
Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the encouragement!

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