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Add FullAjax Plugin

Plugin connect the FullAJAX library ( ) to Joomla! that allow simple use AJAX/AHAH tehnology on the Joomla sites.

Fullajax = AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) + AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP).

After(or before) install please read READ.HTML (look in archive).

If you have a template that wrote using the Joomla standards, all should start work automatically, so when all will be installed you can go to the main page and make sure that the plugin works, and your site now with FullAJAX ;)

Be warned: Plugin may be not fully compatible with some components, modules, plugins and the template frameworks.

If you want help improve compatibility with other extension please vote, or write your suggestion:

In version 2013.11.23:
- fix compatibility for Joomla! 3.2
- updated FullAJAX library to the latest version
- more detailed description for configuration

In version 2012.10.14:
- Joomla! 3.0 ready
- updated FullAJAX library to latest version
- fix problem with CSS links, when all links was converted in lowercase
- fix (I hope :)) "Error 500" that occurred with some templates
- fix "/null" after click back in some cases

New in version 2012.06.03:
- only for Joomla! 2.5 (for Joomla! 1.5 check older versions)
- optimized UI for configuration
- added automatic position update
- updated FullAJAX library to latest version
- several small changes


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Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin ! thanks for having made it free!

Will it one day be compatible with sh404sef ?
Owner's reply

I have no means of checking but theoretical should works with a any SEF extensions

Reviews: 1
The plugin seems great and is just what i need, but it seems i can't get it to work with my yootheme template..can i get any help please ? Can't see where should i add the id="forajax" ....
Owner's reply

plugin designed for work with a standard templates .. for make it work with a some framework need first study this framework and then hard work for plugin configuration

Reviews: 1
Great extension, used it at a website with many heavy images and due to my template design I can load only the content part using this extension. That made the loading time half of the times of normal usage.

Another great aspect of it is that you can exclude some menu items from the system of Ajax.

Great work! really appreciate that the developer made it free to use.

Reviews: 2
I can't tell you how long I've looking for something like this. I have it installed to a workable degree, although I need to customize it a bit more. Thank you for your work. Excellent little plugin.
Reviews: 8
i like it very much, i just can't figure out how to display content only on homepage/frontpage. i don't know how to do it with just code in the template or by module manager when i set it to display only on home page. can someone give better instructions please?
Owner's reply

try look the articles "Add FullAjax to Joomla! (2011.03.08)" and "How to update more than one module with Ajax" on a plugin home page ;)

Reviews: 3
Plugin like this that I had been waiting
make loading pages faster and also beautiful.
And thank's for the fast support from the Developer :)

Recommended Joomla Plugin
Reviews: 1
I normally do not give "excellent!" to an extension, as there is always something to improve. Ok even now.
But my "excellent!" rating is as an encouragement for the maker who certainly is giving all the support he can give in a very short time.


Joomla team! invite this man into your team and have this Joomla core!
Reviews: 1
This seems to work great.
I will use it in my next Project.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 16

were not in my index.php since the template maker uses a framework so I had to look for it and now my page went from loading in 3 seconds to 1 second and when navigating may page everything loads really fast no exaggeration. I thought it would not make that much difference but it does I didn't do the modules since all of them look the same in all secctions of my page.
Reviews: 2
Very good plugin- thank you!!!

Unfortunately it isn´t compatible with sigplus image gallery plugin. Would be great, getting this fixed...
Reviews: 1
I didn't have an account on this page but I had to create because i wanted to to be able to write a review about this awesome plugin.

Actually the plugin itself is simply the best you can find for this kind of purpose (displaying content via ajax) on the whole Joomla-World.
The only thing which is more awesome than the plugin itself is the Creator of it. I had multiple issues because the script conflicted with other Plugins. He responded very quick and he always had a solution. So cool :)

So if you're thinking about using this plugin - stop thinking - just download it :)

Reviews: 2
thank you you did a great job
but when i search in your demo page my results do not show and three links that is for changing font in top of the page were repeated.
Reviews: 1
I can't believe this isn't "built in" on Joomla! yet!

Although there is one "problem" with the plugin (besides the #ajx/foldername-of-joomlasite/ address add-on), this plugin doesn't recognize module page assignment. If I choose to show a module ONLY on the first page it still comes up on every other page (I'm guessing this is due to the fact the the "Joomla! site" no longer knows what page it is on, and thinks it's always on the "front page"). It goes the other way around as well. If I choose to show a module position on all OTHER pages (besides the front-page) it doesn't show up at all, since Joomla! probably thinks that I'm still on the front-page.

I hope that these issues will be rectified. From what I can tell, if it wasn't for the page module assignment issue, this would be something so great it should be built in on the next Joomla! release.

Owner's reply

this not work automatically for some reason but this can be configured in last version of plugin (2011.03.08)

Reviews: 1
Page load time has dropped. Don't forget to install the template. Good support.
I like this plugin very much.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension.

One thing I wanted to note about setup, which was not exactly clear to me:

The special template that comes in the package is not actually supposed to be assigned. It just has to be installed. You can use your own template, just have to have a "forajax" id wrapping the component tag.

Took me a bit to figure this out. I was modifying and assigning the forajax template first, which doesn't work obviously.
Owner's reply

The template that comes in the package need for build Ajax answers. You don`t need change it (except when you know what you do). The next version I plan to make this template is optional.
"forajax" id need to add in default template there will be inserted reply from server.

Reviews: 1
Hi! Thanks for a great plugin!
I have one problem with it though, i can't get it to work with the login module, is there a way to use this to make the loginform work as an ajax application? I want the user to be able to login and get the redirectpage loaded with ajax.

/Best regards Jon
Owner's reply

This should work with a standard form.
Write an email to me I will try to help.

Reviews: 4
This plugin is AWESOME, except for one huge problem. It changes your SEF URLs to not so friendly.

The #ajx that is added into the url is unfortunate, so I won't be using the plugin. If that get's updated, it could really change how we use joomla.
Owner's reply

I added the description about SEO

Reviews: 8
I havent tried this plugin yet. But i saw the demo.Looks easy to enable.

Only 2 things are missing.
1) More good looking URLs
2) Loading animation so some users dont duble and triple click untill the article is loaded.

Great job!And very good that dosent break SEO. If you disable JavaScript the site works as normal so Google will Craw it with no problems.

Im adding this extension to my Favorites and i hope you will improve the two things i said.

Reviews: 3
Thanks, this plugin does an amazing job adding ajax feature on the web-pages but it is breaking the actual links in the address bar on the browser something like this(http://localhost/website/#:/website/login[~q~]tmpl=component)

I hope you can fix that easily in next releases.
Owner's reply

Library developers aware of this problem.
Recommend enable "System - SEF" and if joomla! installed not root directory need to change the lib parameter
SRAX.Filter.add({url:'/', id:'forajax', params:'tmpl=component'});
SRAX.Filter.add({url:'/website/', id:'forajax', params:'tmpl=component'});

Reviews: 1
Very simple and straight forward plugin, some issues with component computability though which can cause the site to open in the ajax div when certain links and buttons are clicked from within ajax div.
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