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Forever Sessions Plugin

This plugin will extend a user session before it is about to expire - only
for user groups configured in the plugin.

Configuration is very easy, just edit/enable the plugin via Menu `Extensions -> Plugin Manager` and select some user group levels. Set `inherit` to `yes`, if you also want to include "parent user groups" (although in most cases `no` would be just fine).

Like with all system plugins it is recommended to backup and test this in a test system first.

- Joomla 3.2 compatible
- removed "user names" field

- joomla 2.5 compatible
- dropped support for j17
- bug fixes
- update strongly recommended

- joomla 1.7 compatible

- initial release

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Reviews: 3
This plugin solves a nagging permission problem when the session expires. Perfect. Thank you!
Reviews: 51
Good thing that the backend login keeps for a long time, it's a benefit when youre developing things or modifying the site, and working on multiple systems while testing.
Reviews: 6
This is my favorite "admin forever" plugin mainly because it allows me to specify which user group ids to apply it to!
Reviews: 24
Imagine having a bunch of journalists, editors, administrators loosing their work because Session Lifetime need to be short - 10 minutes to keep Joomla safe.

Well, no more....
Reviews: 6
I would be so frustrated if it were not for this plugin. Many times when developing a website on a localhost, I dive into the php files and have to make some tweaks and refresh pages. When doing this, nothing use to bug me more than to go back to the admin tab and save a page only to see the login again. This is a great plugin and I give it 2 thumbs up and great work guys!!!!
Reviews: 2
Great app - fills a need.
nothing is worse then writing while loosing track of time then clicking SAVE only to see the login field appear and realizing you just lost the entire article.

App installed perfectly and does what is advertises