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WEBO Site SpeedUp ComponentPlugin

WEBO Site SpeedUp component + plugin for Joomla speeds your website up by applying all client side performance rules. Make your website faster than lightning!

Avg. acceleration is 2.5x (+21 in YSlow grade, -35% in size, -43% in objects). Check out acceleration statistics

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Reviews: 1
i have been monitoring wo since last year and i believe they are growing their component very fast.well it`s great but u should know alot about how to handle settings.while new settings are added to make it simple but you may need them to configure it for you.if your site has lots of css/js and you want your site load faster,so its for you.
Owner's reply

We hope 3 predefined sets of options should somehow resolve this trouble. But anyway we are constantly improving this perfect optimization solution, thank you :)

Reviews: 5
Hello, i install it. I use default settings and use free version.

If i found difference i wll purchase.But untill now all same look like.

The site is installed is very big project.
Owner's reply

Maybe you have it not working due to plugin / server configuration. Please contact us for consult.

Reviews: 1
The only reason I didn't give it a zero star rating is that my level of expertise is pretty low. When I installed it, it locked down not only my main site, but four commercial sites installed on the same server. I had to go edit my .htaccess file to eliminate all mention of WebOptimizer.
Possible a good plugin, but should warn users not to enable unless they REALLY know what all those dozens of options mean, which quite honestly I don't.
So, install only if you know what you're doing. If not, stay well away from this baby, is my humble advice.
Reviews: 53
The one thing I'm always trying to do is optimize site speed to help with Google SEO rankings. I decided to look into this optimizer to see if it would help. What I found out is this plugin links to the Web Optimizer website and you need to buy a minimal plan for $99 for this to not work in demo mode.
Owner's reply

Link is optional (you can remove it w/o any damage). And free features acceleration is more than other free plugins provide.

Reviews: 20
There is many Joomla performance optimization cache scripts to compare and use in combination like examples free GPL CssJsCompress,Query Cache,RokGZipper,Maecia CSS/JS Cache extensions etc.

This product Web Optimizer says it enhance the speed but this free version not give you all features saying "by applying a l l client side performance rules". This is only true if you buy the pro version as I understand it. Som if you compare to others It would be good if you could compare these different products and convince people why use your Pro version instead.
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