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jbetolo Plugin

jbetolo primarily helps you with your front-end optimization, combining/compressing/minimizing/caching js and css.

Advice: don't expect jbetolo to work out of the box, although it will do excellent job in most cases. jbetolo helps you tune YOUR site, thus it needs to be adjusted to YOUR specific setup, and the very reason we provide you so many useful options where each is explained within jbetolo when you hover the specific parameters. Having said that, I always welcome you to contact me and I will try my best to provide advice or if necessary direct assistance.

jbetolo provides the following features in detail:
1. merging js and css
2. compressing js, css and fonts
3. minimizing js, css and html
4. serve the generated files with correct http header
5. off-loading to your CDN server, multiple CDNs supported for various file types
6. static content caching
7. exclude jbetolo processing based on browser, browser version, mobile device, certain components, url params
8. embed selected resources as data URI in your merged css file
9. solve js and css conflicts and dependency issues, by allowing you to sequence the loading
10. remove unwanted js and css files from the page
11. add js and css files that aren't included or if you want to replace removed ones
12. merging option to indicate which files that should be excluded or included from the merging process
13. move inline js scripts to either header, bottom of the page or leave it as it is
14. move merged js file, as well as other non-merged js files and inline js code to the bottom of page or leave it within the header

Are those features not enough please don't hesitate to head over to our repo and submit an enhancement request and we will make sure to consider it.

Notice: The last Joomla! 1.5 compatible version is 2.2.14 and will be supported only to fix bugs and no new features will be introduced.

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Reviews: 25
I have installed this extension on two sites so far and have been amazed. The first went from 54/100 to 84/100, and the second went from 64/100 to 72/100.
Reviews: 3
I had 89/100 google speed test before activating this but after activating it went down to 81/100 but in mobile it helped to increase 3 points uninstalling ....
Reviews: 2
Worked perfectly out of the box. With no changes to the settings my new J2.5 site which is loaded with images, plugins & extensions went from more than 30 seconds to download down to 4.87 seconds. A fantastic result.
Reviews: 18
I was checking the page load over on google adsense and my pages were loading kind of slow, a lot of fixes were recommended on adsense, then i installed this plugin and i'm getting 75%/100% page load for desktop and 53% for mobile devices, i think if i play with the settings i can increase page load.. thanks nice plugin.
Reviews: 1
My dating website takes 10-15 seconds in loading before installing the plugin,but after installing it it takes a half second in loading in a 100 Kbps internet connection!!!!amazingly awesome!!.Thanks for developing this extension.
Reviews: 1
This is the best site performance tool I've ever tested. In addition the support is excellent. I had a problem due to a misconfiguration so I contacted the developer and he reply to me after only 7 minutes with the solution. Absolutely amazing, 5 stars for jbetolo and Gobezu!!
Reviews: 5
This plugin has an awesome lot of options and some nice tools included.
Total control of what happens to css and javascript files in complex setups.
Reviews: 1
I seldom review extensions, but I have to shout it out. Jbetolo is amazing. One simple change took my site Yslow from 94 to 100 and Pagespeed insights Mobile from 64 to 91, Desktop 85 to 95. Today fast loading sites are a must, Jbetolo the answer for top performance, even improving on my really good, fast template. Thank you to the developers for a great, free product.
Reviews: 5
Just installed and: 64-->75 (Yslow) Greeeeat!!!!
Reviews: 3
As websites become more and more complex, there are usually MANY different CSS and JS files that are needed. One main factor PageSpeed and YSlow looks at is the number of HTTP requests. This Plugin is awesome at combining and compressing all the CSS and JS files and it does a lot more too!
Reviews: 2
This plugin works very great.I didnt know it was true so i tested my site speed with google page speed insight first before installing plugin.The result was Mobile 52/100 and Desktop 63/100.
After installing plugin speed increased to Mobile 61/100 and Desktop 77/100
Reviews: 8
Immediately sped up my website and went from d/f rating to b/c rating!
Reviews: 6
this extension merged my 16 js files into 1. This also promoted my joomla site from grade D to grade B in yahoo's Yslow.
Reviews: 11
I tried others and they broke page loads and did not provide the degree of control needed to troubleshoot and get around them. JBETOLO has controls and tweaks for almost anything that can speed up a website.

The development group supporting it also appears very active so that bugs and improvements are being pursued. I think that is important because Joomla, script libraries, and the cloud CDN services are rapidly evolving.

One bummer: After spending time doing tweaks to my apache server, a single-click in this extension modified the .htaccess file that I had spent ~30 minutes searching, reading, and patching configuration files on the server!

This extension is the Swiss Army Knife of speed tweaks for Joomla.

For me, this is the best site performance tool, easily five stars.
Reviews: 3
I had trouble with othe plugins to handle warp. This one just di the job perfectly. No conflicts also. CSS is combined and done the right way. I was thinking I am not going to need new extension for CSS/JS but this one deserves a try, after that you will love it.

Highly recommended !!
Reviews: 12
I think with this plugin you can tune your site very well

jbetolo minify/compress/combine all my 29css to 1 and 16js file to 1

(other great options are lasy image and CDN)

With a tiny code in my htaccess file(adding expire header tag) my site is now grade A (in yslow)
Reviews: 1
This is best to best plugin.Thank you so much if i must give this 10 $ i will lovely give it.Good Luck.Thank you again.
Reviews: 2
This extension is great. It is amazing that the author has put so much work in it to build it and still offers it for free. It gives you full control over your website's head scripts and CSS.
I use it on every website i build.
It is only one thing left to say.
Thank you !
Reviews: 4
I had some issues with JavaScript and Cache. - No problems at all, after uninstalling all unneeded site performance extensions that have been installed for testing purposes (deactivation was not enough). - Incredible performance boost on Google's PageSpeed Insights. Thanks Gobezu!
Reviews: 1
Very Happy with this extension.
Improved my PageSpeed Insights for Chrome rating from about 42 to at least 86 on all pages.
Small amount of customisation and fiddling needed to suit my website but pretty good notes to help understand all settings.
I am pretty new to Joomla but found it very easy to use and install and most importantly the website is now faster.
Well done Jbetolo.
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