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jbetolo Plugin

jbetolo primarily helps you with your front-end optimization, combining/compressing/minimizing/caching js and css.

Advice: don't expect jbetolo to work out of the box, although it will do excellent job in most cases. jbetolo helps you tune YOUR site, thus it needs to be adjusted to YOUR specific setup, and the very reason we provide you so many useful options where each is explained within jbetolo when you hover the specific parameters. Having said that, I always welcome you to contact me and I will try my best to provide advice or if necessary direct assistance.

jbetolo provides the following features in detail:
1. merging js and css
2. compressing js, css and fonts
3. minimizing js, css and html
4. serve the generated files with correct http header
5. off-loading to your CDN server, multiple CDNs supported for various file types
6. static content caching
7. exclude jbetolo processing based on browser, browser version, mobile device, certain components, url params
8. embed selected resources as data URI in your merged css file
9. solve js and css conflicts and dependency issues, by allowing you to sequence the loading
10. remove unwanted js and css files from the page
11. add js and css files that aren't included or if you want to replace removed ones
12. merging option to indicate which files that should be excluded or included from the merging process
13. move inline js scripts to either header, bottom of the page or leave it as it is
14. move merged js file, as well as other non-merged js files and inline js code to the bottom of page or leave it within the header

Are those features not enough please don't hesitate to head over to our repo and submit an enhancement request and we will make sure to consider it.

Notice: The last Joomla! 1.5 compatible version is 2.2.14 and will be supported only to fix bugs and no new features will be introduced.

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Reviews: 3
Everything worked out well with the extension.
It has improved my pagespeed rating by 15 points and certainly improved the loading time.
I am using merging and compressing which worked fine besides one file I had to exclude.
Anyway the extensions works great just like expected.
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
The extension is excellent, with lots of things to configure. Installed a different extension of this kind and it did not work plus messed up my layout badly. This one worked out of the box but needed to be tweaked a little to do what I needed it to do. I was overwhelmed with the loads of options at first and had to drop a few lines to the developer. He responded promptly and professionally (and this is a free extension, mind you) so I was able to finally make the jbetolo work the way I wanted it to. Yay! I wish there were more extensions and developers like this. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
This extension helps me speed up my websites. And fast websites is important in these mobile-first-days =)

But please add a changelog! I see the plugin gets updatet often, but I never know if an update is necessary in terms of new functionality/bugfixes etc.

Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and useful comment.
I have updated the download page with reference to the projects github repo where all changes are commented.

Reviews: 2
I've not been able to configure jbetolo to work properly and i emailed gobezu for help. And i've got the reply almost immediately! And my problem is fixed in less than a day! Now my site speed score has improved from 40 to 80 and it worked nicely without problems! Gobezu is such a wonderful person. Thank you for this fantastic extension and support!
Reviews: 10
A person does have to spend some time figuring out conflicts or problems with merged files, etc, but if you put a little effort and time into it, this is probably the best "speed up your site" tool.
Reviews: 3
I installed this component today and had to delete later on because it caused many problems with my website. Most of those problems still exist after uninstall and I'm moving towards a brand new installation of joomla and all the components in order to fix them (not fun). One of the main issues is that some of joomla's css seem to be corrupted. Tabs don't work anymore in the administrator and everything just shows in a long long page. For those using the jfbconnect avoid this component unless you know what you're doing (obviously I didn't think it through before installation). Facebook login didn't work anymore from the get go and the problem persists after uninstallation of jbetolo. Somehow the redirection link goes to nullindex.php?option... and there are some characters included at the end when login in or out from a page different than the frontpage (index.php/%9E%E9e). I experimented with js and css ordering to make this component work but it was to no avail (i think) because of caching issues. Jbetolo caches, joomla caches, my htaccess caches, so it was really hard to have a fresh look at the website after changing settings. THAT SAID, the component seems to work well with a clean copy of joomla and didn't get any errors while navigating through articles, categories and whatnots. Since my problem was from the GET GO (I enabled the component and checked the website before making any custom changes), I would suggest that after installation and enabling EVERYTHING is off. That way users can determine if a setting is good for them or not.
Owner's reply

Sad to hear that you had such problems, although the one where jbetolo keeps being part of the page rendering even though it was uninstalled is very odd. The only way for this to happen is if you had system cache turned on and the page was cached while jbetolo was in effect. Regardless I wish you had contacted me and we could have tried to solve the issues you had instead of reading about it here as the first encounter of the issue, which I feel doesn't hold for an open source and free extension where some amount of collaboration is the least that can be expected of both users and developers. I do my best to assist users that contacts me.

Reviews: 2
Thank you for keeping plug in free. This is truly magical plug in if someone really wants to increase the speed of site.This plug in took my site speed to 80+.
Reviews: 2
It works great on joomla 2.5, i was able to optimize my site from 48 points pagespeed google to 82. Activating this plugin you must disable all joomla 2.5 incorporated plugins, as system cache, gzip etc..., if not, your site will crash.
Reviews: 3
Just installed and enabled the plugin. Turn on each option one by one and see what works. Google page speed went from 58 to 92!
Reviews: 4
This is seriously being added to the list of extensions that we use on every website we build. I've tried many of the other performance plugins and they all had issues trying to combine javascript (I think they were combining inline Javascript as well). I haven't yet tweaked JBetolo yet, but it has already improved Google Page speed by 26 points and YSlow by 12.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
I am one of those people who have a dozen large extensions running on the same site including yoothemes, widgetkit, jomsocial, jreviews, alphauser points, jdownloads, etc... and as you can imagine I was trapped in a javascript and css conflict nightmare. I ran the YSlow test and I think it laughed at me before giving me a fat D due to all the js/css files. I tried a half dozen similar extension and this one worked the best out of the box. I was still getting a couple javascript errors from firebug so I contacted the developer. Within 15 minutes he replied and was willing to help. AMAZING! It's now working perfectly and he even gave me tips on CDN. I highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 2
This is the ONLY performance tool making me happy with Joomla2.5.1 and jomsocial with no error and good speed. I had tested all performance tool (listed at the first page when you search in this site). some making me re-install joomla, some display advertisement(unless you pay), some crash my site or making it break. this work fine with little setup and it is FREE. Great product and keep on your hard work. :)
Reviews: 4
As of this writing. This is the only combining plugin that works for all pages my website - a J2.5 site. Specifically there was an inline script for an upload button on a FoxContact form that all the other plugins kept rewriting. (even with the JS and clean/minify HTML disabled!?)
Anyhow for sites with multiple components and scripts this is the one to get.
It took a couple of hours to get working to maximum efficiency, I found the easiest way was to look at my source code, and combine the css in that order, as for the JS it was mootools-core, jquery.js then the rest as sourced. The htaccess based rewriting didn't work for me even though I use rewrites with other apps. No Biggie. It did what I wanted.
Reviews: 4
Joomla has such a wonderful variety of extensions that I, like I expect many others, tend to get carried away, ending up with a very complicated and SLOW website. After spending weeks on trying to optimize my site....and evaluating a number of similar extensions, I took a chance on JBetelo. Most tools that compress JS and CSS cause problems, but JBetelo working immediately. My YSlow score went from a 75 to an 80. I had already done a lot to fix problems with ETags, adding a CDN for a cookie-free domain, setting expires headers on my own, but JBetelo was the only way I found that I could compress JS and CSS (for the biggest impact on YSlow) without completely breaking my site. It's also the only such product I've found that can move JS to the bottom or remove wasted space in the HTML itself (left by inline scripting and CSS). Bottom line, I love this extension!!! Optimization is not for the weak-of-heart, but JBetelo makes it relatively easy to get a good improvement in site speed without too much effort.
Reviews: 1
amaze be light joomla, be increased score yslow, configure entity tags (etags), compress components with gzip, put css at top, put javascript at bottom, reduce cookie size and more~ thanks very very much~
Reviews: 2
The extension did speed up my site by a few points. Except selecting the option to merge css made all my background images disappear. The parameters in the plugin provide very little info on how to use each setting. I've contacted the developer through his website, who hasn't replied yet. Has anyone else experienced problems merging css with this plugin?
Reviews: 1
It works very well.
Merge JS/CSS file and can use "data" source in css.

Reviews: 2
Of all the plugins i have tried - this is the one i like the best.

I use it with YooTheme Templates - both 1.5 and 1.6 and it great.
Reviews: 4
This extension is Amazing with a capital 'A' once I figured out how to configure the settings according to my site's needs.

It managed to shave 5+ seconds off of the time to load my site. As a comparison, RokGzipper only managed to cut 2+ secs from the same site.

But just remember,
This extension is a tool, a great one, to help tune your site; not a magic wand you simply install and voila! everything's done.

Thank you for sharing this extension!
Reviews: 11
As a previous reviewer stated, i've tried many optimizers, but.... Until Jbetolo was put to the test on my site. Speedup acoording to Yslow was instant. I had to set some rules for de loading of css and jd files, but I think this was due to bad coding of te components concerned. The integration of Smush it is really a hit. All files in te correct directorys, so you only have to remove the smush addition 9when you use this method). My Yslow is now rated from C 72 to B 68 on the slowest page, and then only because I don't use CDN and I dont know how to lower HTTP request anny further.

The best plugin in its field an I'm looking forward to the first non Beta 2 release.
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