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jbetolo primarily helps you with your front-end optimization, combining/compressing/minimizing/caching js and css.

Advice: don't expect jbetolo to work out of the box, although it will do excellent job in most cases. jbetolo helps you tune YOUR site, thus it needs to be adjusted to YOUR specific setup, and the very reason we provide you so many useful options where each is explained within jbetolo when you hover the specific parameters. Having said that, I always welcome you to contact me and I will try my best to provide advice or if necessary direct assistance.

jbetolo provides the following features in detail:
1. merging js and css
2. compressing js, css and fonts
3. minimizing js, css and html
4. serve the generated files with correct http header
5. off-loading to your CDN server, multiple CDNs supported for various file types
6. static content caching
7. exclude jbetolo processing based on browser, browser version, mobile device, certain components, url params
8. embed selected resources as data URI in your merged css file
9. solve js and css conflicts and dependency issues, by allowing you to sequence the loading
10. remove unwanted js and css files from the page
11. add js and css files that aren't included or if you want to replace removed ones
12. merging option to indicate which files that should be excluded or included from the merging process
13. move inline js scripts to either header, bottom of the page or leave it as it is
14. move merged js file, as well as other non-merged js files and inline js code to the bottom of page or leave it within the header

Are those features not enough please don't hesitate to head over to our repo and submit an enhancement request and we will make sure to consider it.

Notice: The last Joomla! 1.5 compatible version is 2.2.14 and will be supported only to fix bugs and no new features will be introduced.

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Reviews: 5
I have spent significant amount of time dealing with my site performance. As it is quite complex site, full of JavaScript and CSS, it was crucial for me to tune up - optimize site (google likes it, users too).
I played with CssJScompress, JHC, JFinalizer. JFinalizer was my favorite, but it was nightmare to setup and to have all optimization in place. So even it is great tool, not for my site. Today I explored Jbetolo and I can honestly tell you -> THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT BEST. You have lot of options (and correct setup took me max 2h),possibility to omit sensitive JS, CS files which do not like to be minimized. I also like the fact that source code of website looks cleaner after optimization. I did not use options for CDN, smash service, but it is only +. What I would suggest to add is gzip (joomla system gzip do not work? At least for me) and css sprites (but I assume that this is not easy to integrate).
Jbetolo changed my score in from 65 to 81! Yslow from D to C (75). And most important I can see that site loads faster.
It would be even better, but I have lot of JS files which do not like minification so I had to omit these from optimization.
Thank you for this great plugin! I recommend your inteligent plugin to everyone. I believe that in few months it will be the best rated plugin in Site Perfomance section. Bravo!
Reviews: 1
This little game combines merging/compressing CSS and JavaScript with the lossless image optimization service. I moved from a PageSpeed score of 83 to 93, and then I am not counting the gains from or PHP minify. I did encounter a bug on one page, but it was squashed in about 10 minutes by the great support. I highly recommend using this plugin if you need a performance gain.
Reviews: 4
Before activating this extensions i had an average joomla site of Grade C with 64 Http Request.

On the joomla performance grader olmost all was in red except valid and gzip.

Now i get a Solid Grade A on small site and a Grade B 88 on Yslow.

The performance grader also list my entire site in green execpt 1 field in yellow, and Http request are down to 6 by joomla performance standard.

Html validates and that is not normal when usig other extensions.

The only part i did not get working so far is the CDN. But when site loads at under 1 sec, who even cares.

This is the extension to go with as far as i care.
Owner's reply

Hey mmyhre,

I'm pleased to hear that jbetolo has been to good use for you as for many others.

As for CDN usage don't hesitate to contact me through my site and I will be more than happy to get you going on that one.

Reviews: 4
This is a great extension with even better support. Just like all site optimization extensions, it involves quite a bit of tweaking until it works correctly. However, this one works very well right out of the box!

Every issue I had was solved directly by the developer though email correspondence! Support doesn't get much better than that. Not only did he fix it but he told me how he did it so I know what to do int he future.
Reviews: 1
I have used numerous extensions to try and get my load times down and had no luck until now. This is by far the VERY BEST extension I have used! Thank you for all of your hard work!
Reviews: 1
I like it! This plug-in works well and with less configuring than others I have tried. Simple and elegant. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This plugin do work well for one of my sites but for another where I have an iframe loading external content it messes up the entire page. The iframe isn't loaded and the template breaks.
Owner's reply

I will definitely have a look if iframes are of any particular concern in this regard.
If you had contacted me earlier I could have tried to address the issue to extent possible and it would have been more useful for others to know about.
Regardless thanks a lot for taking your time to comment.

Reviews: 8
I decided to use this plugin after i saw writings of developer at different forums. And how much enthusiasm was behind his work.

And i did´t do mistake.
I had some problems to get plugin to work at my Joomla configuration and developer first tried with admin login to fix it. Then he asked for complete backup of my root folder and DB, and he fixed problem for a half of day at home. I won´t mention that he answer emails directly fast.

Beleive me, with this developer you wont stay in deep water when you move to Joomla 1.6. Or when you install some plugin that is poorly coded and has to work with merge-minify plugin.

Apsolutely doesn´t matter if this plugin will stay free in future. Support is excellent. Even more excellent with fact that it is a free plugin.

Try to put yourselves in his shoes. How many of you would bother to aks someone (you don´t know) for joomla root folder, DB, install that at home and troubleshoot? All for free.

I may say, in Joomla world it is excellent support.
Reviews: 9
As other people are mentioning before me they have tried other solutions but often ran into problems. jbetolo does the job without any problems and I manged to solve many of the issues that left me with problems before. Thanks for a great extension managed to get a grade A ranking with this extension.
Reviews: 2
This is my very first review on Joomla Extensions Directory. I have registered on JED especially to review this extension. I have tested all extensions on Site Performance category, but Jbetolo performed the best for me. It has all the features to boost the speed of a Joomla site. It can merge, minify and compress all JS and CSS files in a single file. And have lots of other options to control the behaviour of the extension. I can't stop myself to recommend this extension to everyone. You can check the difference by using YSlow. It has boosted my YSlow points from 56 to 87. Support from Gobezu(Author) via email is also very superb. So, give it is try guys. You will surely thanks me :) and Gobezu.
Reviews: 6
The module is well weighted! It works fine and speeded up or web appr. by 50%! Thanks for this great work!
Reviews: 1
Because of the way Joomla is setup and the way various modules work, it creates inherent inefficiencies. This extension does exactly what it advertises. It has easily increased my site performance by at least 75%.
because every web site is different, it is possible that you may run into minor snags, but do contact the developer 9Gobezu and he'll help you sort it out.
I had tried numerous different ways to do what this extension does to no avail. This is a GREAT extension, supported by a developer who is responsive.
Thanks Ray
Reviews: 1
Well, I especially register because I think it's unfair this extension doesn't have good review yet :)
After some testing and messing with various js optimizers, the big advantage of this one is the ability to fine tune which javascript to include/exlude (on a file or component basis, inline...) and how to process them.

For example, my profile pages from Community Builder caused issues with other extensions. Here, excluding com_profiler just did the trick.

Thus, this is the only one that doesn't break some of my pages after proper configuration and it is very efficient.
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