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Speed up your Joomla! website instantly with JCH Optimize. This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize expensive http requests. These files can be minified and gzipped to reduce bandwidth and further optimize download time. Typical results after plugin is configured with optimum settings for your site is a 6-10 point jump on Page Speed. This results in enhanced user experience and can favourably affect website traffic and Google ranking.

Major Features

- Combine javascript/css files into one
- Combine background images in a sprite
- Minify (Compress) and gzip aggregated files
- Exclude individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well
- Can defer javascript or place at end of page for optimized download

There's a pro version for purchase on the plugin's site that provides more features in optimizing your site. Some additional features are:

- CDN/Cookie-less domain support
- Optimize CSS Delivery
- Optimize images

Support is available for subscribers via a ticket system. Please note the ticket system is offline on weekends.


- Fixed issue with plugin not running on some site with outdated PCRE library.
- Improvements and bug fixes in the Sprite Generator
- Size of images in sprite restricted to 50px X 50px
- Improvements in the minification libraries
- Fixed link to update stream no on https to enable Joomla! automatic update

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Reviews: 2
If there was a sixth star available, I'd give it. My experience was very similar to reviewers before me: for a very low upgrade cost, I received courteous and expert response from the developer and my site's speed has improved dramatically. A billion thanks.
Reviews: 17
Yes, I´ve been amazed by the professional treatment I received from the support JCH Optimize.

I purchased the plugin (only $5 paid version) and I had a few small issues. All due to my website was a mess.
And every time I´ve been given an OUTSTANDING support. Explaining step by step, where my web failures were and how I had to fix it.
Honestly, I've been very pleased with the purchase and with the friendly and expert attention I received.

I give 5 stars because there was no more!
Reviews: 9
RokBooster wont work in my server, but this tool works instantly. Google PageSpeed Insights rating gets from 65 --> 96. Consider to donate or buy paid version only for five dollars :). Thanks alot!
Reviews: 1
We have been using this plugin without any problems for about a year now across 5 different websites.
It really is amazing the performance boost you get.

I highly recommend this plugin for all Joomla administrators.

Thank you Samuel for the effort you have put in.
Reviews: 6
In our Web agency we used to install JCH optimize on sites we done for years.
So we were happy to buy Pro version and test it. And really it worth every cents we put in it.
Pro Automatic settings work like a charm and it is now much more easy to get a very optimized joomla website !
Thank you for so nice work. Keep going.
Reviews: 6
Provides a great way to help speed up a Joomla website. After installing and configuring JCH Optimize, initially, we had most results at "A" when using YSlow testing tool, and other tools.

Though being a UK-based site, we had to install an EU Cookies law script. This was tricky to get to work with JCH Optimize, but the support the provider gave was incredible, helpful, and fixed our minor problem.

A superb result. If you want to save time, I suggest, choose the Pro version.
Reviews: 2
Fantastic plugin, deserves a 5 Star Rating for its simple setup and powerful speed boost!! Thumbs up for it!
I would like to say, the support is absolutely incredible. Whenever you post a ticket the support is just there to help you.
Thanks to the team of JCH OPTIMIZE, you rock.
My advice is, do buy the PRO-version and you won't regret it.
Reviews: 6
I took the paid version for just $5 and after a few tweaks with the technical support, my website scores 10 more points in google page speed!

And I only am using it with the "average" setting, as I have many extensions that had to be excluded.

But the result is really awesome and my page loads way faster!

I really have to add that the technical support is top notch and very responsive!

Thanks to them for that and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
Forget the free version. Just jump straight to the Pro version for a measly $5. It's worth every penny. The Google PageSpeed Insights rated the site as a 68 before and a 90 after. GTMetrix went from 54 to 98. It's a massive difference in user experience, as well. Joomla should include this as a native plugin.
Reviews: 3
JHC Optimize is one of the most useful plugins I have on my site.

Gives your site great speed boost. My site scores 25% more points on GTMetrix if JHC Optimize is enabled.

Samuel offers top notch support, he answered every ticked within a couple of hours.

I suggest PRO version, it has more features.
Reviews: 13
I jumped straight in paid 5US for a pro subscription and loaded JCH, I quickly saw a speed increase using Yslow. Had a tinker and found/created a problem. The developer was quickly onto my problem and provided a solution. Highly recomend this extension.
Note: Not being JS and PHP savvy, I found a site backup was my best friend.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin (best, Pro ver.)
Excellent support
Excellent site speed
Thank you!

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 6
This is a great extension to help improve the performance of your site!

Great and kind support too,

High recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin solved the problem of slowness in the site perfectly. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Brought two sites up from "c": one to "B" and the other to "A" on YSlow. I needed to exclude a couple of files and Samuel very patiently walked me through this. He responded quickly to the ticket I submitted.

Suggest going "pro" - it's very reasonable and worth it for the ticket access and additional features.
Reviews: 3
It is an excellent plugin, my score went to 91 in GTmetrix & Yslow. It does not work at the beginning due to my site issue, but with the great support they fix it immediately for me. I have the pro version which I highly recommend to speed up your site performance.

Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I need it a plugin that could optimize my joomla website. This plugin and with the help of Samuel my website i running like hell, and trust me I have a big well complex website.

Thanks Samuel.
Reviews: 4
Very good extension to improve the speed of the website.

5 stars, at least!
Reviews: 13
Things didnt work perfectly until I get the Pro edition and consult Samuel for the correction configuration for my complex site.

Site run faster and better now.
Good Job Samuel.
Reviews: 3
Installed JCH-optimize on our website and configured it as per author's recommendation and Voila! I got GTmetrix, Yslow and Pingdom score from 77 to 99 on page speed, 96 on Yslow and 98 on Pingdom.

I had a very small issue about a score related to 'Remove query strings from static resources' and contacted the author and within minutes, he was able to resolve the issue for me.

Oh yes, upgrading to the pro version made my site even faster with the additional features.

I highly recommend this plugin for it does what it says and comes with a superb support and fast response time when in need.
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