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Speed up your Joomla! website instantly with JCH Optimize. This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize expensive http requests. These files can be minified and gzipped to reduce bandwidth and further optimize download time. Typical results after plugin is configured with optimum settings for your site is a 6-10 point jump on Page Speed. This results in enhanced user experience and can favourably affect website traffic and Google ranking.

Major Features

- Combine javascript/css files into one
- Combine background images in a sprite
- Minify (Compress) and gzip aggregated files
- Exclude individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well
- Can defer javascript or place at end of page for optimized download

There's a pro version for purchase on the plugin's site that provides more features in optimizing your site. Some additional features are:

- CDN/Cookie-less domain support
- Optimize CSS Delivery
- Optimize images

Support is available for subscribers via a ticket system. Please note the ticket system is offline on weekends.


- Fixed issue with plugin not running on some site with outdated PCRE library.
- Improvements and bug fixes in the Sprite Generator
- Size of images in sprite restricted to 50px X 50px
- Improvements in the minification libraries
- Fixed link to update stream no on https to enable Joomla! automatic update

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Reviews: 14
This extension is the best thing to happen to my site since AdminTools. According to Yslow, my site was a laggardly "53" -- but using this extension to minify the CSS and javascript, along with a few other improvements (to .htaccess), I managed to get it all the way to "100"! It's true that all sites and their hosts are different, and some may not get the same stupendous results, but this extension is really brilliant. Also, depending on the template you use, you may not be able to use the "sprites" generation thing to cut down HTTP accesses for images -- the author has a page describing the ins and outs of that. Naturally you should always have a backup before doing anything like this to your site, and it's a good idea to try it out first on a "dev" site -- ideally, on the same host as the live site, so that all server parameters are the same. But this extension can change your site from one that's so slow that surfers leave it before it finishes loading, to one that surfers will hang around and really look at! Both thumbs UP!!
Reviews: 10
Easy to setup and install. I saw an instant 44% speed increase on the first site I installed this on. This is something I would gladly pay for but free is good too..;)
Reviews: 10
Got it working perfectly on my Staging server (at Hostgator), but when loaded to the client's server (on PairNetworks) the JavaScript is broken. Submitted a support ticket, but no answer. looks like hardly any tickets are being answered by the developer.
Shame cause it's a good extension, just needs better documentation, server requirements, and better support.
If not for that, would have rated it 5 stars.
Reviews: 2
I was pleased by the good reviews for this plugin and I thought it would speed up my website a lot after reading them. So I installed it, enabled it and.... then there was blackness and my site suddenly couldn't be found. I tried to go back into the admin area and disable it but I couldn't access any part of my site. Luckily I was saved by logging into my FTP program and deleting the plugin through that.

Be warned, this plugin isn't a gift from the God's to speed up every Joomla website. It has it's flaws and you should carefully consider which optimization extension to use through careful examination of their forums, not just these reviews.
Reviews: 7
congrats for such a great plugin.. i used to use CSSJSCompress, but when i switched to Joomla 3.0, i found out that the developer didn't update his extension which caused joomla JED to remove it.. i looked around and i found this little gem.. did the same job and minimized load time to about the third of what it was. love it.
Reviews: 21
New site was taking 14.3 seconds to load. Simply installing JCH dropped it to 5.8 and no CDN and no tweaking of the modules,extensions, etc.
Has done great on a 1.5 site and now on this new 2.5 one.
Highly recommended. Excellent work.
Reviews: 4
I just now found this plugin through Google search, downloaded, installed and wow! My PageSpeed increased from 68 to 88 immediately, the Performance Grader shows value from 18 sec to 9!

So, thank you guys for the development I will suggest the use of your plugin to all of my Joomla-using clients!
Reviews: 3
I downloaded, installed, configured and tested speed on google in less than 3 minutes. My google PageSpeed went from 47 to 90!
Reviews: 3
Thanks for this plugin, my site page speed increased from 76 to 91.. Cool.. huh..!!

But site gave a 500 error for some sprite image setting enabled.. Doesnt matter.. :)

My site is very fast now.. Thanks for the developer.. JCH optimize rocks..
Reviews: 1
Outstanding! My website was running 4 - 5 seconds, and now it is quite fast. On the Chrome browser, response time is about 1 second, on Firefox about 1 1/2 to 2 seconds until enough appears to be usable. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 4
This extension needs a severe donation.

Thanks to this I've solved some javascript problems that were preventing me to load another extensions.

Thanks, a donation mandatory :)
Reviews: 1
Unlike all the other optimizing extensions that we have tried sofar, this one is working very well.
We have been using the CSS & JS concatenation feature for 3 months and we haven't had any problem despite using a lot of cutsom JS, CSS and many extensions.
Thanks for sharing your work!
Reviews: 4
Well it is something that cannot be described in words, it has reduced work of 20 Hours in just 20 Seconds.

Install it, enable it and your site speed is UP by 20% atleast, guaranteed. :)

Thanks Samuel for the great plugin.
Reviews: 14
Very good, Google's page speed increased from 64 to 84. Nothing more to say ;)
Reviews: 1
Very good job,this module warks perfect!!!!Easy to install,easy to configure.....Thanks!!!!
Reviews: 2
I have tried almost all plugins listed on JED that are supposed to cache, minify and compress CSS and JS files, but none has worked properly, though I gave myself time to set them, but this one. Almost all option one needs are there. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 1
Best of it's class, and I say this after trying quite a few plugins that have a similar function. The ability to customize the optimizations is great, however the ability to exclude certain parts as needed is even better. This allows your pages and modules to work where the other plugins would break some functionality.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is very easy to work with out of the box. I was afraid I would have a number of JS or loading conflicts, but I have not had any. Great plugin!
Reviews: 2
Testing my site with google's PageSpeed Insights before installing this plug-in and after, improved my PageSpeed score with 16 point, which is great! Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work! :-)
Reviews: 4
Very Good extension !! It's very life time saver and usefull !!

Thanks for the work,
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