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JCH Optimize Plugin

Speed up your Joomla! website instantly with JCH Optimize. This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize expensive http requests. These files can be minified and gzipped to reduce bandwidth and further optimize download time. Typical results after plugin is configured with optimum settings for your site is a 6-10 point jump on Page Speed. This results in enhanced user experience and can favourably affect website traffic and Google ranking.

Major Features

- Combine javascript/css files into one
- Combine background images in a sprite
- Minify (Compress) and gzip aggregated files
- Exclude individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well
- Can defer javascript or place at end of page for optimized download


- Fixed 'File not found' error on some sites regarding the link toi the combined file that caused sites to appear without CSS and Javscript.
- Fixed Backend not showing correctly in some sites dur to the addition of the multiselect exclude options.
- Improved error handling in the backend.

- Regexes optimized to enable the plugin to run much faster
- Support for cURL added to access files on external server and php generated CSS/Js files.
- Multiselect options now available in backend to select files/extension to exclude from aggregation. This requires cURL or allow_url_fopen to be enabled, otherwise you'll get a textarea to type in the file/extension names.
- Update server added for automatic updates.
- Using Joomla! API to access the cached combined file.
- Added support for deflate to compress combined file if supported by server and browser.
- Default option to automatically detect support for url rewriting on installed server so query can be removed from the JCH generated link to combined file to enable proxy caching.
- Support for data URIs added.
- Support for Google Maps improved.
- Support for email cloaking added.

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Reviews: 2
Hi, the plugin is certainly the best of it's type, everything is good but i meet just one problem.

When i use the combine javascript and want to put all the javascript to the tag, the script didn't apply this rule for the javascript in page, then it do errors for somes.

One thing of this good plugin its to have the possibility to class by customized order the javascript, but with the problem mentionned above we loose the capacity to have an perfect perfect plugin.

If the owner of the plugin can read this and add two options as:

- Keep order (for javascript) in this case we dont have to customize the order if we want to keep the same order as by default

- Take the inline javascript to the after the combined js with jch

I want to add that this plugin is really the best i tried, and i tried a lot, and somtimes i payed for :). I wiil pay for those two options :) thanks a lot
Reviews: 3

First I want to congratulate for the excellent tool, the results in the loading speed of pages has been impressive, my system is Joomla 2.5.

Only I could not use the "sprite generator", when active shows the following error message in the "Front End":

Fatal error: __clone method called on non-object in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/plugins/system/jch_optimize/jch_optimize.php on line 651

Best Regards,

Owner's reply

Oops..looked like I introduced a bug in the last release (2.0.1)..sorry about that. If you remove the 'clone' keyword from line 651 on jch_optimize.php it should work OK. Gonna try and make another release soon.

Reviews: 1
I've been working with Joomla for about 2 years now as a web developer and recently built out, what turned out to be, a rather slow site. Google Analytics was reporting average page load times of 7 seconds...

Knowing that there were cache issues with v1.5 -- I did some searching and found this plug-in. Installed and started flipping the options on.

The site now loads pages on average in under 1 second. It's magical. A 7X IMPROVEMENT

What an awesome extension.

Thank you JCH Optimize!
Reviews: 2
I've been using joomla and building sites for Clients for 3 years. Now doing a magazine type blog and page load speed was a top priority. I tried SEO techniques, combining my CSS, manually editing the templates to have javascript defered but all proved just not good enough.

Tried JCH, and wow!!! WOW!!! At first site went off and had to get my browser dns and got hosting staff to clear server dns, then started to add settings one at a time.

Am now down to 0.43 secs from initially 18secs!!!

I give this plugin a No. 1 rating in joomla 'To haves'

Thanks to the developer
Reviews: 2
It didn't work for me. I followed their directions in setting it up and addressed all of the possible problems mentioned. I tested a before and after with three different site performance sites.

There was a zero improvement in page speed and zero reduction in HTTP requests. I did contact support, but there was no reply.
Reviews: 3
This is an important issue with this plugin. When intsalled a number of users have reported that the JCE editor stops displaying tollbar rendering content editing impossible. The support group of this plugin have accepted a ticket relating to the problem but at the time of posting this review the problem has not been solved.
Owner's reply

Works for me when I set the option 'Position combined file' to 'First found javascript tag'

Reviews: 6
Working perfect, easy to instal and configure.Great 10X to develper
Reviews: 7
Significantly improves the loading speed of your website!
Reviews: 15
I'm so happy. My site was sooo slow. And now it loads so much faster. Yay. Thank you for this superb extension. Very satisfied. :)
Reviews: 4
Installed JHC optimize to my joomla site and really improved the site's performance, tested also with Sigplus photo gallery extension does not work with "Combine JavaScript Files" enabled, needs manual exclusion of sigplus' js files. I will do it when i have time. Congratulations for this useful extension!
Reviews: 6
My site was taken 28-30 seconds according to a site performance website. But after installing and tinkering around with the plugin, the loading time was reduced to 9 seconds. For some other sites of my mine which are not that heavy it has come down to a mere 3 seconds!

This product is magical! This product absolutely has no cons and is very flexible in terms of which files to include and not include.

Although I find that I still have 5 css files, which should be combined to 1. I am sure I will figure it out soon!

My recommendation is to definitely install this!
Reviews: 99
Excellent extension! I am very impressed. I was worried that it would conflict with javascripts and such which for the first few seconds it did. Then I found a option for disabling combining javascripts which fixed the problem instantly! This extension was more simple but highly functional that I had anticipated. This certainly sped up my site as it said it would. Tested it with internet explorer too which works just fine for viewing.
Thank you for this nice extension!
Reviews: 1
I've been using JCG Optimize in joomla 1.5 with a great success, now also in joomla 1.7!!
Reviews: 2
I recently redid our site which was pretty extensive on graphics+css. Needless to say, the avg reported load time on various load testing sites was anywhere from 14 to 18seconds! Unacceptable. I decided to try out JCH-Optimize and after a couple of days of tweaking it brought us down to sub 5 seconds which is incredible for our site!

JCH-Optimize is an app people normally would pay huge sums of money for, and even if it does end up commercial some day, I would still rank this in the top of required apps to have!

Get it today!
Reviews: 14
What can I say this extension is great.
I used
to benchmark my site all my joomla sites was D-grade and between 7-12secs

Install the plugin for my version of Joomla. click one of the radio buttons to yes, test the site and benchmark. It is as easy as that.

Oh, unsure but I got it down to 4 secs then went to global config, clicked yes for GZIP and cache for site benched marked downed to 3secs.

I then went back to plugin clicked GZIP to yes benched marked down to 2 secs.

All my sites are now between 2-4 secs, I did not think it was possible with Joolma.

Now does this come as non-joomla as I do have 2 sites that seriously needs tobe optimised.

Fantastic, great will done on this plugin.
Reviews: 15
WOW! I tried a bunch of things, including caching and a few other techniques out there. This plugin had me go from a D to a B within a few tries in optimizing.

Simply put, AWESOME!!!
Reviews: 2
After 5 years of developing websites based on Joomla! CMS, after thousands and thousands hours wasted to SEO, SEF and code optimisation, after tested and used all major Joomla! extension and thousands those less important, I have right to say that JCH Optimizer is ONE OF TOP 5 Joomla! extension. Just for record, ySlow grade on some of my sites where I had need to install and use that kind of extension is dramatically jumps up from grade "E" and to "A" and "B".
Reviews: 14
I've tried all of the site performance plugins and this one definitely works the best for me. I would give it 5 stars if I could get the css minify to work on one of sites, which is extremely complex. Great work!
Reviews: 6
Just installed the plugin on a J1.6 site and the speed increase was drastic.

Don't wait install now!
Reviews: 29
If your template dose not have any compression plugin, that this is the best way to solve problem with optimization of CSS and JS. It is better way to minify and compress files than do this manually, because you have still clear code for development. It can significantly reduce page loading time.
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