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ScriptMerge ComponentPlugin

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The ScriptMerge plugin is a Joomla! System Plugin that merges all the CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files on your Joomla! page into one single file, which means that the browser only needs to download one single file for CSS and one single file for JavaScript instead of dozens of small files. This decreases the number of HTTP requests and therefor optimizes the bandwidth of your site. In other words: It speeds up the site from the perspective of the visitor.

But Script Merge offers more than just merging and compressing files. It also adds support for WebP, data URIs (using images not as separate files, but as data-streams within CSS), HTML-compression and third party minification-libraries.

The backend-options allow you to be extremely flexible: You can exclude specific CSS- and JS-files, but also exclude specific pages (components, Menu-Items).

This is one of the most powerful tools you will need to optimize your Joomla! site.

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Reviews: 6
Excellent flexible plugin that makes your code much much tidier;
Thanks a lot for this!
Reviews: 5
This plugin does the job (merging CSS & JS) which increases your website's speed. The plugin has many parameters to fully tailor your merging needs (e.g. exclude some JS file).

Note: If you encounter any issue with this plugin, go to Joomla's Plugin Manager and moved this system plugin to the end of the system plugins.
Reviews: 5
... whenever you have some javascripts, and you want to get your webpage faster to client's device. Only thing, that i don't know, is how to use excluding option of specific files in plugin configuration.
Reviews: 4
Tested Load Time Page Size Requests Page Speed
April 9 21:43:27 2.41 s 3.2 MB 125 57
April 9 21:43:12 2.68 s 3.2 MB 125 57
April 9 21:35:58 36.27 s 3.2 MB 93 65
April 9 21:11:20 25.93 s 3.2 MB 124 55

Took me from over 30s down to under 3s
Reviews: 4
I have used a few optimisers available and this is one of the best, if not the best. Great work dude.

Up and running just by enabling it. I found it easy to tweak the plugin settings, some trial and error as the temlate uses less compliler so I would recommend that for some template providers that the template css is excluded.

All in all, very easy to use.
Reviews: 2
In all honesty I did not think it would work.

I have tons of custom JS files as well as Fabrik JS files and Joomla! standard JS files. I thought the site would break!

But it did not. Awesome plugin man. Great work.

Reviews: 6
Good job my site is faster now and look green in the google page speed.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin - easy to use and easy to customise.
I was lost at first by the lack of configuration on the component page. A not there pointing to the plugin page would be a nice touch.
Reviews: 4
Well I tried the rest, now I found the best. Well done on a fantastic plugin!
Reviews: 3
Installed and worked well when other extensions didn't work.

Reviews: 3
I tried all the rest and they gave me nothing but headaches and break my site badly.

This plugin is well written with the flexibility to be useful where I want it and how I want it used. It will require a little tweaking as per the sites needs but does the job very well when done.

Massive improvements in pagespeed results from 60/100 to 99/100 and Yslow results from 50/100 to 91/100 when used in combination with server mod_deflate enabled and htaccess setup correctly to utilise Gzip compression.

Support was not needed at anytime as the plugin is self explanatory by mousing over the options.

This plugin is the icing on the cake to speed up your site.

Well done to the developer and thank you for such a thoughtful and useful plugin.
Reviews: 1
Best optimization plugin out there!!!!!
Google page speed go's up from 54 to 99 score!!!
Hello this is the best optimazation plugin for joomla out there!!!
I just adjusted/improved the plugin and put that version on there forum. it now compress js and css verry good. and i added 7 options to the plugin so you can now 1: reverse order js/css combined files. 2: put defer on or of. 3: exlude defer for specific pages. 4: choose which compression code you like to use. 5: minify css. 6: minify js. 7: position js where ever you like. The adjusted plugin and component you can download from the yireo forum: Scripmerge extended nonvalid css and js(SOLVED)
It is not yet a official release because the want to test it first. Be quick Dont miss it.
Reviews: 1
Although there are lots of extensions like this one out there , this one is the only one that worked for me out of the box. I have a lot of java and css files on my site and other extensions like this usually break my site. For some reason they don't seem to play well with site caching. This is a great extension for someone that either does not have time to debug a more complicated extension or does not know how to.
Reviews: 5
I used other similar extensions in the past but this one really does the job!
My website this time speeded up! Thanks
Reviews: 1
i have installed this extension to joomla 1.7, but it's component not become to component menu.
what is the problem !
Owner's reply

This is the review-section of the JED, not a support-forum. If you need support, it's best to click on the support-button. To answer your question, there is no backend-page because this component does not need one.

Reviews: 1
I have tried many extensions such as JCH Optimize, jfinalizer etc., but your extension was pleasant to me most of all! All is simple and effective! Thanks.
Reviews: 16
Simple great plug-in, that is doing its job perfectly. Thank you! I will use it from now on.
Reviews: 3
The script is a good idea. However with an empty Exclude JS list (in admin) the script crashes and the page will nog be displayed.
Also a javascript error on the page is found: missing } in mootools.js lien 59.
Owner's reply

If you require support, it's best to post at our support forum. A bad review is not something we can fix.

Reviews: 4
performance improved significantly, more obvious than all other ones I've ever tired. thanks!