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RokBooster Plugin

Increase the speed of your site by enabling the RokBooster plug-in. This advanced extensions will compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript into as few files as possible each.

RokBooster can dramatically reduce the number of HTTP calls a browser has to make, and sending those compressed files GZipped means your pages will load faster with less load on your server.

★ Features

— Combine and compress CSS and JavaScript into as few files as possible
— GZip compression used to send CSS and JavaScript files
— Compress Inline CSS and JavaScript
— Customizable cache timeout
— Background rendering, so initial file processing won't slow your users down
— Full page scan allows for non-header JavaScript and CSS to be included
— Ability to ignore specific CSS and JavaScript files

Below you will find images of our demo website before and after enabling RokBooster.

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Reviews: 5
Thank you very much for sharing this awesome plugin.
Reviews: 13
We used RokBooster on a Rockettheme Gantry template itself . I was very much excited after looking at its backend parameters screen, and thought, this is the one, which I was always looking for.

But sadly, after I activated it, Pingdom and Google Page Speed could not reach the website.

And when I refreshed, all the css got jacked up .

To my understanding, there can be never a complete 100% perfect compression app for Joomla.
Owner's reply

This issue is typically associated with server permissions. Therefore, in version 1.1.5, we added the ability to change the permissions of the compressed files from 755/644 to 775/664, which are necessary for some servers. Therefore, I suggest that you try that in RokBooster's Advanced Options, clear your cache, refresh and see if it works.

Feel free to contact us at and if you have posted in our forum, please provide a link to your post in email. We'll be happy to look into it.

Reviews: 2
Excelent plugin. I created my Joomla 3.0 website and works perfect. I haved 72 point en pagespeed and now 92. Great. Thank you
Reviews: 14
I have been working on several web sites lately that needed compression of the js and css files. Several plugins/components broke my sites layout - this was the first one to more or less work out of the box.
The only issue I had was with Virtuemart pages not displaying, but a quick search in their forums provided me with the answer.
Reviews: 4
I use this application with a Joomla 1.7 site and Firefox.

The new steelsheets is generated but the CSS code is not working with Firefox (and maybe other browser...)
Reviews: 16
After messing around with the settings for a while and going over documentation, I gathered that this "booster" actually slows my site down rather than speed it up. With speed of sites becoming ever more important, I will not take my chances with this. The support was awful.