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Joomina PreLoader Plugin

Joomina PreLoader displays a loading animation until the browser fetched the whole web content and will fade out the moment the page has been completely cached. Because the simplicity of this plugin, it can be easily customized and adapted to your needs.
Some Times you have to put large Image or any heavy content in your website and your visitor have to see withe page until full page loaded . This is boring and may be they leave your web site , this plugin could be solution .
Thank to Gaya Kessler for QueryLoader2

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Reviews: 1
This plugin installed just fine, but never worked on my 2.5 Joomla website. I tried many variations to make it work but nothing.
Great idea, if only it worked.
Reviews: 7
This is a great idea! Unfortunately, after installing this plug-in both the site's front and back-ends became inaccessible immediately after enabling this plug-in. Attempting either front or back end access, my browser would report "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression."
After disabling the plugin via phpmyadmin, the site returned.
Reviews: 3
Not so compatible
I've installed it on my J! 2.5 installation and it crashed my site.
Although I could go back using browser and deactivated the plugin manually clicking the green circle at administration CP, my site became unavailable.
Good idea, but not complete.
Reviews: 17
The idea of this plugin is just awesome as I think it is the only Joomla plugin offering such feature, however, I also confirm that the plugin does not work on Joomla 3.xx, I have installed it on my Joomla 3.2 website and nothing happens on the home page. Guess the developer of this plugin should review its compatibility to Joomla 3.x.
Reviews: 1
I have tried it but it doesn't work with joomla 3.x
Reviews: 4
Hello, It's cool, but I think there is a problem, The Numeral loader of this plugin shows 100% while the images of page does not completely load!
Reviews: 1
I've used this plugin. It is very beautiful. It is pleasant page loading for users. Thank you for publishing this plugin
Reviews: 3
Since my I am on a shared hosting, this plugin does the job! At peak hours, visitors now know they don't wait in vain.
Installed and working under 60 seconds.

1 remark though: If you don't scroll down on the Joomina site, you better understand Arabic :)
Owner's reply

Thank you For Your Review.
It is Not Arabic ! It Is Persian :-)