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Content Optimizer Plugin

Optimizes images on content pages by caching, optimizing, and resizing them. Making images look better, and saves bandwidth!

= Feature Info =

Image support:
This is intended for:
-People who don’t know how to, or want to scale images on pages by hand.
-People that don’t know how to convert from formats like BMP to a compressed format like JPG.

Rather than waste space this plug-in resizes, and optimizes all images!


DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg - 3300px × 5100px at 3,333.2 KB

But you only want to display the image at 480px × 742px. That’s 3mb for each download! And browsers like IE make the images look ugly when scaled! If you are paying for bandwidth, or on a low bandwidth server, this can be a real pain!

Your options?
1) Resize your images before you upload them all. (But others must have to know how to do this, and it takes time, and even more if you have many sizes of the same image.)
2) Use this plug-in, and save yourself time!

Even if you use option 1, you should use this plug-in because it stops mistakes.

DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg 3300px × 5100px at 3,333.2 KB:

After installing plug-in:
/plugins/content/contentoptimizer/DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg is 480px × 742px at 51.75 KB:

This is all automatic now! Saving you time and money! This plug-in is a must have! More feature to come in the future! (Read about the alpha version)

= Requirements =
-Disk write access for plugins/content/contentoptimizer/ (There will be database storage for the Alpha version)
-GD version 2+
-XMLReader is included and enabled as of PHP 5.1.0 by default.
-Your memory_limit must be high enough for your images to be processed. (Or the will be skiped)

= Know working server providers =
-Godaddy Webhosting

(Contact if you wish to add your hosting provider to the list)

This module was designed by the web designers at Digihaven Saskatoon Web Design. We fond that lots of our clients like this easy to use solution on their websites. We hope that other web designers find it useful.

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Reviews: 3
Very great extension and support.
Many thanks to James for helped me to solve some issuses of my web
Reviews: 4
I can't create my account to download the extension. I've tried several browsers and it asks for a CAPTCHA that doesn't exists.
Reviews: 1
I tried your extension it's excellent .
Its only problem it doesn't support french or utf-8 character .
Owner's reply

We and others use our own plugin on a couple of french sites. So we know it works. Your template is incorrectly configured. You must add UTF-8 definitions to the your own template. If your did volatile HTML standards then add xml header with encoding="utf-8" and meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8". This is the proper way HTML and templates work. Templates are a user problem not ours, since you can program your own templates and use other vendors that volatile HTML standards.

Reviews: 12
From what i can see it is a very good plugin but there seems to be issues with instalation and downloads from the developers site.

Looking forward to thoroughly testing it.
Reviews: 12
This plug in is awesome. before I was using manual sizing process but some images can't be sized, and i need bigger image size in one of the other areas. so this plugin helps dropped my file sizes quite a bit. noticed that if was making my template look bad, but that was error on my part, with CSS.
Reviews: 3
So nice to have such an elegant solution that it basically goes about its work unnoticed. Had a few questions, which Adam answered clearly and timeously. Happy enough to go for the Commercial version.
Reviews: 10
Excellent for expert (when on a hurry) aswell for your clients wich shouldn't bother with image size.
Reviews: 7
I love this for client sites. It seems any time you open up a site to receive content by the end user, it always ends up with those 10 MPiX files being sized to display at 320x240 ;)

So, this plugin is fantastic! Not only does it make my server happy, but it keeps the site looking better, loading faster, and gives us the opportunity to say to the customer "Don't worry about the file size or format: just upload it and let the backend do the rest".

Only thing I'd love to see is support for other images, not just content items. If this plugin could also do the images found in modules and even the site's template images, I'd be even more happy.

Reviews: 1
works every time with no conflicts like other caching plugins have
Reviews: 3
This plugin rocks!!
Reviews: 3
Hello I have used this for a few days. First point is it's made my site very quick and it works with easy setup

Problem: I get this error
Warning: getimagesize(../../../images/image_up/image 004.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/plugins/content/contentoptimizer.php on line 189

If there were a way to exclude articles or something along those lines I would recommend this plugin unfortunately it's glitchy and on a big site it's hard to keep your eye on this.

I'm sure an easy added article exclusion list would make this a great plugin
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded this thinking... well I can just uninstall it if it doesn't seem to deliver. I am on a hosted server, I installed it. It does exactly what it says. Pages are loading much, much faster.

I would also say that the published notes make this seem more challenging then it is. Thank you so much, you know it's one thing to create something that's useful but giving us a way to easily share content faster... thank you!!!!

This is truely a fire and forget plugin!
Reviews: 5
i like idea of this plugin and i want to use it, but this plugin cant handle slashes. Thing is that when you pick photo with content editor then automatically comes slash before picture path (/image/stories/picture.jpg)... and it is nonsens that i must edit all articles and remove that slash from articles what my community adding to the portal.
Reviews: 1
Works well, a very smart plugin, thank you.
Reviews: 1
One drawback for me is that if a photo has the same name but are in different folders, you just optimize the first photo. So that makes you any photo not repeat the name.

As for more, to encourage this plugin to adapt not only the content but other extensions such as forums. thanks ...
Reviews: 6
This is a very good piece of work, it shaved off about 1-2 seconds of load time off my website, but it also added 2 seconds to my JCE editors article save timing...

I am using this with RokZip and both combined saves me about at most 6 seconds load time, but I think the author should make it work / make it more compatible with RokZip
Reviews: 1
I don't even know what to say... I have this running on my site and without any intervention on my part, my site is loading 7 seconds faster.

I used to check my page loads and my site was at 8.6 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after.
Reviews: 1
This is one of those plugins that once installed and turned, you will completely forget it exists. It is one of the most elegant solutions to this problem that I've seen in a long time.
Reviews: 2
Swift installation and fast performance it really makes your site fast. Thanks
Reviews: 7
I have a lot of images on my site and have tried a lot of things to reduce the time it takes to load them. Thank you for this wonderful plugin that has optimized my images so easily- 6 stars.
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