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Content Optimizer Plugin

Optimizes images on content pages by caching, optimizing, and resizing them. Making images look better, and saves bandwidth!

= Feature Info =

Image support:
This is intended for:
-People who don’t know how to, or want to scale images on pages by hand.
-People that don’t know how to convert from formats like BMP to a compressed format like JPG.

Rather than waste space this plug-in resizes, and optimizes all images!


DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg - 3300px × 5100px at 3,333.2 KB

But you only want to display the image at 480px × 742px. That’s 3mb for each download! And browsers like IE make the images look ugly when scaled! If you are paying for bandwidth, or on a low bandwidth server, this can be a real pain!

Your options?
1) Resize your images before you upload them all. (But others must have to know how to do this, and it takes time, and even more if you have many sizes of the same image.)
2) Use this plug-in, and save yourself time!

Even if you use option 1, you should use this plug-in because it stops mistakes.

DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg 3300px × 5100px at 3,333.2 KB:

After installing plug-in:
/plugins/content/contentoptimizer/DigihavenSaskatoonWebDesign.jpg is 480px × 742px at 51.75 KB:

This is all automatic now! Saving you time and money! This plug-in is a must have! More feature to come in the future! (Read about the alpha version)

= Requirements =
-Disk write access for plugins/content/contentoptimizer/ (There will be database storage for the Alpha version)
-GD version 2+
-XMLReader is included and enabled as of PHP 5.1.0 by default.
-Your memory_limit must be high enough for your images to be processed. (Or the will be skiped)

= Know working server providers =
-Godaddy Webhosting

(Contact if you wish to add your hosting provider to the list)

This module was designed by the web designers at Digihaven Saskatoon Web Design. We fond that lots of our clients like this easy to use solution on their websites. We hope that other web designers find it useful.

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Reviews: 1
A nice collection of tools to organize and customize. Looking forward to your other seo projects, Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Great plugin, exactly what I was missing in joomla from the very beginning! Don´t touches the original files but is rendering the images delivered to the clients and you don´t even notice it!
Reviews: 5
This plugin is very excellent
all websites should install it
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a tool just like that and was able to make it work with some mods. The converted images really look very good, uncomparable to the browser-resized version. Not to mention the filesize. Only drawback I found till now is if you use the same image on several pages Content Optimizer converts a version for every page. Apart from that: Excellent!
Reviews: 4
I had no idea how badly my images were optimised, and how lazy I was being. But this plugin is brilliant, easy install pretty much no configuration required but it dramatically improved the load time on my website. Using a website load time speed test that checks load times from all over the world without this plugin enabled most load time were about 3-6 seconds with the highest loaf time from LA was 15 seconds. With the plugin enabled the average load time was 0-2 seconds with the highest time being from China at 6 seconds.

Every Joomla website should have this plugin installed. Thanks
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