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Core Design Scriptegrator Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Plugin loads some JavaScript libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, Highslide etc.) to website.
It's a core plugin for a most of our other extensions.

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Reviews: 5
this extension is good, work smoothly and usefull for many other plugins of Core Design, i use 2 diff extension, easy to install, easy to use.
Reviews: 6
Its more work than necessary when you have to install supplemental Javascript libraries. It means two downloads, two installations, two plugins then it works. And it does work nicely, from first look.
The the captcha has a back link, which can be removed, I guess, since its a GPL license, but why do I have dig?
It would be nice to be able to change the instructions/intro text, esp. since the English is not very good in the default text. (Sorry!)
It does work with a lot of different extensions, as listed in the plugin parameters. There are a lot of captcha options available now though, so I'm going to keep looking....
Reviews: 14
Sorry for the rating but I can not send you a message for a bug.

Anyway I installed it works fine but in create an article page it moves the editor to the right in Firefox. In IE it ok, I think it maybe a css issue but I do not understand firebug.

I must admit that the plugins are really good and work well. So for now I have left on the site as it is still in beta.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded Core Design Login module, which to my surprise only works with the Core Design Scriptegrator plugin.

I tried downloading the Scriptegrator and found that it is only available to paying members!

The official website says: "Public update will be available a few weeks later."

This plugin is commercial and not-free!!!
Owner's reply

Compatible version of Scriptegrator plugin is always available absolutely for free. All latest updates are available for membership users at first, then for public.

Reviews: 2
There is a java conflict between this plugin and motools upgrade that I don't seem able to solve.

If I publish Core Design Scriptegrator plugin, then my kunena forum will not have emoticons & text edition (bold, italic, etc.)

If I don't publish Core Design Scriptegrator plugin then my breezing forms & login module will not display.

Is there a way to solve this without giving up anything?

I posted this question on kunena forum with no actual solution other than contact author of Core Design Scriptegator :

thanks, I love the plug in, but this conflict is a headache
Reviews: 1
This is such a great extension but its a shame it doesn't works under IE as in Firefox that works like a charm! and there's no support for this kind of issue.
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm not sure what do you mean exactly by "it does not work under IE". Please contact our support forum first. Thank you.

Reviews: 1
After installing, images wouldn't appear on my site. Problem didn't go away after deleting the plugin.

When trying a new extension one always risks that there may be a conflict. Normally, one can just delete the harmful plugin and everything goes back to normal. Not so with this application!
There's no documentation on the company's site available to fix this known problem either, which makes it even more frustrating. It's already wasted hours trying to fix and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix my site. Had I seen the other comments from other people who experienced the same thing I would have steered far away from this company's application. I suggest you do to.
Owner's reply

I don't think this issue is caused by Scriptegrator plugin.
This extension doesn't modify images or event the path to the images.
You're the first one who announced issue like that (on our forum).

Reviews: 5
I use this plugin with cdcaptcha, work very well.
But the important think is the support of core design, answers always on time and ready to solve problems.

Reviews: 20
I just wish that this guy could make all those nice Jquery plugins,modules like CD login etc using Mootools instead and I will give you a 5 star.

As now there is too much conflicts with other javascript liberaries when your site grows and you also want to tune it with cache tools.

If you use it I also suggest you also to test your web site performance before ie with Yslow Firefox addon and after you have installed some of these scripts and you will see the results that is not so nice with highslide, jqueries installed conflicting scrip.
Reviews: 4
i love this extensions and some other extensions from this developer.. here it says already updated to version 1.5.2 but when i wanted to download it, it is downloading the version 1.5.1 and when i visit the website, it says only full membership is allowed to download the version 1.5.2.. hope u fix this issue, thanks
Owner's reply

Hi, update for Scriptegrator plugin is available for Membership users at first, then a few weeks later for public.

Reviews: 4
Be careful!!! this plugin conflicts with many other extensions, even after it is uninstalled! I struggled hard to get back to the original status. Although it may be a good plugin, but there should be a warning like this, in case somebody may be misled by reviews below like me.
Owner's reply

The jQuery library in Scriptegrator plugin can be conflicted with other jQuery based extension.
Of course in case you uninstalled this plugin, he is no longer active on your site. So I don't know what did you mean by "even after it is uninstalled".

Reviews: 13
I simply installed this module and without doing anything else, all pages, including a photo library, load 10x faster. Amazing app... kudos and thanks to the developer(s) for this contribution.
Reviews: 1
WOW! Great work my page speeds up like F1!!!
Reviews: 47
The best of the bests. Great Work.

Does it slows the site by any chance, as i was experiencing some performance issues since installed.
Reviews: 3
Made my portal somehow load 10 times faster!

Great plugin. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
Yeah, I wonder too. This script is so great, no conflicts, no problems. Just smoothly running the other great stuff from Core Design. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
P.S. if they make it commercial I`ll buy it.
Reviews: 2
This is a prerequisite for some of the author's other plugins and modules. I use it with Magic Tabs.
At first, I feared that this would conflict with my other Javascript plugins, a problem that is apparently not uncommon. So far, it's been working great, with no conflicts.
Even though the author has responded quickly to my problems his own site's pages load very slowly. He needs to fix this.