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Work Force is a staff/employee listing component. Create departments and add employees to display your company's staff along with images, bios, availability, and contact information. Use email cloaking to hide your employees' email addresses from spammers and an optional contact form with captcha security.

Work Force allows companies to show off their staff in a clean, spam-fighting layout.

Work Force features include:

* Department views with overview and optional department icon/image
* Employee profile view with employee bio, photo, contact information and optional captcha secured contact form per employee
* Easy-upload or select of images for departments and employees right from your admin editing view.
* Name and department keyword filtering to find employees quickly
* Front-end keyword filtering and sorting
* Employee email cloaking to avoid harvesting of email addresses
* Employee pagination per department - set in the configuration
* Custom CSS editing via admin panel
* Very easy to customize to suit your site perfectly

New v1.5.3 features include:

* Front end profile editing - employees can now edit their own profiles via site front-end
* Copy/Move multiple employees to other departments
* All departments view with optional employee listing
* vCard download feature
* Improved ordering, searching, and routing
* Default options to expedite addition of new employees
* Clone feature to copy employees quickly
* Menu item as well as global parameters
* More display options
* And more...

New Features for J2.5 version:

* Optional Google maps per employee
* Social media fields - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn
* More flexible front end editing
* Mobile plugin for better display on mobile devices
* QR code plugin

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Reviews: 2
I cant say enough good things about this extension. Very easy to configure with plenty of options out of the box. The layout looks beautiful and you'll be up and running in minutes. The support is what really amazes me, I have received exceptional treatment and they went the extra mile for me. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Sincerely, I would never have managed to get my website working without this extension... The client wanted a directory, with a specific look&feel, just because a contender already had it... Not only Workforce worked well out of the box, but also it proved to be quite easy to personalize (the code is quite accessible), and the support was just perfect, helping me sort out each issue in a few hours. I always prefer open-source solutions, but I'm glad I spent a few bucks on this one.
Reviews: 1
Works perfectly out the box, support is tops, no doubt one of the best and useful extensions I have used ;) Thanks again
Reviews: 6
This extension "rocks the house"!!!!!!

Easy to use. Very intuitive!

The support offered is AMAZING, ACCURATE, FRIENDLY & TIMELY!

Very well thought out and well done!

Leonard Michael
Reviews: 5
I had been going nuts with some CCK products, trying to make them work the way I wanted as a biz directory. I've used IProperty by these guys, which is great so I thought I'd give this a try. Easy to install and configure. Was up and running in under 5 minutes and is the ideal solution for my application.
Reviews: 7
Amazing component! Although it lacks some features, as any software, everything is covered with their awesome support.
Reviews: 1
This is a nice extension if it is not commercial. Clear layout, nice structured MVC coding. However,
the last update is almost 1 years ago,a lot of key features are always in developing.

New update, this extension doesn't work with joomla 1.6
Owner's reply

Just a note for others - this review was left before we ever claimed to have a Joomla 1.6 compatible version. We now have a 1.6 release available!

Reviews: 1
A clean, easy-to-use solution for listing employees. I sent a few questions to the developers about needing a custom module... and they made that too! I'm impressed. Thanks Thinkery, you have my vote.
Reviews: 4
Great product. When I did have a problem with a configuration (server) issue, the support team worked with me and came up with a solution. Much appreciated.
Reviews: 1
Found a small bug in the extension, posted question on their forum. Vinny got back to me immediately and updated and fixed the code within 24 hours.

Superb component, simple to use and works beautifully. Well done guys.
Reviews: 3
WorkForce is a great product - very easy to use and even easier to install. Support is excellent and very quick. Well worth the small purchase cost.
Reviews: 1
This component delivers on its promises, perfect for listing my staff! Recommend this component to all!
Reviews: 1
This component works well on its own. However if you try to embed some dynamic flash content (regardless of embedding technique) anywhere on a page that is also running work force, your flash content will be blocked. Similarly if you are running a flash based joomla plugin anywhere on a page that is also running work force, you flash content will again be blocked.

Running flash ads, menus, and content is crucial to a significant number of websites. This component renders them all useless. Had i know about this incompatibility i would not have purchased.

I hope the developer can come up with a fix in an update.
Reviews: 2
As advertised, did exactly what it said it would do with a great design. When I did face an issue, support was on it immediately! Great, thanks.
Reviews: 1
This is the best staff directory component I've found. While there are some features missing at this point that I'd like (Joomla Search plug-in, department separation), overall I think this is a great component. The developers are very responsive to forums, and seem to be actively improving and adding to their product. Definitely recommended!
Reviews: 1
The component works like a charm, and minor personal tweaks was a welcome. I had a minor problem with the email and Vincent fixed it overnight. I hope he gets paid overtime. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Thinkery's Workforce is just what I needed to show golf pros on our website. It was easy to install and configure and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Reviews: 2
This is a great tool to show employees with a contact form. Although this component could use a couple more features that I hope they will include in the next releases, I would recommend it time and again. Their support is fantastic. I had several questions & Vinnie answered them immediately.

Way to go, Thinkery!
Reviews: 2
Software was easy to install. I had some questions and I got great support right away to custumize the look to the way I wanted. The contact form is a nice plus. An excellent piece of work once it includes some documentation.
Reviews: 8
I've been using a similar component (staffmaster) for a little over a year now, and have fought through it's shortcomings. Now here comes Work Force which, at first glance, looks very promising.

Workforce has a nice clean frontend interface, and individual contact forms for each employee. Each employee has his/her own bio,photo, phone number, fax number, address, email etc. The backend (admin) side of things is nice and clean too. Mostly self explanitory, very easy to navigate, understand and configure. However, this simplicity is a bit of a shortcoming too.

Once setup, you can only choose to display either a single department, a single employee, or the entire staff. Selecting the entire staff is where Work Force falls short. There is no easy way to arrange, the departments or employees in any kind of heirarchy. For example. If you would like to put your companies administration team at the top of the page, with the President first, followed by the Vice-presidents, etc... it can not be done.

There is a brief post on their forums about arranging the departments/employees to your liking, which states is not that difficult if you understand Joomla and php. I'm sure that it could be done fairly easily, but not by me.

Overall Work Force has some strong potential, and may work out of the box for some people. I hope that development continues and more flexibility becomes available. A good job out of the gate for Thinkery, I'm looking forward to future releases though.
Owner's reply

Hi Jakebls--

Thanks for your review. Sorry you found it confusing to arrange the order of your employees.

However, you certainly can arrange the order of employees as you like. Basically employees of a given department appear in the admin exactly like any normal Joomla objects (menu items, articles etc.)-- just use the arrows or the ordering numbers for a given employee to assign their place within the department list.

The post on the forum you're referring to relates to putting multiple departments on a singe page, which does take a modification to the PHP file and will be improved in future releases.