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eTree is now Joomla 2.5

We have added an import/export function and pagination for large sites.

New Featured eTree module included in new installation, downlaod today, enable in any module position and set your parameters.

eTree is primarily an employee/staff listing component for Joomla! CMS, allowing you to list employees/staff by categories and sub categories. Ideal usage is for any organization that needs to have people in many categories and sub-categories. For instance:

* Non-Profits
* Teacher/PTA groups.
* Girl Scout/Cub Scouts
* Churches/Religious Organizations
* Sports Teams
* Business - Large or Small
eTree can also be used easily by anyone who needs to create a directory with items (people/places/things) in many categories or sub categories. This is done with our back-end Directory Tree Language Translator, no need to edit the language .ini file by hand. Title can become Trainer, Bio can become Specifications, however you want to label the fields in the front end display are easily done.

eTree Features include.

* Department/Category or Sub-Category Views
* Feature Staff/Employee View
* Single Employee View
* Category Listing with Icons/Images
* Employee/Staff Profile view with bio, title, photo in optional lightbox.
* Edit user Bio using WYSIWYG editor both in the front and back-ends
* Globally set the size of photo upload size and display size.
* Users contact information, such as social media links, emails, phone numbers, websites can all be configured to be displayed or not displayed.
* Optional Global or per User basis contact form on each user profile with Captcha to prevent spam/bots.
* Add an affiliation, Bob is on the Board of Directory for Good Cause, but works for Big Bank.
* Assign Staff/Employees to multiple Departments/Categories/Sub-Categories.
* Adjust intro text size with customizable settings.
* Front end search
* Front end sorting
* Custom CSS via Admin panel to get the look and feel just right.
* User import/export feature
* Added front end pagination for Users.

Change Log
v. 1.7
-> Added eTree Module for to highlight the features staff/employee
-> Added additional Fields for user defined social network links.

v. 2.1
-> Added pagination
-> Added import export
-> Added Joomla 2.5 support
-> fixed minor bugs

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Reviews: 1
After upgrade to Joomla 2.5 we purchased a second year in order to get updates and support. After installation we tried to import all old data without success.

Have repeatedly asked for support in all ways possible without hearing a single word from them...

Cannot recommend this component at all - all because NO support what so ever... :(
Reviews: 1
Everything looked good until I purchased.. (Screenshots don't show full functionality)..

Very Disappointed and not worth the money...
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback, we certainly appreciate it.

Just for clarification for other looking into purchasing eTree. The user is right, the screenshots don't show full functionality. We also offer a demo at, we offer videos that can get you a better view of the back-end (while writing this, I have discovered the viedos aren't working and we are working on resolving that.)

We also have a presales forum category in which all questions can be answered.

Reviews: 2
I have heavily customised eTree using template overrides, and I'm very happy with the results. This component does what no other component in JED can do for me (believe me, I've looked!).

A good little component, with a responsive support forum. There are a few small improvements which I hope will be made over time (greater use of access levels, custom fields, further customisability), but it provides a solid framework for any website's address book.

Especially useful is the fact that users can be connected to their profiles, and edit their own details. Also, that they can be part of multiple categories.

Reviews: 2
As said, great work. I only miss custom fields.
Reviews: 1
I had a couple minor glitches when installing this module. The support was superb! Immediate responses, both online and over the phone, and able to correct the issues in a timely manner. This module does EVERYTHING I want it to do! Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
Well, it must be my 1st review but I do it willingly.

After a fast install, i meet a problem to change the background.
I opened a thread on their forum and i have got a really fast answer (few minutes) on my mailbox and then a great support until the problem be resolved.(less than 3 hours)

I told him yet but thanks again for the support.
Reviews: 3
A nice simple component. Does what it says. Cant wait for the SEF version.

But the support from this company is amazing. Almost instantanious. I did not expect that level of support from such an inexpensive product
Reviews: 1
eTree met our needs perfectly. Wanted to have a directory of physicians with various specialities that was searchable. eTree allowed us to import (big thanks to Nate for his help) all of the doctors along with their specialty. Can customize what the various field names are called. The physician profile is linked to the their joomla account so that when they login they can modify their profile themselves. No more requests for address, phone updates.... Would highly recommend!!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a component to search and sort through about 100 employees and found e-tree. It was easy to install and easy to set up. Then i had a problem with the component that rendered a key function i needed to have almost useless, however the developer answered my request in the forum within minutes and less than a day later this component works perfectly!
Reviews: 1
Its pretty cumbersome, and does a basic job. For a paid service, I am disappointed. Would be much happier if they added a custom fields option. Ended up going with another free option instead after doing more digging, should have saved my money.
Owner's reply

I would have been more than happy to assist the user with any issues that may have had, but after cross referencing with my user base, there is no one that has paid for eTree named 'tcooney' or a username for that matter.

That being said, eTree isn't for everyone and I understand that. But to leave a negative comment about the component working in a way that they expect or for that matter demand it to do, is just not professional. If it works the way we advertise it to do, isn't that all the user should expect? It would be like me expecting (or Demanding) my Honda Civic to go over 200MPH and then complain to them it does in a public way.

Thank you.

Reviews: 114
I saw the demo and thought that it would be perfect for a client website. So I purchased it.

I got errors on the Admin pages with conflicts with 4 other components in my database. I had no choice but to un-install eTree.

Not happy that I have had to pay for a component that does not do what it is "commercially" supposed to do.
Reviews: 1
After extensive research we came to find that eTree supported placing users in multiple categories which was a requirement for the way our organization is setup. After a flawless install of the component, we had it up and running within minutes and couldn't be happier! An update was released and when we upgraded we had a single issue which the company addressed within a single day! They logged in, fixed the issue, told us what was wrong and that they were looking into preventing that issue in the future. What more could we ask for!? eTree has a very clean and well thought out interface, both for the end-users and the Joomla Administrator. It's truly a great product with most excellent support to back it up.
Reviews: 1
When I tried out eTree I loved how easy it was to use. My clients had requirements that required unique customization. I e-mailed the eTree developers and within minutes got a response that they would help me customize a solution. At a very fair price and unreal response times I was able to satisfy my client and know who I will go back to anytime I need an extension like eTree. They are ONE OF A KIND! I wish there was a better rating than excellent. I recommend this extension if you are considering, and if it is not the right fit for your needs you'll get an honest quick response from 465 media on how they can help make it work for you... I'll be using it right out off the box for my next client with no changes needed. AWESOME extension. Keep up the awesome work eTree team!
Reviews: 1
The component is easy to setup and does exactly what it says!
Very good support. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Ok so registered for, subscribed to and downloaded this extension in the hope that it would allow me to create a usable and maintainable company directory.

We initially had some trouble making the front end allow users to edit their own profiles (changes weren't saving) but the developer is very responsive and supportive and between he and ourselves we were able to get that issue sorted.

No software is ever perfect but this one does what it says it will do out of the box and is very easy to configure.

The beauty of it for us is that it allows the end user to update their own profile so maintenance from an administrator point of view is reduced. It also allows users to be grouped logically within the company i.e. as a sales person, who works on the 3rd floor and with a certain magazine. This allows for showing a magazine team (sales, editorial, production) or the staff on a floor etc.

There are a couple of small issues and some feature requests that are outstanding, but the developer has been responsive and helpful and is interested enough in their product to want to make changes to improve it, which is all you can ask for.

Bottom line, it worked for us in the way that we needed it to.
Reviews: 4
I needed a simple directory with social links for a members networking web directory. Etree provided the solution.

It allowed me to categorise the businesses and for each of my clients members to administer their own accounts securely. The extension developer helped customise the program by adding a 'search all' facility and an additional image upload field.
It terms of service the developer was helpful and fast to respond. Highly recommended, this is a more diverse program than it's marketed application.
Reviews: 1
Paid for it, downloaded it, installed it without any issues whatsoever - I used it for employee profiles which it did straight out of the box.