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Editor's Note
SobiPro is a powerful directory component for Joomla!.

With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or content types. 10 integrated core field types and the possibility to install additional field types gives you everything you need to run any kind of directory. SobiPro allows you to build a business directory or a restaurants guide, a real estate management or a members and profiles directory, a documentation and FAQ area or a download management system, a simple weblinks list or even a blog. Almost any type of directory or content presentation for your Joomla! powered website can be realised with SobiPro.

With a wide range of additional SobiPro applications you can enhance your directories with a lot of features such as a review and rating or a notification system. Various module types are available to present your directory content in different ways.

Earn money with SobiPro. Let your customers submit and manage their content from front-end. Search, filter and view the content depending on Joomla! user groups.

The real power of SobiPro is the amount of customization you have available for your specific website content needs. You can customize all output views of SobiPro through the powerful professional SobiPro template system. SobiPro comes with a default template which doesn't need any customisation. But if you want to set yourself apart from your competitor, design your own template for your directory or make your directory mobile ready by using a responsive SobiPro template!

Please note: XSL Support is required. CURL library and OpenSSL are necessary only for specific features of SobiPro (e.g. Repository) but not for standard use.

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Reviews: 1
This is not just a component. Is an amazing soft for joomla, with an excelent team developing and helping the members to make their sites. All answers I need was here
Reviews: 14
The extension is varamente excellent and full of everything, but the most important thing is the service of the forum who are very helpful and quick to help and advise. Definitely a good investment. The numerous templates, fields and applications make it complete.
Reviews: 1
I'm started using SobiPro in last month. This is very good component. They have excellent support that quickly solves every problem. You can very easily customize this components.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent Joomla content constructor choice. For me as a designer was required for such system. Among the various options to choose from it seems SobiPro not mistaken. I join the club and download many useful accessories. Constructing the site with company's presentation and news directory has encountered a one problem. I submitted a question to the forum and even during Sunday Sobipro team members quickly helped to solve it. Really a great service!
Reviews: 11
I don't know what I would have done if it were not for SobiPro. In my view, there is no other Joomla directory system that even comes close. I needed to remake a large directory website that had been online since 2002. SobiPro was much more than the answer to my problem. As one reviewer mentioned, it is a great directory system, but it's usefulness goes well beyond that due to the way it's built, allowing for endless variations. There really are so many possibilities, even for non-programmers (like myself!). The support is incredible; the product itself allowed me to customize in a way that improved the look (and functionality) of my new directory site well beyond what I had originally envisioned. It's organized very well in the administrative view too. I am extremely happy with SobiPro and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a directory for their Joomla system. (And, oh, I forgot to mention... it's lightning fast on the front end when certain settings are in place.)
Reviews: 4
My first experiment of SobiPro has nothing extraordinary … Within the project for the creation of a professional directory, I looked for the ideal extension. I then very fast heard about this component and others. After numerous readings of comments, asking some friends about it and many many tests, I moved forward with SobiPro who presented at this point of the project a big advantage to make me confortable to easily manage various directories on the same site.

I pass on the fact that the component answered all my expectations and much more, with features of which I hadn't thought at the beginning. Once the handling made, with the help from a really great and reactive support team I must confess : I Had great fun !

It's much later, for another completely different project and for which I didn't find the ideal extension that I asked to myself: but why not using SobiPro?
I thus realized an intranet documentation center with photos, documents, videos... with more than 8000 references.

I can assure you that it was a real pleasure to create multi-criteria searching systems very pushed allowing for example the download of photos on a given theme, for printing, respecting technical datas and with peculiar licenses…

But…. at this point, I realised that I had made a big mistake !!!
In French, the term “directory” has a strict meaning and I didn’t see its general sense…
SobiPro isn’t only a directory component as it strict French sense of the word, it's so much more than that !

Don’t make the same mistake (know I'm not the only one) to confine SP to a specific feature. This vision is for me very/too restrictive and I prefer thinking that SobiPro is a real CCK in the broad sense, offering a multitude of features and able to answer to very large number of various projects.

Today, with a bit more experience, I begin all my new projects with this question: how does SobiPro will help me because it will for sure...
And even much more with the new version to come...
Reviews: 3
Very good extension for build best business directory. We have one. And we like what we did with this component.
Reviews: 13
It's a great component that helped me to create a Restaurants Directory. I tried a few extensions for doing that, but SobiPro is the one that offers the most complete information for each restaurant.
The forum support team is very helpful and professional. The worst: I miss having more templates available, and that existing ones were easier to customize.
Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a real CCK - This is it.
I built my first site with SobiPro, and I'm just excited. I can not understand why SobiPro is listed only in the "Directory" Category. Anyway, thanks for this great Joomla extension.
Reviews: 3
It's not an easy extension but it is a very powerful one.... and the subscription is worth any penny. The support is absolutely fab.
Reviews: 5
Sure, I needed some time figuring everything out. But I was glad to take the subscription and find out what a marvellous en flexible extension this is!
When I need help there is a very quick response time on the forum. And once I was club member the documentary is superb, so I learned it very quick.

SobiPro is not the easiest extensions around, but to my humble opinion certainly one of the best around. And once you get to learn it, you'll find out the amazing possibilities. I should have know this extension way earlier: it would have saved me hours searching for crappy-buggy alternatives.

I gave it five stars, but if I could, I'd gave it SIX!
Reviews: 17
We started using SobiPro after the release of Joomla 2.5, since we were using another classified extension for our websites for Joomla 1.5 and our previous extension was not compatible with Joomla 2.5.

SobiPro is a perfect extension, not only useful for directory websites but offers even much more features that you can use it for whatever content you want to built, we were even surprised that SobiPro is located only in the directory category, it should have been added in the CCK category as it is more a content construction kit than a directory extension!

We are using SobiPro to manage our real estate community portal and now about two weeks ago, we started the development of a restaurant guide website and again using SobiPro.

SobiPro is not only a perfect extension but the support is also awesome, by the way, I would like to make a special thank to the SobiPro support team, specially Isidro for all the support they provided us during the development process of our website, their support is basically instant, no delay and information provided are straight, they even come to our website to fix some issues that we had, not because of the extension but some errors from our side.

This only missing part in SobiPro is to have a menu where advertisers can access their own ads directly but this issue will be fixed in SobiPro 1.1 as per the roadmap.

Additionally, SobiPro is on continuous development, the new SobiPro version (1.1) will already be Joomla 3.0 compatible and contain much more features, we are following the development of SobiPro 1.1 very closely since we are awaiting the 1.1 version to update both our websites.

We'll definitely renew our subscription with SobiPro (even for lifetime) and continue providing our support to this fabulous team to continue the development of this perfect extension and to add more features all along the way.

Very good work guys, you are just perfect.
Reviews: 1
We use Sobi since Version 2 in different Projects. As SobiPRO-User of the first hour, we use it for Clients-Solutions and for own. Thanks SobiTemplates (Robert Vining) we are able to use SobiPro for different Kinds of Projects, e.g. BusinessDirectory, Real Estate, Portfolio, a.s.o...
Support in Forums is very good, also the SobiPro-Support itselfs...

So a very big ThankYou to all of the SobiPro-Team, specially to Radek and Ingrid! Hope to see u soon in RL! ;)

best Regards from Austria!
Marco Hagen, agilis concepts Ltd. Austria
Reviews: 2
Firstly thanks to the superb support I received in SobiPro club membership forum. I am currently working for a web development company in Sydney. And during my work I have to extensively used this SobiPro tool. Thanks to you guys I was able to get a very complicated and big project done at ease. I have always received fast response in the forum.

I do have to caution everyone that SobiPro uses XSLT, XML, PHP, javascript extensively. So if you do not have enough experiences with these tools, you will start to face problems. But do not worry. Just ask questions in the forum. And always make a backup before doing changes on the XSLT and XML because just one tiny error will cause issue. :)

Thanks again guys. It has been a pleasure working with SobiPro. For a developer, the small learning curve should be nothing and once you get used to its coding one will start to find the huge possibility it can provide you. Good lucks guys. And I will love to see SobiPro fully accessible WCAG 2.0 AA by default out of the box ;) someday. If that happens, my life will be so easy.
Reviews: 4
SobiPro is so flexible that you can use it in so many situations. Instead of trying to develop custom extensions to deal with your business requirements, think of using SobiPro :).

I d like to thank Radek for this wonderful extension and for his ongoing work to make SobiPro an even better extension.
Reviews: 2
I looked at a number of directory solutions for the website I wanted to create. I actually decided to build the site with Joomla because I wanted to use SobiPro and I have not been disappointed. Yes, it can be a complicated system if you want to customise your directory - but take it from someone with no coding experience - you will be able to make your directory do everything that you want it to do if you take a bit of time, join the SobiPro Club for at least the first few months and utilise their Club forums for support. I thought I would have to hire a developer to help me with customizations but I ended up being able to do it all myself, spending only the fee to become a Club member. It's an excellent program and the support on the forums is top-notch. No need to look further than SobiPro for a directory solution.
Reviews: 1
- The extension works perfectly.
- It is very configurable.
- Great forum

- The best thing is the fantastic support team.

Specials thanks to Isidro (Sobi Team)
Reviews: 1
this directory looks good at first until you try it out, sobiPro has been developed for almost 2 years and is still not finished, key features are missing and don't work well and confusing. it is missing membership options, and packaging options for different type of listings.

the development of features is very slow.

for merchant gateway you are limited to paypal

the documentation needs a lot of help, doesn't make sense you have to read it two or three times, even then.

for an extension that i pay for i expect something better.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion about SobiPro and us.
We are sorry that SobiPro is overwhelming you. But a highly sophisticated component as SobiPro, with such a lot of features and possibilities, need some learning curve before all aspects of the software are discovered.
But although you can do really a lot of things with SobiPro, it is still a directory component and NOT a membership component as you seemingly expect. We recommend the usage of a membership component as there are several out there which work flawlessly together with SobiPro.
Of course packaging options can be realized with SobiPro template's engine.
SobiPro is now 17 months old. In this time we have not only released the stable version 1.0 of SobiPro but also 24 addons. If we consider all updates of SobiPro and its addons, we published every 9,8 days a new or updated software. Also we are working on the new SobiPro version 1.1 which contains a lot of additional features and will be Joomla! 3.0 ready. Saying that our development is slow, is not only untrue, it is insulting :-(

Reviews: 1
I use Sobipro for some month now and i am very happy with it. It is easy to install and easy to use. Even customizing it isn't that hard and the learning curve goes up very soon. The documentation is really good and the support is very fast and competent. With becoming a clubmember I get many extensions witch fits nearly all my needs. Even without being a clubmember there are enough extensions to build a good directory, for free.
For me Sobipro is the best extension for Joomla so far!
Reviews: 1
The software installed so fine & it fullfills all our hotel direcotry service requirements.
Voted best
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