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SobiPro is a powerful directory component for Joomla!.

With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or content types. 10 integrated core field types and the possibility to install additional field types gives you everything you need to run any kind of directory. SobiPro allows you to build a business directory or a restaurants guide, a real estate management or a members and profiles directory, a documentation and FAQ area or a download management system, a simple weblinks list or even a blog. Almost any type of directory or content presentation for your Joomla! powered website can be realised with SobiPro.

With a wide range of additional SobiPro applications you can enhance your directories with a lot of features such as a review and rating or a notification system. Various module types are available to present your directory content in different ways.

Earn money with SobiPro. Let your customers submit and manage their content from front-end. Search, filter and view the content depending on Joomla! user groups.

The real power of SobiPro is the amount of customization you have available for your specific website content needs. You can customize all output views of SobiPro through the powerful professional SobiPro template system. SobiPro comes with a default template which doesn't need any customisation. But if you want to set yourself apart from your competitor, design your own template for your directory or make your directory mobile ready by using a responsive SobiPro template!

Please note: XSL Support is required. CURL library and OpenSSL are necessary only for specific features of SobiPro (e.g. Repository) but not for standard use.

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Reviews: 1
Very good component, extremely scalable and therefore can be used/adapted to any industry and purpose.
Extension is growing rapidly which makes it the best on the market.
Developer's help is quick and accurate.
Check it out, highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I really have tried many components - sometimes with great success, sometimes a complete failure and lots of experiences between. But with SobiPro I have been happy from the first day. Not to say that this is 100% perfect. No open source software is 100% perfect. But what really makes me cheer and praise this component is the excellent support you get when you have questions or problems. That is what really matters when you run open source, isn't it? And bottom-line all my questions have been answered, all problems have been solved. I love it!
So thanks a lot all you people at Sigsiu! You do a great job!
Reviews: 5
To my mind (and for my team), SobiPro is a component that offers all the fabulous opportunities and maybe even those that the developers never thought about...

I do not pay $60 a year (a bit more ;)) and I am very happy to pay...
I am a passionate, it's true, of OpenSource in general, especially Joomla! and some extensions such as SobiPro but first of all I'm a company manager...
So, when I pay for a component (with varied degrees of satisfaction), I ask myself some questions :

- Is it a quality component ?
YES! Without any doubt, a high quality component that I would not have been able to provide or maybe it should take years for me to achieve that result (if I succeed) but....... My customers, such as myself, do not have that time!
And yes, among other things, I buy time and knowledge and I sell my time adding my work and expertise.

- Does it fit to my needs?
YES! If you want to make a directory... but not only!
Several templates are available for ads, restaurant guide, real estate directory… and more importantly, it is very easy to adapt depending on your needs, thanks to all the features provided. It allows to create different and independent directories, each with different options and features (including forms, custom templates for each directory) but all directories are in the same home directory, without the need to duplicate the component or to create sub-domain for each directory.

- Is the support efficient?
YES! Developers improve constantly the component and the associated plugins and mods... but not only!
The forum is monitored by specialists. They answer quickly and with efficiency...
Once, we discovered a bug in an update, we informed the team immediately, (another good point for sobipro : you can follow “in live” the progress of the work of developers) and the day after, they posted a new update fixing the issue. What else!

- Will the developers stop and leave us?
Okay, we can never be sure of anything but Sobi is present for a certain time and they seem to have always new projects that seem to be interesting.
Furthermore, the component is reliable, with a clean code (some other developers should follow their example…), with a good SEO.

- Is the component profitable?
YES, YES, YES, I use SobiPro currently on two very big websites (almost 3 and still full of projects), well I do not know if I should say that but regarding the time saved, the functionalities offered, the precious help provided by the support team, I cannot say that the subscription is expensive.... And SobiPro, for those who have forgotten this, is a FREE component!

To be completely objective, the only area where they may be a bit worse is the design but:
- This concept is very subjective ...
- It is very easy to modify the design of the features provided in the component.
- I think it is not their work (nobody can do everything) and they have to give work for others ;) ...
- Even if the design had been worked over, I would have anyway completely redesigned to fit the client needs (the duplication of the default template allows to modify the CSS and other elements without modifying the default elements, really handy for updates!)

Moreover Sobipro offers different templates according to your needs (car ads, restaurant guide, real estate directory, community members ...)
So please SobiPro team, focus as you did on the heart of the component and we will do the rest.

We tested other components including ads component that were 10 times more expensive but 100 times less efficient, with no real support, with a dirty poorly written code (modifying CSS styles not as easily as it has to be modified directly into PHP files and not in a CSS file !) and without any consideration of SEO

Also, I wish to emphasize that, even if I'm a "professional", the component is very intuitive, and affordable for non-pros who crumble under the capability and reliability.

Finally, and very important, even if SobiPro is dedicated to a specific purpose, thanks to the features and templates available, with a bit of imagination and a bit of work you can transform easily the component for other purposes, it is a creation tool!

I strongly advise anyone to use SOBIPRO, it offers so many possibilities !

Merci Sigsiu !
Reviews: 8
I have been using SOBI2 for a few years and although I'm not a hardcore developer, there was so much support from the community and the developers for this that I was able to create a great directory site!

SOBIPro takes that a step further with even more enhancements....things like the built in repository for plugin updates, multiple directory capabilities and great documentation make this a very worthy successor to SOBI2! I look forward to even more great applications from Sigsiu!

To respond to the review that said SOBIPro couldn't handle large directories: I have over 1300 entries in mine using SP v1.05 and I have no issues with speed on my site. Not only has support been terrific, but the 3rd party has been working quickly to support SP like it does for S2.

Bravo, Sigsiu!
Reviews: 1
Excellent component. Really comfortable, and very effective.
The problem is the monthly cost of club membership sobi, very expensive. Too bad, your work is appreciated very much money but the average web site.
Reviews: 1
I am a new user in SobiPro, but I'm very pleased.

There is too much to talk, but there is still much that I do not know of, so I'll highlight some points.

business - the business solution, pay for a support period, it is very cool. Can I pay one month, three months or a year. Paid according to my need. If you think you are TOO smart, get the software and go a ahead. I am not.

forums - very active. Some precise answers, other well-intentioned. The response time varies from one day to a few hours. This is very important, shows the vitality of the community.

flexibility - I wanted a flexible tool. A tool that could solve my problem, but that was not a closed solution, I could customize. So far, it's much more than I need.

Finally I have to say some things about me. I've worked with COBOL and MUMPS (you knew this? Really?). So I'm not the most current web developer, to say little. PHP and HTML are ok, but I need to find a good book of Xsl. Still, I'm doing well with SobiPro.
Reviews: 2
A FANTASTIC new component with lots of possibilities but also and very importantfact : a very good team of professionals always ready to listen, help and give solutions.
Some may ask questions about paying or not a membership. For us it was the best solution, it was obvious as we had a very important project, the price of the membership worths it !
So why only 4 stars? Because I am too demanding and I expect to see future developments, including alphabetical ordering of the entries, my problem ;-)
Reviews: 2
If before I had fallen for SOBI2, now, I'm passionate about SobiPro.
Your extension invites daydreaming .... an outstanding job!
Reviews: 5
Almost simultaneously with the release of the new Joomla! series last year, the new Sobi product 'SobiPro' was released too. Never has the opportunity been bigger than back then to jump on this train, follow the development and lift your website to a new level with a new Joomla! and a completely new and powerful directory listing component. By now, SobiPro 1.0.3 stable has been released and it is time to consider the results of months of studying and using this component.

It is not only a directory listing, but also a content construction kit and you can use it either way or in a combination of both features, which makes it ultimately powerful. With SobiPro you can easily create great directory listings and customize almost every part of your directory listing, because every part and every view has its own template. There is no limitation on how many templates you create or on how and when you do use them.
The main templating language is XSLT, which is somewhat unusual and it takes some effort to learn it. I do not consider this a big problem though, because there are great learning tutorials on the Web and the language is straightforward. Once the basic XSLT skills have been mastered, really every single part of the directory listings can be customized. It needs to be said that the SobiPro XSLT templates also allow to use HTML/JavaScript in it and the use of predefined or custom PHP functions, respectively. In other words: The XML/XSLT language does not limit SobiPro templating, but in fact extends it!
As already known from Sobi2, the default installation also provides you with sample data and templates that do not need further customization and will display any custom field and custom entry you may create. This allows the use of this component even for absolute beginners, not skilled at any programming language.
Other new features of the component are that it runs on Joomla! 1.5.x as well as on Joomla! 1.6+, it has multi-directory functionality, advanced Access Control List, data filters and multi-language ability - just to mention some!

The SobiPro component is certainly powerful, but also quite resource-intensive and has quite high requirements that need to be met. It has been running absolutely fine for months on my high standard but nevertheless low-resource servers(s). If you intend to run directory listings with tens of thousands of entries and hundreds of categories, it may require a boosting of your servers CPU and memory.

SobiPro is free software released under the terms of GNU/GPL V3. So the price-performance ratio is unparalleled. The current version can be download and new versions are constantly released at the SigSiu homepage. The component is considered stable and for the use on live sites, but naturally not completely bug-free. The developers do work though on it from the bottom of their hearts. From my experience, the developers do take it almost personally, when discovering a bug and try to patch it as quickly as possible. Very big plus.

The support is excellent and goes way beyond what is actually expected from a support for a product. As an extra-professional webdesigner and web administrator, I do not need constant support for this product, but professional support came with the membership package and the support alone was worth the money. It saved my countless hours of developing, testing and debugging and thus, a lot of money. Notably, a SobiPro team member is working almost 24/7 supporting members and if time, even supports the public forum. The speed and quality of the support and the analytical and troubleshooting skills of the supporters is also, I would say, unparalleled. Another very big plus.

In conclusion, this is a superb component and my personal goal is to get rid of all other components and in future do EVERYTHING with SobiPro and it extensions alone. I already replaced the social component, all other directory listings and presenting components like galleries, maps and contacts etc. And with every other application this component gets more and more powerful.

SobiPro team, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
We tested SobiPro under other aspects and noticed that we can save a lot of programming word, if we just use SobiPro.

- Timetable
- Forms
- and dumb proved possibility to add articles

also the programming of Apps is quite easy.

Thumbs up
Reviews: 5
If you are looking for a directory style extension this is the one. The only issue seems to be getting it to work on different servers. Install the non-commercial version before spending your money. I could only get the software to work on one server out of four. This meant most of my sites had to be moved to the appropriate server to get it to work at the sacrifice of other features the other servers offered. My main site which is with a different (high end) host cannot run the software because that host refuses to modify the server due to security concerns. If you can get it to work, it's worth the money.
Reviews: 3
I love this component! It's flexible and powerfull, thanks to the developpers.
Reviews: 2
I'm working with Joomla for almost 5 years but SobiPro si by far the best extension.
- is verry customisable.
- you don't have to be a programmer to develop professional websites.
- support from dev team is great.

Great job Sigrid & Radek.
Reviews: 1
Building our directory has been an awarding experience, as the support is fast, helpful and positive. I definitely recommend Sobipro for anyone looking to create a Joomla directory.
Reviews: 4
Since I work now for more than one year with SobiPro (starting with "beta") I would say, SobiPro has the capacity to become the one and only stand alone all in one component for the Joomla! CMS. In the future it will be no more necessary for Joomla! users to search for dozens of different extensions - mostly among themselfes incompatible. They can wipe aside most of them at one sweep and take the whole programm from a single source: SobiPro

SobiPro is not only a directory component like its forerunner Sobi2, it is a component for creating every kind of content and hence a real Content Construction Kit (CCK). SobiPro allows moreover to use the same component in one Joomla! installation as often as wanted, because it is possible to create independent separate sections with its own fields, templates and customizations.

SobiPro allows to create as many types of fields as the server allows:

- Inputboxes
- Textareas
- Select Lists and Multiple Select Lists
- Radio Buttons
- Checkboxes
- Email Fields
- Image Fields (including a galery)
- Profile Fields
- Aggregations Fields
- Geomap Fields
- QR Code Fields
- Calendar Fields (searchable by a range search!)
- Download Fields

and much more. All fields are customizable and most of them are searchable, also by a range search. This is the biggest advantage against all other components: The capacity of SobiPro to search and sort all properties created with the fields.

SobiPro can be used for any kind of content for a website:

- Simple directories
- Classified sites
- Image Galeries
- Video Galeries
- Rating and Comment sites
- Forms
- Real Estate
- Calendar component

and some more.

In addition to this has SobiPro its own right/access system, where different rules for different kind of users can be assigned. Of course works this system properly with the Joomla! standard User Manager together.

SobiPro comes with a brand new XSLT template concept, which allows to implement functions without PHP. The templates, including the CSS files are directly implemented in the backend where they can easy be edited without an external editor. A comprehensive and continuous growing documentation do round out the offer.

These capicities make SobiPro to the prefered candidate of each webdesigner. It will come the time when user say: "Yes, of course, I know SobiPro - but what is Joomla! ?"

Reviews: 10
Initially SobiPro comes off as a basic extension that feels inflexible. The number of parameters and options is very small, and the allocation of fields seems rigid.

But the real power of SobiPro becomes evident when you start to work with the templates. These aren't convenitonal templates in the sense of "appearance" like Joomla templates, although that's a part of it. These are full fledged XSLT templates that control how your data is presented to different users under different circumstances. With XSLT, you can mold your directory to suit any purpose. By combining PHP with XSLT, the SobiPro templates are the most flexible framework I've ever worked with.

All that power and flexibility would be completely useless if I didn't know to work with it. Documentation is key! And that's where SobiPro shines. The documentation at is top notch, it covers all the information I need to use the SobiPro framework to its fullest. While documentation was scarce during the RC phase, it's now been fleshed out to cover all the important specs, and continues to evolve constantly. The only exception is documentation on XSLT itself, but that's very well documented elsewhere on the web anyways.

The best part? SobiPro itself is free! Being a paid member has a lot of benefits, but even the core component has all the power and flexibility you could need.

And the icing on the cake is the paid support forum, which is fast, friendly and helpful. The members of that forum won't hesitate to come up with a custom snippet of code to get your templates to do exactly what you need them to. Even for some very complex functions. I've already renewed my membership for another 6 months, and I'll probably upgrade to Gold membership when this one nears its end. This is money very well spent.

The downside is that this extension has some very high end requirements for full functionality, and most normal web hosts won't have these requirements in place. Since we manage our own web servers, we were able to get everything to work fairly easily, and that results in some very advanced functionality. Also, if you're not willing to get your hands dirty with XSLT and PHP, then you'll be dependent on just the functionality exposed in the backend and through existing pre-made templates. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just more limiting.

SobiPro is one of the best extensions we've added to our site, and will probably end up being the biggest draw for visitors in the near future.
Reviews: 8
Sobipro cannot handle 1100 entries (60 categories). We have the site on a good (not busy) server but because Sobipro is a resource hog the site is very slow and often crashes. When you click "All Entries" on the admin area all browsers crash. Sobipro acknowledges this is a bug but offers no help, even though I paid for support. Thus, there is no easy way to view the latest new entry!

The support person said that I should re-arrange the directory with fewer categories. I should not have to tell my client that 60 categories is too many!

According to two programmers that helped me, the earlier version (Sobi2) did not have these issues. It seems that the 'new' Sobipro is fundamentally flawed and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to handle large databases.
Owner's reply

This review needs some corrections and clarifications:
The author of the review is not very truthful about the number of categories and entries. Actually his site has more than 500 main! categories and not only 60. He wrote in our forum "..we have more than 400 categories and nearly 2000 entries..". And as these are all main categories, we gave him the helpful advice to re-structure his categories to make his site more user friendly.
Yes, there is a problem with the speed in the 'All Entries' screen in administration area. We are working on a solution. Unfortunately it needs some major changes and cannot be done within a few days. We gave him a workaround until the problem is solved. So it is simply not true that we 'offer no help'. On the contrary.
SobiPro is able to handle large directories. The author of the review himself confirms that the speed problem is only in the 'All Entries' screen in back-end.

Reviews: 2
Honestly, I used a lot of them. And then I tried sobipro. After I installed it the first time I was very surprised. It works out of the box.
Then I tried to customize it a bit and it scared me at the beginning.
So I risked it and bought the club subscription to get access to the docs. I have to say it was worth it.
Not just that the documentation is good. I have to admit it is not quite completed but they apparently working on it.
But mainly because then I realized how powerful and flexible the template system of sobipro is.
It is just awesome!!
After I read a bit about XSL i was able to do incredible magic tricks with it.
And because it is possible to create multiple directories with this component I can use it for many purposes on the site. It's just cool - one component which allows to so many things.
Thanks guys :)
Reviews: 1
I have been using Sobi2 for years, what a fantastic extension!

My only problem is that I installed RC5 of SobiPro and it worked perfectly, so I installed the final release and unfortunately I now have an error on installation and it does not work. :-(
Reviews: 6
This is an excellent extension right out of the box. Unfortunately my servers did not meet minimum requirements. Therefore I am unable to use it to it's full potential due to the cost of having to upgraded to a dedicated hosting package. My dealings with support were prompt and professional.

Maybe later.
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