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Joomgalaxy is a rich, comprehensive directory component brimming with unique features like Entry comparison, Pay per download, Tagging, Email Cloaking, Review and Rating with Multiple Attributes, add Articles to Entries, with many more plus all standard directory features as well.

Add to that a growing number of supported Plugins and Modules to extend your business directory.
Plus Two Built-in attractive Templates with their own configurations.

Jomsocial and Community Builder integration, Messaging, mp3 player, and other media.

Joomgalaxy is easy to Customize and Extend - Flexible out of the box.
*Now featuring Multilingual Support for Custom Field Manager*

Partial Feature List:
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Entries
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Custom Fields (Textbox, Dropdown, MultiSelect, Editor, Checkbox, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Groups with Image, Radio Button, Radio Button with Image, File Upload, Textarea, Calender, Custom HTML, Field Delimiter, Email, Webaddress, External Video URL)
Unlimited Custom Fields for Contact form and Review Form
Unlimited Domain Installation
Unlimited Domain Support
UserGroup wise permission to different sections of component
Payment Gateways
Automatic Image Resize
Compare Entries
Powerful Search/Filter Engine
Messaging System
Coupon & Gift Voucher System
SEO Optimized
Social Networks Support (twitter, facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, digg, delicious, stumbleupon)
Bulk Import / Exports
Video uploading functionality (File upload, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, MySpace, Google Video)
Gallery with Unlimited Images - thumbnails, title, description
Google Map Integration (Get Direction Functionality)
Tagging functionality
Pay per Download
Registration with New Component Entry
Rating and Review with multiple attribute and Comments
JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
Admin can change the design using template manager
and many more.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent component for creating any type of directory, fantastic support. Easy to use and intuitive. You do not need much documentation, if you have a good background of third-party extensions. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
I see so much promise in this extension! Right out of the box, I was able to do more with this in terms of building a business directory than I could after months of using other extensions. While I have not had problems which would require forum support, I did have a couple of questions/suggestions for improvement, and the support team promptly responded. Great extension! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 7
There are many directory products out there and each one has a unique set of features available. I have purchased this particular directory for its simplicity and feature set. Custom fields is a must and the ability to also get some customization outside of the box to fix a specific need was very cost efficient. I have changed to this product after testing three others. This is the one that will go live for a project that has been in the works for almost a year. The programmers were very helpful in fixing some initial problem areas and still work very hard to accommodate my requests. I am happy to say this component is an excellent choice for my needs.

Connecting Point Computer Centers
Sue Grady
Reviews: 5
In the past few weeks, I've been setting up a new directory using JoomGalaxy. I have to say that this directory has a ton of great features and is fairly easy to configure.
The developers have been VERY helpful with support and that makes using this directory even better! They are continuously improving the component so it is not stagnate like a lot of the directories out there.
I would highly recommend this directory and JoomGalaxy!
Reviews: 2
My first experience with support has been outstanding. simple request and prompt response. with this type of service, I can buy more products from this company.
Reviews: 21
Two very enthusiastic thumbs-up from my side for JoomGalaxy. While some directory solutions seem to have stagnated (wink-wink in direction of Mosets Tree), this directory solution blows everybody else completely out of the water. It's slick, powerful, jam-packed with features and the support is quick and helpful.

I had a few issues with importing data from Mtree and the developer contacted me and added importing tools to the next feature-list...eagerly awaiting the next release so I can migrate my data. It's this keen support, CONSTANT and rapid improvement of the product and attention to detail that makes this extension really shine.

With a number of migration tools being added, Alphauserpoints integration, Jomsocial activity stream integration being added, mobile-friendly support being added...this is the one directory component you CANNOT afford to ignore.

Great support, great product, great roadmap for the future.
Reviews: 2
While I am not live yet, they have been very responsive to support requests and I am getting my arms around this great component!
Reviews: 1
I love this extension, I am using it in 2 of my websites and the support is fast and reliable!
Reviews: 2
I tested the component joomgalaxy before buying it, I must say I am truly amazed at the simplicity and perfomance of this component. Moreover, the technical team is really effective. I recommend joomlagalaxy everyone.

this component is great!
Reviews: 1
I buy Joomgalaxy with a working plan in mind. After install the program I found some problems in its implementation, contacted support and received a friendly and timely attention at all times (even though my English is not perfect) to resolve all my doubts.

Joomgalaxy for me is a good extension with a great support
Reviews: 1
I first want to comment on the excellent customer service by the Joomgalaxy team. I had successfully installed the program before on another site, but had an issue with a new project. I received an immediate response via email, was able to reach the head of the company by Skype, and the problem was uncovered immediately -- just had to tweak the server settings. overall, I love this extension. I works seamlessly with JomSocial and has a huge selection of options all of which are laid out in an easy to use manner with easy-to-understand tool tips. Not being a programmer, I am grateful Joomgalaxy came along. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
The features are all outlined in the component description. SEF support isn't mentioned but is included.
It's strength is that it provides flexibility to add whatever fields are needed allowing owners to customise the listings to what they require.
The support team has always responded within 24 hours, and often much more quickly with answers to support or technical questions and even a quick customisation free of charge.
Reviews: 5
This component does exactly what is says. More than a match for the obvious alternative, plus a bargain when you by the full package with all the modules and plugins.
I also needed some customization and the support was very quick with the work completed within 24hrs for a good price.
Well done, for me this is now THE directory component for Joomla
Reviews: 2
This is a great directory extension, easy to set up although it has a lot of options and configurations! It was EXACTLY what i needed! But the best thing is the service! AMAZING! Keep it like this guys! Very good job!
Reviews: 1
My experience with Joomgalaxy is great.

I've had a few glitches whilst setting the component up (some my mistakes plus maybe a dodgy file) but after getting onto the jg support team all was put right for me.

I get a sense that they really want the customer to be completly happy. And after sending at least 8 emails to them asking for information and tips, all my concerns were answered and any settings issues I had were resolved.

Don't hesitiate to buy this component for your site, i back these guys 100% so the more business they can generate from you guys the better the component gets for all of us.

This is a real review from a real customer I can assure you. Alfie
Reviews: 1
I bought this component just a week ago. I was able to get my directory up and running in an hour. I'd say I was 98% to my goal when I found a problem. I posted it to the support forum and within just a few minutes was given help by the developer. He had my problem addressed and fixed in a few short hours. Not only is the component great, but the service is bar-none the best I've experienced.
Reviews: 15
I started off quite roughly with this component, only because my hosting company screwed php settings up and the installation half failed ( which is even worse than not installing at all!)... The support team was brilliant, got them on skype, they looked at my problem and fixed it...!!!
I am just now starting to play with all settings and all looks quite awesome... I have (again on skype) asked about a specific feature and they kindly offered to develop it for us when we are eventually ready....
Very nice job... ( Off I go configuring my joomgalaxy)... Very excited to see exactly what I can do with it - I am planning to use it for few different projects in slightly different industries :)
Reviews: 1
Everything that I can say about this component is that is perfect. Just I had to do any fit to my project and the support team was there in every moment. I recommended this component because is very powerful and easy to handle. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the price for the features it offers is simply amazing.

Good job guys!!
Reviews: 1
I am extremely happy with this extension. The team and support have been very helpful with any problem that i had. I am extremely grateful for the patience they has with me
Reviews: 2
I really like the functionality of the component, really recommend it, is a very open and very good configuration options.

The support is almost immediate and very personal.

Thanks to the guys that make up the teams, especially Rushabh
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