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Joomgalaxy is a rich, comprehensive directory component brimming with unique features like Entry comparison, Pay per download, Tagging, Email Cloaking, Review and Rating with Multiple Attributes, add Articles to Entries, with many more plus all standard directory features as well.

Add to that a growing number of supported Plugins and Modules to extend your business directory.
Plus Two Built-in attractive Templates with their own configurations.

Jomsocial and Community Builder integration, Messaging, mp3 player, and other media.

Joomgalaxy is easy to Customize and Extend - Flexible out of the box.
*Now featuring Multilingual Support for Custom Field Manager*

Partial Feature List:
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Entries
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Custom Fields (Textbox, Dropdown, MultiSelect, Editor, Checkbox, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Groups with Image, Radio Button, Radio Button with Image, File Upload, Textarea, Calender, Custom HTML, Field Delimiter, Email, Webaddress, External Video URL)
Unlimited Custom Fields for Contact form and Review Form
Unlimited Domain Installation
Unlimited Domain Support
UserGroup wise permission to different sections of component
Payment Gateways
Automatic Image Resize
Compare Entries
Powerful Search/Filter Engine
Messaging System
Coupon & Gift Voucher System
SEO Optimized
Social Networks Support (twitter, facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, digg, delicious, stumbleupon)
Bulk Import / Exports
Video uploading functionality (File upload, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, MySpace, Google Video)
Gallery with Unlimited Images - thumbnails, title, description
Google Map Integration (Get Direction Functionality)
Tagging functionality
Pay per Download
Registration with New Component Entry
Rating and Review with multiple attribute and Comments
JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
Admin can change the design using template manager
and many more.

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Reviews: 1
It was good at Jul 4, 2013 then it was the Last update now the Support is dead like the extension too.

I was installing it with Virtuemart it had Lot of Trouble with the URL it didnt work at all or even not Installed.
so Very Poor.
Reviews: 1
The component it self has great potential, but that is it. Support is non existent, made a request like 8 months ago no reply. Don't buy it if u don't see any updates, it's been dead for a long time.
Reviews: 3
Lot of potential and when first installed was the best around. Doesn't seem to be active any more - no major updates in a long time, very slow responses on Forum (where there are any), and conversion to Joomla 3.x was not completed (eg. no Sh404sef plugin). Would advise against paying for this one, it's an 80% product and developer seems to have no interest in finishing it.
It's a shame as it's almost there...
Reviews: 15
Ingenious but quirky. Big learning curve. Hard to customize. Documentation sketchy and support worse. They might reply to your question quickly. Or not at all. I've had a request pending for almost three weeks. Nothing from the company in all that time. When they do respond, it might be helpful. Or cursory. The "online chat?" Always offline. Never once got a reply. Have received more help from fellow boarders. Will the owners even bother to read this review? Who can say. Still I'm using it because it has some great capabilities. I fervently hope these are just growing pains for Joomgalaxy; and that things will improve over time.
Reviews: 5
This component is one of the most promised components i have ever used.
Clear codes, nice appearance, lot of potentials, fast and good support.
Rushabh really helped when i needed!

Recommended for directory component!
Reviews: 7
I must admit, JG has a lot of potential to be a great component and is on the right track to get there but their support in general is very slow. You could wait up to 1 month to get an answer on their forum. And that's 1 month of money thrown away for me. Also it would be nice to have more developer documentation available. Otherwise it is very easy to setup and use and things are working OK. I miss a couple of little things like assigning different fields for search in component and module, responsive template.
Owner's reply

Your inquiry may have been marked as solved or an email with a resolution may have been emailed to you or your organization. Also feel free to email us anytime at for an update on any outstanding request you may have. Thank you

Reviews: 4
I have tried them all. JoomGalaxy is simply the BEST Directory. Both Backend and Frontend are intutive and quick to set up. The couple of times I've needed a tweak or help, support has been prompt and very thorough. Five Stars!
Reviews: 1
I found Joomgalaxy very easy to setup and use. I have tried a lot of Joomla directory components and this is by far the best with a lot of great features and looks professional.

The support I have received so far has been fantastic.
Reviews: 2
Hello. I'm using Joomgalaxy and I must say that is o good extension. It is ease to use and it has many configurable fields.
But, I must add that the support is not so great. I ask one of the support members how to list entries randomly on the main page - this is a standard option. If you look on the extension's documentation you find: 2) Show Entries on Main Page: Select this configuration as Yes if you want to display Random Entries on Category List page - which is the Main page.
The answer I got from support member, Rush, was: "we need to customize the things for that" for additional money. Not fair.
Owner's reply

Our support is consistently rated extremely high for our hands-on approach, going above and beyond simple bug and installation issues if possible. Custom development requests are not covered by general support and are an additional charge, Thank you.

Reviews: 11
I don't usually leave reviews but I had to for this extension.

I installed JoomGalaxy without issues and set it up.

It had a few things which didn't work how I liked them but worked well. I logged a support call and the issues were fixed very quickly. I'm very impressed with the service so far.

And it has a huge range of customisation options.
Reviews: 1
I've purchased the software, installed and tested it. Evrything very easy to do and responding to all the features listed. I've then found out that I needed a different solution and a couple of additional features, customer care was excellent, they provided me with an estimate of a custom development budget and when I asked for the money back guarantee I was immediately refunded.
Although I didn't use it in this case I'll do it in future. I recommend Joomgalaxy for the software and for the support.
Reviews: 8
This is beyond amazing, works perfect, has great support and many good features. Well done the team. Thanks
Reviews: 1
I have been working with this component for a while now and so far have had no major issues. While some of the features are not quite intuitive, many of the processes are relatively streamlined. A few things could be added such as a Save and New option over a save and close. Layout and formatting as well as form layout and modification leave a few things to be desired. I have not worked with many of the modules but have an issue with one. This also raises an issue regarding support. After browsing the support forum, and looking at several other issues from other users, I have noticed that there is a predominant number of requests for full access to site admin and FTP rather than simply providing instructions on how to perform the modification. To me this is a very inefficient way to offer support, especially with the possibility of dozens of support requests per day, not to mention the security implications associated with multiple people gaining access to sensitive areas.
Owner's reply

Thank you, we appreciate all feedback. All customer information provided to us is 100% secure at all times, and we never share any customer information with anyone - privacy is guaranteed. At Joomgalaxy we aim to provide support solutions as quickly as possible for our customers, sometimes the best way to do this is to go in to the back-end. We only do this for customers who are interested in having such support provided.

Reviews: 2
Once you have found your way around this extension it is a very powerful directory extension with many very useful features and relatively easy to use. I have had a number of questions that their support has dealt with very quickly and efficiently. I would recommend this as not only a directory site but as a catalogue extension as well. Well worth the money paid for the professional version.
Reviews: 1
I would definitely recommend this plugin. It is very flexible with lots of useful functions. The main reason I am writing this review is to compliment the customer support. I have had a few issues with the component which have very quickly resolved. Thanks Rushabh
Reviews: 2
Like this component for its flexibility - it is really customizable and you can make any type of catalog you want. That's really great!
The other thing I like it for is JoomGalaxy support - polite and fast. All bug fixes (yes, there were some, but not critical) and additional features I asked they have made in very short terms.
Good job, guys!
Reviews: 2
As Catalogue - it's what one would expect it to be - simple and straightforward - works out of the box without issues. Quite good cohabitation with other stuff on the site (multilanguage setup, sh404SEF, rockettheme theme)
I didn't use all of the featuers (it's quite packed) as I needed simple catalogue for the project at hand, so can't honestly comment on review system, payments nor social linking.
I feel that it's right to point out two things:
- this seems to be only available catalogue script which promisses good old 'joomfish like' multilingual funcionality. I point this out as for me it's not acceptable to have 3-4 translations of the same item in the catalogue as 4 unrelated items. What's good for articles, may not be good for products or similar things.
However, I point promisses as unfortunately that multilingual funcionality is not yet fully developed (while fields and user interface is multilingual - FIELD CONTENT isn't). However, I was promised that it will be addressed and done in following versions of the script.
Here I need to point out the support - it's dedicated, swift and great - it helped me overcome shortcomings of the script and successifuly implement it on my clients web site for the purpose needed.
Reviews: 1
It is an excellent component with a great variety of options – functions, both for new and for advanced users
Among them the duplication of the default templates is a great feature and gives you the opportunity to do exactly what you want for a custom project.
In spite this variety of options, our web development team needed a specific customization for a custom client website.
The feedback from joomgalaxy team was great: quick and accurate . 5 Stars for the excellent support
Reviews: 2
Hello...I use two components of this company Joomgalaxy and JGMulti and both are GREAT. But the main important reason about this components is the team that you have. All time the company answer your problems with the component...
Both components are geart, the main diferent between joomgalaxy and JGMulti is that with Joomgalaxy you can do only a one type of forms for all categories and with JgMulti you can do diferents forms for diferents categories.

GOOD JOB Jgmulti and Joomgalaxy
Reviews: 1
Had a play with this component for a while now. It is as good as it gets. Even though we had few minor questions and things that needed attention, the support was the best I have ever seen. Extremely happy. I know these guys are putting out more extensions so I will be on the wait to see what they bring.
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