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JG Multi ComponentModulePlugin

JG Multi is the multi-directory version of Joomgalaxy.

JG Multi is a rich, comprehensive directory component brimming with unique features like Entry comparison, Pay per download, Tagging, Email Cloaking, Review and Rating with Multiple Attributes, add Articles to Entries, with many more plus all standard directory features as well.

Add to that a growing number of supported Plugins and Modules to extend your business directory.
Plus Two Built-in attractive Templates with their own configurations.

Jomsocial and Community Builder integration, Messaging, mp3 player, and other media.

JG Multi is easy to Customize and Extend - Flexible out of the box.

Partial Feature List:
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Entries
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Custom Fields (Textbox, Dropdown, MultiSelect, Editor, Checkbox, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Groups with Image, Radio Button, Radio Button with Image, File Upload, Textarea, Calender, Custom HTML, Field Delimiter, Email, Webaddress, External Video URL)
Unlimited Custom Fields for Contact form and Review Form
Unlimited Domain Installation
Unlimited Domain Support
UserGroup wise permission to different sections of component
Payment Gateways
Automatic Image Resize
Compare Entries
Powerful Search/Filter Engine
Messaging System
Coupon & Gift Voucher System
SEO Optimized
Social Networks Support (twitter, facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, digg, delicious, stumbleupon)
Bulk Import / Exports
Video uploading functionality (File upload, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, MySpace, Google Video)
Gallery with Unlimited Images - thumbnails, title, description
Google Map Integration (Get Direction Functionality)
Tagging functionality
Pay per Download
Registration with New Component Entry
Rating and Review with multiple attribute and Comments
JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
Admin can change the design using template manager
and many more.

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Reviews: 1
This directory plugin has been a godsend for me! thank you - your support has been excellent as well, without you guys id be stuck!
Reviews: 1
I had tried other review Joomla packages and found them hugely complicated, this one is a breeze it looks really sharp and is easy to modify, the few things I did get stuck on were solved very easily by Rushabh so thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
Hello...I use two components of this company Joomgalaxy and JGMulti and both are GREAT. But the main important reason about this components is the team that you have. All time the company answer your problems with the component...
Both components are geart, the main diferent between joomgalaxy and JGMulti is that with Joomgalaxy you can do only a one type of forms for all categories and with JgMulti you can do diferents forms for diferents categories.

GOOD JOB Jgmulti and Joomgalaxy
Reviews: 8
I must say this product is truly a one of a kind in the sense it is fairly easy to learn and very flexible. It is filled with lots of features (almost too many) and the support seems to be pretty good. I've used the single version known as Joomgalaxy and this one the JGMulti. I felt having multiple directories on a site for my purposes would be more beneficial. After spending some time with both of their products, I really do like them. The documentation on their sites are a little lacking but they are building them up gradually. Granted this is a relatively new company. Bear in mind that there was some confusion regarding the pricing structure that is now put in place. Some users were confused about whether this extension would be included in the price of the single directory version Joomgalaxy or would be simply an add-on price to have both options. Unfortunately the answer is NO! If you want the ability to have multiple directories on your site then you'll have to purchase the JGMulti separately. Now, providing the feature set is very vast it still quite a bit purchase. The Professional version (which is the highest level version they offer) is the one I'd recommend, however that is if you have the money. It is $299.00 initial purchase which includes 12 months of support and updates followed by a discounted renewal rate which to my understanding would be 20% off. This is still quite a bit of money to pay every year. Now many directory extensions are not inexpensive for Joomla. The average for them seems to be right around $200. So, if you have the money and need a multi-directory feature set - then I'd jump at getting this extension. If not, then ensure you do some research and see what other extensions would meet your needs. All in all good extension, good feature set, just a bit pricey.