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Spider Catalog Component

Spider Catalog for Joomla! is a convenient tool for organizing the products represented on your website into catalogs. Each product on the catalog is assigned with a relevant category, which makes it easier for the customers to search and identify the needed products within the catalog. It is possible to add an unlimited number of parameters for each of the categories in the catalog in order to allow a detailed representation of the product on the catalog. Moreover, each product on the catalog can be accompanied with an image. Customers are provided with the possibility of rating the products available on the catalog, as well as writing customer reviews that will appear under the catalog products. Spider Catalog provides you with a high level of customization concerning almost all the aspects of the catalog, ranging from background colors and text size inside the product cell to the number of products in the row and the number of customer reviews per catalog page.

Features of Spider Catalog:

• Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7,Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 native extension
• 7 different view options for the catalog.
• SEO-friendly URLs for the products: URLs of the catalog are being generated with the ID and the product name.
• Export/Import Products.
• Default ‘Price’ and ‘Market Price’ (appears as crossed out) parameters for each product on the catalog.
• Possibility to make the following customizations:
• Enable/disable product ratings and customer reviews for the products on the catalog.
• Customize the product cell layout on the main page of the catalog and the product page separately.
• Choose the background colors of practically all the fields of the catalog item cell.
• Customize the color of any text on the catalog.
• Select the text size for each of the fields on the catalog.
• Customize the width and height of the catalog product cell, as well as the style, color, width, and height of the product cell border.
• Choose the number of catalog products in the row and the number of rows in the catalog page, as well as the number of customer reviews per catalog page.
• Customize the width and height of the product on the catalog, as well as to choose the design of the stars used to indicate customer ratings on the catalog.
• Search products by name and category name on the catalog.
• Choose how the products are organized on the catalog: Cells, List, Cells2, Wide Cells, Thumbnails, Cells3 or Single Product.

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Reviews: 1
Hi this is an excellent component. I can recommend it. Help is super fast and every problem was dealt with professionally and solved asap.

Reviews: 2
Great extension, the team of Web-Dorado helps you easily.
I had a small problem with the template that I used but this was quickly solved by the Web-Dorado team.
I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension when you want to show products in a catalog but you don't need an online shop. I need a change to the resolution of the images and technical support was fast and helpful,
Reviews: 1
Web-dorado's spider catalog proved to be exactly what I was looking for. It offers great layout, easy to customize and most importantly when I have any question or lack of knowledge they are fast and accurate on solving it in less than 24 hours. I truly high recommend it because it is more of just a component it is a great "business partner" .
Reviews: 1
Ok i tried this component for J!3.0 and had some issues.
1) ordering of products. it goes through all of them, not separetely in every category. If youll try to set an order 5 for product, and another one already have it, there will be smth wrong. I gues that the new product will get the last free orderin number.
2) again ordering - you cant set an order for products starting for example from 50, or 99. The allways will start from 1, even changing it from DB directly dont make any result, because script is "optimysing" ordering to start allways from 1.
3)have strong JS conflict with jQuery, cant make it work with sigplus or smartTB. This component have some strange php\js file, in it i suppose goes some kind of ovverriding of js functions. So other extensions for image zooming dont work with it.

So i cant really recomend to buy it, untill js conflict will be solved. sorry.
Reviews: 1
I have discerning clients that wanted a website with an online catalog (not a shop) for their up market business. I looked at different possible solutions with different types of software and when I found Spider Catalog it was essentially what I wanted. It has good options in the admin to configure the front end, once configured it is very easy to add and edit categories and products, which was a major consideration for me as my clients needed a simple, user-friendly interface.

For my specific project I had additional requirements I needed in the catalog, I felt the extension was in essence ideal so I asked Web-Dorado to modify and customize the catalog for me. I must say I am very happy with the final product. The front end website templates look different, however it is the same catalog, and it just goes to show what can be done. Web-Dorado added an inquiry button on each product listing and they designed a really nice email form when I receive an inquiry.

I must commend Web-Dorado on their work, their professionalism and their patience on my project. They quoted me for the job upfront and stuck to that quote even through there was a few weeks of making adjustments and refinements. If you require a professional catalog have a good look at this one and remember Wed-Dorado is only too happy to work with you to customize it.
Reviews: 3
I started using amazing Joomla 3 and this solution seemed to be the best. Asked several questions to developer and received fast answers.
Reviews: 1
This is, for sure, the easiest catalog extension i've seen. Without a good, user friendly catalog extension creating a shop website is a real headache. I think that the price is quite affordable for anyone creating a website that represents some products.
Reviews: 1
It is a great product with a very user friendly and intuitive interface and tons of customizable options, that lets me run my own online store in a couple of mintues. The price and quality are incomparable. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Hi friends .
This Joomla extension the best that I have ever seen . I like it because it allow me to manage my catalog website easy and fast. I add my new products without any problem .
Thanks .
Reviews: 1
One of the best extensions which I ever used. Functionality was more enough to organize the online version of my grocery store. Developer is also highly responsive and helped me to customize the colors to my template.