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  • This extension requires registration to download.
J-BusinessDirectory is a professional and reliable business directory. You can create now the professional business directory you've always dreamed of.
The clean display combined with sought business directory features make J-BusinessDirectory top of the list. You can create and efficiently manage any type of directory.

Using J-BusinessDirectory, you can provide your clients multiple benefits: responsive design, user friendly interface based on css3 and html5, possibility to promote business offers and events, map localization, zip code search, and much more directory features.
You can check our demo site on:

J-BusinessDirectory is not only easy to setup, it also comes with lots of features:
* responsive design
* automatic updates
* user friendly interface
* easy to configure & install
* powerful, flexible directory payment plans: create multiple plans, with the possibility to customize the included features.
* configuration of all directory business fields
* possibility to add custom fields
* enhanced directory functionality by multiple modules
* claim business possibility
* multiple configuration possibilities
* multiple company views
* multiple category views
* multiple search views
* search by zip code
* search results in multiple modes: list view, grid view and map view
* offers management for business owners
* event management for business owners
* autocomplete address and map localization of business
* ratings,reviews
* print invoices
* social networks integration
* videos integration (youtube, vimeo,...)
* manage company types possibility
* enhanced directory administration experience
* SEO: meta tags, rich snippets.
* enhanced dashboard for business owners
* multilingual capability - language pack available in multiple languages
* code refactoring for 100% clean code.
* possibility to contact business
* and lots more directory features.

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Reviews: 1
I purchased this directory after reading the reviews and looking at the demo. I'm very happy that I purchased this extension. It is worth the money. The tech support is fantastic. They have been very quick to respond and has fixed every issue that I have had. The site this is on is very large with dozens of extensions added. There have been a couple issues that have arose due to conflicting scripts and every time the issue was taken care of. I would deal with CMS Junkie over and over again anytime for any product that I needed that they offer.
Reviews: 3
Thank you so much for developing such a customisable business directory. I tried to set up PayPal as a payment option, but there was a small problem and the payment wouldn't go through, so I contacted customer support. They were so quick to respond and informed me that it was something do with hosting. So I fixed this issue with my web host and it's all good now. I'm very thankful for the level of support they've provided. Looking forward for more improvements and even great features from CMS Junkie! Cheers.
Reviews: 3
Although the directory required some assistance from the developer, once everything was configured, this has been a perfect fit for what I am doing. The directory is very easy to populate. The functionality & features are fantastic. A big thank you to the developer(s) for their help and support. They keep the extension updated and will assist with any conflicts. Great work!
Reviews: 114
I have been wondering if there was anything out there that was as good as JReviews and SOBIPro and there is. You are looking at it. The overall layout of the directory component is simple to use and support is top notch.

I did have issues with the map aspect but this was down to a conflict with another component on the website it was developed for.

This business directory has many diverse applications and we are very happy with the style, functionality and form on the directory.

It also has several modules with it that really work well like the Latest Businesses module. This is superb.

Great job guys.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
An excellent extension.. But more than the extension is the fantastic support I had... Instant clear and helpful
Reviews: 9
I have built and operated numerous directories over the last five years, and have used a variety of extensions to accomplish this. JBusinessDirectory is far and away the best of those extensions.

The product installed without issue. The admin panel was intuitive and the product was not difficult to configure, and get working. I did encounter a number of issues with uploading data, via the CSV import function. The support from CMS Junkie in assisting to resolve this and other minor issues was EXCELLENT.

This extension is feature rich, and importantly the features actually work! I have found it to be compatible with a range of Joomla extensions such as RS Blog and RS Comments. The site works very well on a responsive template, particularly if you’re prepared to play with the CSS a bit. Overall, it’s a very hassle free extension to use.

There are a few things with the current product that could be better. The documentation is a little inadequate, and the support forums are a little patchy, probably because it's a fairly new product. I know that they are doing a rewrite on the User Manual now, which will be really helpful.

Probably the most frustrating issue is modifying the language files, only to have them overwritten with each upgrade. Even with saved files, it took me over an hour to locate and edit all the changes I had made previously, after upgrading. Given the overall quality of this extension, that is a very trivial annoyance indeed!

Even though the extension is not perfect, I gave it five stars because the support is so very good, and it's crystal clear that the developer is hell-bent on further developing JBusinessDirectory into an even better product, with each release. Well worth the money. Love your work guys!
Reviews: 1
I recently installed this component on my site and have been thrilled with its functionality and versatility. It is user-friendly and has many great features. I have to express my thanks and gratitude to George and the technical support team. They have been most helpful and have obligingly tweaked the extension for me on several occasions. I am now a lifetime fan of JDirectory. Thanks.
Reviews: 10
My review is based on 2.4.2, because i can't update, i don't received any info about updates from vendor.

Pros: nice visual, very easy to use.

Cons: bad sef, joomla webmaster tools report many many errors from this component (because crawler have problems in get jbusiness directory info), strange fields validators exclude special characters in the company names, company description field don't allow editor plugins ( JCE Plugins, Tiny-mce...), category structure is not flexible.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The review that you posted is related to a really old version of our extension. We have released 8 other versions since the 2.4.2 version.
All our clients have received the extension version by e-mail, and as of version 3.4.2 we also support automatic updates. It is now possible to update directly from your administration area.

We provide full support for each and every customer. We expected you to contact our support team in order to check and fix the issues that you have.
You can still contact us using our contact form to clarify these issues.

About the issues that you posted.
The extension could not restrict the access to any crawlers - We even provide a list with all business listings to be easily indexed.
The SEO mechanism works at all times and we do provide a flexible category structure.
We use jQuery.validationEngine as form validator, which is generally used as a validator.

Reviews: 6
When I bought this extension initially it was good but not great. After the last upgrades it has become excellent. The guys from CMSJunkies are awesome and always happy to support and jump in when needed. For me,as a website developer, they have gone way beyond what was expected of them. This is the extension to buy if you are building a business directory.
Reviews: 6
Excellent extension and great customer support, George is very responsive and knowledgeable. I had trouble with the extension that was absolutely frustrating me which turned out to be a setting on my MySQL server.... George fixed it on no time - I should have asked for support sooner.
Reviews: 1
Recently I purchased the directory module offered by CMSJunkie, and with pleasure I can say this is a great product with some of the best support I have seen in a long time. These days most developers only focus on the sale, not value in service when small issues come up. These guys were on top of it from start to finish. Great job and thank you one more time!
Reviews: 2
This is overall a great extension. That's why I rated it by 4 stars. It has a lot of what you need on it to promote business and that was what I was looking for what I bought this product. A bit high, especially for only 3 months of support and upgrades. There are a few pros and cons that you should defiantly consider before purchasing the product. I normally dot write reviews that lean towards the negative however, with the problems I experienced, I thought you may want to know as a buyer beware before you purchase.

I did however run into some issues when I installed this product. First problem I ran into was, it does not get along with the K2 extension if you have it installed on your site. I currently use K2 because of its vast amount of features for articles. When I installed it, id did not work and threw up errors and would not load. So, I searched the internet for any related issues. I found a small forum post about it on the vendor's website and it really was not clear as to how to resolve the issue. Apparently, if your running K2, you have to have a patch to their product that this vendor provides to resolve the issue, but you have to ask them for it and then they e-mail it to you. Apparently, the vendor blames the coding in K2 is flawed/out dated and that was causing the Directory not to work. So, once I got that patch and installed it (into K2's directory) the JBusinessDirectory stared working. Frustrated with what I had to go through to get it to work, I suggested to the vendor in his support forums that he should add that patch to their website to download or, fix the issue inside their product so it doesn't conflict with another products coding causing your product to not work. I also asked for a few other items as well. I was alarmed to find that the vendor deleted my post from the website and responded to the effect that, "The problem is with K2, and they have been contacted about it and they needed to fix it with their coding, not us". I should have noticed the red flag there, but I was happy it was working and let it go at that point. The vendor pretty much passed the blame of their own product not working properly on someone else instead of resolving it on their side.

Next, Joomla released 3.2.0. The only problem I had to deal with unfortunately was with JBusinessDirectory. The prodcut stopped working again. So, I questioned in their support forum as to if anyone knew what was going on. I got a response again and was told I needed to download a newer version of jlist and install it on my side and it should work. So, I did and the problem fixed. I suggested the vendor should make an update so that this issue wont come up again for others, again, I find the post deleted. I asked what happened to the post, and the vendor responded that "it was not relevant to the problem". Wow, that told me a lot. So, what was happening is, all the problems and issues being reported was being deleted by the vendor/admin so that no-one would see what was previously reported so they knew how to fix it. If you look at their support forums, you can confirm, its very clean and not very many posts. I was satisfied that I was getting the problem resolve, just was a bit frustrated with the vendors responses to the request for help.

The final straw was when they released an update to their product, JBusinessDirectory 3.0.0 Beta as listed on thier website. I'm thinking YES!, finally an update that fixes the issues, as well as brings some new features. So I started trying to find it on the site to download, I looked in my profile for it, and search the section where it allows you to download product that you have purchased. I clicked it to find out it was still the old version. So, I looked on the website and just found some posted where people where already asking about it and posted an question on how to get it. A few hours later, I get a e-mail with the update. That was weird because the other extension product that I have, you re-download it from their site under your account profile. Not with this vendor apparently. So, I got it off the e-mail, uploaded and installed it and, the product stops working again. Frustrated again, I contact the vendor with the issue VIA the support forums (because basically that's the only place you CAN go). I explained the issue and made suggestions to help better the product. Again, I find the post is deleted again. I get a email from the vendor saying, "If you have an issue with the product, you should have just e-mailed us". Really? What was the support forum for then? Anyways, so the 2 problems this time was 1) The lists were blank & 2) the grids were not showing up at all. So, the vendor DID fix the grids issue and that started working but the data was not showing up at all. So, then the vendor wanted FTP access to my site to fix the issue. I am VERY cautious in doing that, you don't know who your dealing with and they can potentially damage your site. Still frustrated, I let him have limited temp access (I quickly deleted it soon afterwards). I then get a response back that the new events section of their product has a table conflict with another product I use which is called DT Register. He said that he could fix the table, but would take time or disable the events. So I asked him if he could please fix the table so I could get it backup running because it was a key part of my site. I got back from the vendor what I thought was a smart type remark that said "You could always just disable the events". What kind of response was that? Needless to say, the customer support I received was horrible in my book.

So, in summery of my experience, buyer be aware!

Pros: This is a GREAT product, when it works right and when they get the bugs out of it. It has many options and potential to become a great class A product.

Cons: 1) The price is a bit high for what you get. The product support is only 3 months long and that includes upgrades, and support. Most vendors I have dealt with have a 1 year product support and update, especially if you are paying $100 USD for it. 2) The product still has a LOT of bugs in it. Its advertised as a clean code product, and that may be true but it is a bit buggy. Once those bugs are squashed on their end, it will be an awesome product. 3) My experience with the customer support was horrible. I find it hard to believe there are such great reviews of this product but I assume some didn't post here. You wont find a complaint on their website though, the vendor/admin deletes everything negative on his website, event the reviews. 4) The process to receive upgraded new releases is ridiculous. You have to ask for it and wait for an email. I have other paid products and they are all accessible for download on your profile under your purchased items on their site. This one is not that way making it difficult to obtain it instead of accessing it yourself.

Again, this is a GREAT product. Don't take this review as being a denture from buying it. Just be aware of what your going to run into. Good luck and hope this review helps in the purchase of this product.

If you have questions about anything I have posted, please just send me a message.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We want to mention from the start that our support team did a good job and all issues reported were fixed in a couple of hours from the time they were reported, even though this is not mentioned in the review.
Our mission is to provide a solid, professional product that will satisfy all customer’s needs. On top of that we strive to provide quality support. All our customers were provided with the best support to fix all their issues. In some cases we go the extra mile and provide support to issues that are not even related to our extension.

Some opinions that are presented above are not quite true or partially presented and we would like to clarify them.

There were no bugs reported to our application, there were only conflicts reported and we addressed with them one by one.

1. The incompatibility with the k2 system plugin is coming from the fact that they are using deprecated methods for Joomla 3.x.

JRequest::getVar() is deprecated. Use JFactory::getApplication()->input->get() instead. K2 use JRequest::getVar and we replaced that with JFactory::getApplication()->input->get().

We explained you the nature of the problem but the request was that our application should be changed in order be compatible with these deprecate methods use. Instead of going forward you suggested to go backwards and provide compatibility for some methods that will be no longer used. Any person with minimal development knowledge will understand the nature of the problem.

Our component is developed based on latest Joomla standards and uses the parameter $task composed from the controller and task. JRequest::getVar("task") cannot handle variables build out of 2 variables that's why the Joomla Team from deprecated the function. At this point it should make sense.

We have contacted k2 team but they did not responded.

The conflict can be easily solved in a few minutes by replacing 4 lines of code.

2. The forum posts were not deleted. It seems that there was a misunderstanding about the issues that have risen and there were some off-topic request posted on our forum. Our forum is designated for technical issues that address a general problem and that's why we disabled some posts. We recommended that all options and suggestions to be send using the contact form. All technical post are still active and they can easily be checked on

3. When upgrading Joomla to 3.2, jQuery version was updated to 1.10 and that was not supported by jQuery.blockUi plugin. We have provided you a solution within 1 hour and the fix was introduced in the next version.

4. When our latest beta version was installed there was another conflict with an Event management component since we introduced also an Event section in our product. Both extensions used the same naming for one table and that caused a fatal error by Event extension. It was not our extension that was causing the problem but we fixed also this issue for you. We do not know if the nature of the problem was understood correctly. We did not offer the solution of disabling the event component, this was a misunderstanding from our client.

We're committed to provide a professional, bug free software that works right out of the box. We strive for excellence hence our great reviews, including yours.

Reviews: 3
The customer support with this company is amazing. George has been very helpful with the setup and installation of this component. I look forward to all future dealings with CMS Junkie. The component is very easy and straightforward.
Reviews: 1
I had some problems with the extension playing nice with the template that I used but George was able to get it working the way it should. My only suggestion is to take the corrections that he made and apply it to a new release. Looks great, works great and I am thrilled with the results.
Reviews: 1
I must says this: it's not only great module, it also has very good support team. Good work guys
Reviews: 9
I dont review often, laziness I suppose, but the developer has been very supportive and helpful, so I decided to review this extension.
If you are looking for a directory extension that is easy to use and install, I would suggest checking out JBusinessDirectory.
I confess to being a little wary because of the price. This is not a cheap extension. However, you get what you pay for as they say.
Installation is really easy, just upload as you would any other extension, and your pretty much ready to go. There are some sample businesses preloaded, so you can check out how everything works.
General Settings in the back end covers currency choice, date format, whether to enable packages, Offers and SEO. You can also choose whether to enable ratings, reviews, numbering, google maps, filters etc.
Currently the only payment processor is Paypal, but Im sure George will add more in the future.
Some business categories are preloaded, but easy to change up to 3 levels deep.
Company entry is easy, as is the alteration of email templates.
One feature I think is great is the ability to enter companies yourself, and the company owners can claim thier business on registration.
An ingenius way to fill up your database before you even start, so your site doesnt look empty!
You can setup packages to include or omit certain features such as maps, reviews, ratings, website address links, business logo, video upload, images, contact forms, html descriptions etc.
So you can easily setup a basic FREE package for business owners to claim with options to upgrade thier listing!
Just email all your contacts after you have loaded thier basic info, and you are off!

The layout is clean, easy to read, and navigate.

I had some minor issues which George corrected for me promptly with no fuss.
Some of these my be down to the fact I am using a custom template, but it was no hassle.

This is easily the most complete directory I have come across, and after the initial pain of the price was glad I bought it.
Support is good, and it just works!
I would recommend this to anyone.
Thanks George for a great extension.

Owner's reply

Hi Chris,

Thank you for you review. We really appreciate it.

In our continuous efforts to improve the extension we have just released another version that comes with 4 new payment processors and improved user experience. Due to new configuration possibilities it becomes easier to install & setup. We also have included several views for search results, company details and categories to satisfy user requirements.

Reviews: 1
This is the first time I have bothered to review an extension. I have wasted a lot of money on other directory extensions and all have frustrated and disappointed. I wish I had found J Business Directory first! It is easy to install and configure, has good documentation, cms junkie provide excellent support and the functionality is comprehensive. Does everything I and my client needed. Quality. I would have no reservations recommending this extension.
Reviews: 7
We've tried multiple business directories in the past and most fell short of features and/or functionality in some way or another until we found this one. This one had everything we needed right out the box. The accompanying template made very little work for us to do because it already looked great. The admin interface is very intuitive and easy to dive right into. We had some trouble getting the 3.0 version installed and set-up properly on our hosting environment but support was fantastic in fixing/addressing our issues quickly.
Reviews: 1
Really like this extension. Easy to setup and use. It was exactly what I am looking for. Thanks guys
Reviews: 5
This directory is both easy to install and use. The results are a very professional looking, well laid out business directory that you would expect to have payed big bucks for. I purchased both the template and component and I'm overjoyed with both. Quite often you want to personalize a component to match your needs,but you don't know how to do it. Well the support from CMSJunkie is incredible, they really want your website to be the best it can be and their hands on support is second to none. Many thanks
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