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Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. This is the extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at

You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

The new version 3 now allows you to create multiple directories in a single Mosets Tree installation.

- Multi directory support.
- Category Association opens up a whole new way for you to organize your listings as it allows you to associate listings from one category with another.
- All Listings and Filters.
- User Profile.
- Module Assignment: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.
- and more! Read on what's new in version 3 and other key features of Mosets Tree in the following links.

Mosets Tree 3.5 for Joomla! 3 is now available.

Key Features of Mosets Tree.

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Reviews: 1
I bought Mosets Tree directory to maintain an inventory of equipments. It is excellent. Used the default template that came with it and customized to my needs. I was able to import my existing data and photos to it. The directory has many other uses that I have not ventured to explore yet.
Reviews: 6
I'm using Mosets on a project because my client had this component deployed on his website (migration from J! 1.5 to J! 2.5).
The migration was ok but there was few dysfonctionnements in the new version. I try to ask support on the forum but no answers for more than a month !
I think that if you sold a component 100 $ you have a duty for helping your customers, haven't you ? It's not the case and I'm very disappointed by this support so I disadvise the use of this component. Have a look on thier forum and you'll see that it's a dead zone
Owner's reply

Hi there Erix,

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Mosets Tree.

The forum you mentioned in your review is a community discussion forum. That is a place for MT users to share and discuss issues related to Mosets Tree directory.

For support related questions, we have a dedicated forum called Mosets Priority Support at . This is where we provide our official support and usually responds within 24 hours if not less.

You can visit the Priority Support forum above and open a new thread for the issues you're having and we'll try to get back to you as soon as posssible. You can also contact us directly using the contact form at


Reviews: 4
This directory extension has a lot of possibilities and can be bent at will to be used as a real estate website, product listings, reviews directory; among other beautiful applications.

The best part is, the support is absolutely top notch. I hope the developer continue their good work!
Reviews: 1
We needed a clean listings system for a professional institute. This Component is the clear leader. Highly configurable, good instructions and easy to understand.

We had a small issue with links when setting it up but the priority service was fantastic. They provided a solution in a fast, efficient and friendly way.
Reviews: 2
Versatile, functional and highly configurable, Mosets Tree is the best directory component for Joomla (and we have tried many...). Add the best support we have ever received, and Mosets Tree is a runaway "Best!"
Reviews: 1
I'm really pleased with Mosets Tree, it does what it says with excellent support.

I'm using it to manage a business directory for a local council and it works great for my client.
Reviews: 1
The component is very powerful, but after a month of tests, I found that many of the key functionality does not work ... For example changes in Categories, an advanced search in a date range, and change many of the options in the admin does not change anything on the page ... Guys you really need some serious tests before publishing next revisions!
Reviews: 2
I have been using Mosets for a long time, and I must say that I am very impressed with the component. It’s a stable package, yet flexible. At first I thought it was expensive, but after I used it I now see that it is worth every penny I spent on it.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very flexible and provides us with the perfect solution for our site. There are plenty of customisable options and it provides a great looking directory.

I'm fairly new to Joomla and not very 'techie' but I have to say that the technical support from Lee was First Class. Timely responses to my questions and his assistance helped create exactly what we needed from the extension.

I can't recommend Mosets highly enough for providing such great support.
Reviews: 1
We have been using Mosets Tree for 3 years on our website as a local tourism directory. We recently renewed our subscription and couldn't be happier.

The directory is fast, stable and we look forward to use the new features for our upcoming revamp of our website.
Reviews: 2
I'm impressed with the look and working of Mosets Tree because it is very simple and it loads very fast. Its features looks excellent and fit to what I need, but I'm a little hesitant because i am not expert in php so i decide to contact the support i got reply with all answers and my doubts are solved. I bought the Mosets Tree directory and later i questioned 11 times even silly questions but their support replied patiently and solved all issues for me.

Powerful directory with extra ordinary support.
Reviews: 2
I have been running an online directory for the past 7 years paying programmers to customize my site every time my customers wanted another feature.

That is until I found Joomla and that is when my search for a directory extension started. I could not believe it when I found Mosets Tree. They have really considered the point of view of a business owner and the administrative details associated with running a directory. I scrapped my custom site in favor of Mosets Tree directory and so far I've had absolutely no regrets.

Great job!
Reviews: 1
I bought the extension for a customer Project (upgrade from Joomla 1.7 to 2.5).
The Update with mosets tree (2.2 to 3) was a nightmare. I'll think the update routine is a game called "try and error".
A highlight of the update was the search for a update manual that does not exist.
In the first try we lost all listings. Then we export the listings and update the extension. But there was some more problems,
we lost all custom fields, template overrides, translations and all categories.
The last consequences of the update was, we create all categories new, and renamed the custom fields from field 1 to 58.
The most beautiful part, the product import, was the assignment of all products for 62 categories.
After this experience I know why the extensions directory (JED) is still on Joomla 1.5 they "fear the update process".
I told my customer that we do not recommend another update (Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.5) with this product.
In future we will migrate his Machinery portfolio to another directory component.
I can not recommend this component for professional use. Our customers use several different Directory component but this is the worst of all.
Reviews: 2
This is everything you could ask for from a directory extension. I was looking for a directory solution for a client's of mine, and Mosets Tree fits perfectly and more! Definitely one of the best extension around and I would highly really recommend it if you are looking to showcase anything on your Joomla website.

So far I have used it on 2 clients' website and will continue to use it for future projects.
Reviews: 1
I read some of the earlier reviews about Mosets Tree directory and it is true what most of the reviewer says.

The support is excellent and once you're up and running the directory extension is straight forward. The new multi directory support is great!
Reviews: 14
The extension is one of the best to make a directory and also fits great to meet other needs. In the last period then it was finally made native for Joomla 2.5 but unfortunately the service is not very live up to expectations, they are very slow to respond but are available. The template is a little dated it should be revised and perhaps made ​​more "current", after all there are many other extensions that are making significant improvements.
Reviews: 1
Although I think the application is really good and does a fine job. My company does not want to pay the ridiculous license fee. They cant understand why its more expensive than Windows 8 for instance. Anyhow, I think the component is still priced according to software pricing that was acceptable in 1998, the old way of doing things. I cant understand why people don't have the ability to understand the logic behind making software less expensive while selling more. I wish you luck with Mostree in the future, but while it keeps this insane pricing structure you wont get my support. And above all you have the audacity to brand it as GPL.
Reviews: 1
I can really confirm what the others have said, it is the best component over all. To edit and work in the backend is an ease and it is really easy to set it up and gives you many options to chose from when it comes to customize the fields etc.. Even to add some things in the code is not a bis issue. Keep on the good work, I am happy to pay you guys :-)
Reviews: 5
I have used Mosets Tree for a few years now, on several sites, and I have been prompted to write this by the brilliant service provided by the developer, as well as the overall quality of the extension. Mosets Tree is in my view not only the best directory available for any open source CMS, it is also arguably the best extension in the Joomla world. The sheer range and depth of options and control is amazing, and Lee, the main developer, has just given Mosets Tree a major upgrade. As you might expect, there have been a few teething problems, but these have been sorted in a really thorough and professional way, via a series of bug fixes. Basically, when you buy Mosets Tree you don't just buy a fantastic directory extension, you also buy first class technical support of a quality which I suspect is hard to find at any price, and makes this extension a complete bargain! Hats off and a big thank you from a very grateful customer!
Reviews: 11
I have used this extension for creating a resource library section. Very easy to install and extensible. I had to do some minor (customer-requested) template changes which require some hacking and reading on the Mosets forums, but the code is very clean and the change was very easy to do. Will be using it on my future projects.
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